July 17, 2014

White Beauty

I have always loved bougainvillea, to me they are synonymous with Summer & Sun, though the ones I have been drawn to have been hot pink or magenta… 

Now… well, look at these white versions in all their glory, how pretty are they???

Happy summer, y'all!

Images via Northern Light Design on Pinterest

July 6, 2014

Nectar and Stone; Sweet Edible Art

I'm totally smitten!! … and when I am done with this post, so will you be, no doubt about it!!

Everyday I am treated to an amazing, delicious-in-every-way photo from nectar and stone, via my Instagram… I study each image; I can almost taste the chocolate and the cake, imagine the sugar jewels in my hand, smell the scent of the flowers… an absolutely beautiful experience, for all the senses!!

The designer in me, is loving everything about this picture…LOL! I mean, paint chips for color inspiration!! Think about this for a minute. Perfect for a pulled together party, color coordinated desserts, does it get any better??? :)

Mini cupcakes with the most luscious colored frosting…

Yes, Please, I will take a box of those!! I mean, really, so tasteful and elegant! Even the amount of a few sprinkles and chocolate shavings. Perfection!!

The macaroons… so delicate, love the color coordinated "drizzle". The devil is in the detail for sure.

Chocolate "anything" goes over well in my book, how pretty are these miniature cupcakes? 
I'm thinking baby shower…

Edible gold, such a pretty little detail.

... I mean, really? Are you drooling yet?? The complete attention to detail, in every sense of the word! Nectar and Stone have figured out how to stand out, how to please all the senses, in one amazing moment!!

If you would like to see dessert Designer Carline's full website, it can be found here. I love to follow her Instagram page - all the sweet goodness, without all the calories - and there is a Facebook page as well.

Bon Appetit ,

All images via nectar and stone website & IG page.
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