February 24, 2011

Am I dreaming?

... as I matter of fact I am! I am dreaming of St. Barth, and after seeing these images, so will you.... :) Imagine standing here with your morning coffee, how super great would that be?
Notice how every little nook is used thoughtfully; glassware is lined up above the window.

Why not take a clue from the surrounding landscape and bring in the bright colors of the Caribbean! Since all you will need are bikinis, board shorts, a cover up or two and lots of towels, this is the perfect amount of storage. LOVE the color in the all white space!!!!

GREAT, just great!
Imaging laying here listening to the wind playing with the palms, the sound of the water.....

Fresh fruit, green palms, in door / out door living at it's best! Lot's of light, easy to maintain surfaces. Notice the tall vaulted ceiling, a traditional way to keep cool, as heat rises.. I like how the boards are kept natural, and beams white.

Hmmm... trying not to say "cute", but what a great way to make the loo look like you want to go in there.

Extending the living space with a nice shaded patio, colorful pillows and soft blue table and bench. Great place for a hammock!!

I think I need a tropical vacation! :) Want to come along?


Images via Vaart Nye Hem


  1. Ahhhh, warm weather and a beautiful view! I wish I wasn't dreaming, and I was there!
    Be sure to stop by my blog to see my latest trip to Orlando!

  2. Yes...I will come with =) Beautiful images...so peaceful! Xoxoxo

  3. Such beautiful - sunny rooms with pops of color that put a smile on my face. THat blue armoie is to DIE for!!!

  4. Wish I were there - Bliss
    A xx

  5. Gorgeous post Natasha,

    I could have used the image with the loo today - pop on over to my place to see why!

    xx Felicity

  6. This is a great post about a great home Natasha! It was a great match for my blog, so I re-posted there... http://unpolished-life.blogspot.com/

    Thanks for the inspiration and for a great blog!

  7. I looked through more of your blog Natasha and looks like I'll be offering many more links back to your blog! Thank you for the comment, and for all the inspiration!


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