December 7, 2011

Black & White Christmas.

For all of you who love a good Black & White story, this home you will LOVE, I promise!!!

Super cool, this Antique mirror from Sweden, don't you think? It is from the 1700, and I really like how it's casually propped against the wall, not only reflecting the light, but also giving you a glimpse into this Christmas decorated home...

The home is a study in open plan living, how to make one large room feel cozy and warm, even with such a strict color pallet. I am liking the low Christmas tree, and the bucket is fantastic! Keeping true to the overall feel of the home, a little sprinkle of ethnic flair.

Stark contrast, mixing of metals, a little star dust and the table has been set!
The tabletop has been covered in leather.... I know, can you imagine how cool that is??!

A view of the living area, complete with fireplace, Christmas lights and candles. While this reads all white, the black console grounds the space, as does the big chair in the background. Notice the new take on "antlers", those tall horns are great sculptural pieces and carry the eye up. Notice the high gloss ceiling and beams, helps bounce light around the space.

In another area of the house, you can find two large white chairs and a cool leather ottoman, great area for conversation and great views of the snow covered garden. I am liking the fur pillows, especially the cool grey color! I saw a lot of fur while back in Denmark this past September... Notice the interesting tall black and silver (?) artwork on the right wall!

The IKEA sofa has been dressed up with a bunch of beautiful, custom pillows, made from fabric woven with gold thread... Details, my friends, it's all in the details!! ... and those two metal coffee tables, helps keep the room cool.

The kitchen has been kept simple; a garland above the stove, a few oranges for aroma and live candles for a cozy atmosphere.

Meet Jeanett Ulrich, clothing designer and home owner! Jeanett is sitting pretty in a black Arne Jacobsen Egg chair, sporting her own design. She lives in the beautiful home with her two sons, enjoying every square inch of this (over) 100 year old home!

If you would like to check out "Life Is..." Jeanett's line of superior cashmere designs, you can do so here. You will no doubt notice the beautiful Swedish mirror from the first image on her site as well!!

I hope you enjoyed this (Danish) thatched roof beauty, and that you have become inspired to decorate your own home with restraint and in keeping with the feel of your home!! 


All images by Kristian Septimius Krogh for Bo Bedre


  1. Absolutely love it all! What a beautiful house...

  2. Black and white is "oh so lovely". This serves as some yummy inspiration for our new place.

  3. This house is the bomb. Thanks for the share! xx


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