December 31, 2012


It has already begun... New Years celebration around the world, so...



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December 28, 2012

Last Christmas Post of the Year...

I just could not help myself, even though we are past Christmas... I bet many of you are still enjoying the wonderful pine smell from your Christmas tree, the cozy & festive feeling of a well Christmas decorated house, perhaps even still enjoying all the wonderful food Christmas has to offer...?

Prior to Christmas I was the lucky recipient of an invitation to a Danish Christmas get-together here in The States... Besides good food and great company, we did a little DIY Christmas decor, mostly for the sake of "Hygge" and fun. I have not made these little paper stars in many, many years, but with a little starter help, I finishes six or seven that evening. They are so pretty and now I want to get a head start on next years Christmas :) I imagine a tree full of these in different sizes...

How about this great room, complete with amazing light - the house is in Norway - a tall and open Christmas tree, and a beautifully decorated table. 

Glogg.... Yes, please!
I would love a warm cup of Glogg complete with Chocolate Chip Cookies!!

I encourage you to take a full look at this house, it's amazing. True Scandinavian decor, lot's of White & lot's of light.

Enjoy the last days of... well, December.


All images by Maria Reme for Bloigpluss Norge

December 27, 2012

Kitchen on my mind...

Just showing you this kitchen 'cause since I came across it, it's been on my mind :)

Love the all white, that's a given, but the blue accents speak to me as well! However, I am not entirely sure I would be able to live with the funky Missoin-inspired backsplash, how about you? Another thing that caught my eye is the super cool table base, you like??

Kitchens are on my mind lately :)

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December 26, 2012

Work in Progress!

Just wanted to share a little bit of a project that I am knee deep in. My client has a small kitchen in an old house, where every single wall is un-even, and so is the ceiling by the way... We are optimizing the counter space, brightening up the space and adding some super lux elements!

The image above is part of our inspiration board, and we are not deviating far from this! Simple & clean, beautiful & light filled, with a pop of orange! Cheerful, don't you think?? The client already has a couple of bar stools, so they have been sent out to be sprayed Tangy Orange, can't wait to see them!

Unfortunately we do not have soaring ceilings in this home, but in attempt to brighten things up, painting the walls a crisp white, has already done a lot for the space!! The light for the kitchen has been selected, and looks like this Alexa Hampton fixture. We love the Van Cleef Clover reference :)

Currently I am looking for the perfect light fixture above the dining room table, I am really liking this one (above)!! What is your take on the rough wood farmhouse table and this lantern? Keep in mind we have Orange as an accent color...

Did you know that I, from time to time, post project images on the Northern Light Facebook Page? If you would like to way in, ad a comment or simply follow along from a far, be sure to LIKE the page!


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December 25, 2012

Thank You!

Typically you do not find red roses in my house, except if they are the Black Velvet kind, they have to be really dark, blood red almost...

I thought today to be a fitting day to share them with all of you, as a Thank You for following along and commenting from time to time, it so great to hear from all of you!!

SO... Merry Christmas and Thank You for all your support of the Northern Light Blog!!


Image NHH for the Northern Light Blog, Vase is from Kate Spade

December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas to You!

Here.... well, it will be a Green Christmas :)

BUT, not without the trademark black & white stripes ... 

Even the table setting will be white and green... keeping the look fresh.

Would have loved one of there Reindeer Moss Wreaths, so soft and interesting, maybe next year :) 

Dressing up the boxwood planters is easy, love how this looks!

And I really like this door piece, not your typical wreath, super stylish and still Christmas-y!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!!

All images via the Northern Light Blog on Pinterest

December 23, 2012

Sunday Flowers; A Hidden Treasure.

Step inside to one of "my" hidden treasure; WEEKS
You know, one of those small family owned shops you just love to pop into from time to time, and quite frankly don't want to share with anyone else ;) Well, I have decided to share with all of you, near and far, so get ready, you will want to come visit, I promise!!

The place is owned by Ron, who has been in business for close to 40 years, starting in the Orange Groves of Florida, but for the past many years he has been in Delray Beach, on the East side.

One of my favorite flowers are Orchids, pretty much any kind of Orchid, and while I don't know the names of all of them by any means, I truly appreciate the many different varieties available at Weeks!!

As intriguing as Lady Slipper Orchids are, this is the one that eludes me... as in will-not-grow-for-me, don't know why?

Beautiful and cheerful Ground Orchids, these you see quite often here in Florida.

Totally love the spray of vibrant color, LOVE the lime green lanterns, SO festive!! 

I had too... sneak in an image of these bright Lime Hydrangeas, they light up a dark corner. 

I see this variety of berries in bouquets all the time, but I actually do not know the name, do you?? 

More than a few times I have made references here on the blog about Anemones, specifically this white and black version, and look... a whole bucket full :) And tell me, how many indoor / outdoor floral shops have cool worn rugs, covering the pavers??

I could just run away with this bucket of incredible white Peonies!  

... and check out this super cool, yellow Spider Orchid! Looks almost pre-historic, the edges all curled up, the white stripes, the long "antennas", this one I had not seen before. 

When I arrived in Florida quite a while back, I grew this kind of orchid... 
Still love the vibrant purple!!

So as you can see, there are plenty of varieties to pick from! I didn't snap any images in their gift shop, but believe you me, it's amazing! You need a hostess gift, go there! You need a cool bowl, go there... Coral and shells are a plenty (we are in Florida after all) and one thing that - oddly - makes me return is Tim's Preserve... Black Raspberry, seedless :). Tim works at Weeks, super helpful, and I am told he makes the Preserves on his farm in Pennsylvania. 
It's good! Really Good!!

Now that I have enticed you I am sorry to say... there is no website, no FB page, no blog. 
I am told Ron doesn't even have a cell phone. You will just have to visit next time you are in town!


760 SE 5th Avenue
Delray Beach, Florida



All images by NHH for the Northern Light Blog. If you borrow, please link back!!

December 19, 2012

Setting the table...

Almost there people... Now is the time to start thinking about how you will set the table :) I say shimmer and soft green will do it for me! 
I just adore this pretty little place card holder, thinking it will make the table a little more formal...

Enjoy planning the table decor!! Cheers :)


Images via The White Company 

December 17, 2012

Tray Chic!

I have featured the work of artist Caitlin McGauley several times here on the blog, and I was so excited when I discovered these super pretty small ceramic trays, adorned with her fun and oh-so-current motifs. I am in an orange mood as of late, so this tray is by far my favorite!!!

For all of you who love Jewelry... this one is for you :)

... and the love for chevron never goes away, does it??
Ok, so this pretty-in-pink tray is a very close second on my list! How cheerful!! I see one of these trays on my nightstand, and being short on little gifts this Christmas season, I might have just found a gift I would love to give AND receive :)

Get yours here!


All images via the Caitlin McGauley Website

December 16, 2012

Sunday Reading

Don't you just love to see how the other half lives... or entertains??

I have been drooling over this colorful book, Soiree, this Sunday, and I am so inspired to whip up a dinner party! Right now, right here... the ideas and the inspirations are endless!!

Danielle Rollins is the author and creator of the most amazing dinner parties, luncheons and uber chic pick nicks featured in this book. The books cover and the above image are from the A Spring Lunch feature, and not only photographed to show off all the fabulous colors, but also complete with recipes, tips and images of an amazing garden.

This book has it all...
Invitations, Recipes, Styling Tips, Floral Design, Music Selections and fantastic photography! There is even a fantastic Resource section that I can't wait to dive into :)

Really, "all I want for Christmas" right this moment is an endless supply cabinet, filled to the brim with plates in different colors and patterns, silver wear, table cloths and napkins in a rainbow of colors.
Pretty please :)

The Author Danielle Rollins, as featured in An Afternoon Tea. This story is right up my alley, complete with hot pink Hydrangeas, Peonies and everything pink and preppy :)

I can see myself whipping up this Chocolate Mousse at the next Soiree at my house!

Ok, so calling the dinners held here at my house Soirees is a little much, I know.. 
Perhaps this will be for New Years, looks festive right?

Happy Party Season!!

All images from Soiree, by Danielle Rollins.

December 15, 2012

Reflecting on the News of the Day...

Just a quiet moment for all the children in Connecticut... 


December 12, 2012

Silvery shimmer

Mixing up all your candleholders in silver just makes everything sparkle, and when picking foliage with that same "silver" color, it just looks so pretty, don't you think??

Adding a mirror doubles the shimmer :) 
I particularly like the large silver punch bowl, so festive!!

... if you only have a small space to decorate - like me - use trays!! Not only do trays keep clutter at bay, but styling up a tray is so quick and easy :) Have fun with colors or keep it simple like here... notice non of the containers match, but that's what makes it so interesting and sweet!!

I am all for hanging ornaments this way... group together a few different ones, I like to keep the tone the same, attach a beautiful ribbon and hang them at different lengths, et voila, instant Christmas sparkle. You can do this with all kinds of bulbs, whatever your color preference. Use all the "left over" pieces you didn't have room for on the tree. Or if there is no tree, this is a great way to bring out the decorations, easy to do and easy to hang almost anywhere!!

Have fun decorating!

Images via The White Company

December 11, 2012

Natural Christmas...

While so many of you have been posting the most beautiful Christmas decorations out there in Blog Land already, I am lacking a little... I have been looking at all the beautiful images, and feeling a little inspired... SO, here are a few Natural - and super easy DIY - Christmas decorations.

I am all about candle light, especially around the Holidays, when it gets darker outside early! This DIY candle holder looks so pretty, don't you think??

What is your take on colored candles?? Typically I like all white ones, but I would make an exception for these!! Such a pretty and simple Advent display.

Oh, I am all over this Christmas tree :) LOVE!! This is the kind of Christmas Tree I grew up with... Simple, open and with live candles on the tree. 

One of the first Christmases here in The States I ordered a metal bucket from Martha Stewart, complete with a stand that fit inside, the edge was scalloped. It was so pretty! I actually still have the bucket, but the stand is long gone, so I can't use it anymore, unfortunately...

What do you use? Traditional stand and skirt? Bucket, or??


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