October 28, 2010

Just a pretty picture!

Love the warmth of the wood floor, in this predominantly cool space.....


Image via Inside Home

October 26, 2010

Black & White

Black and white does not have to be stark, dark, cold or any of those negative things!! Check out this beautifully composed bedroom....

The mirror, well, check out an old post here for more on that, but what I really would love to know, is where to get those super cute dog pillows?? Does anyone know?

Very cool texture on the lamp base.... like little tree stumps :)
I have always liked a good tray table, and these do not disappoint!

Why not have a black & white cookie today ;).....


Images via rue

October 25, 2010

Happy Monday!

If I was lucky enough to have this attic space, I don't think you would see me for days! (PS. the desk is from Ikea)
OK, snap out of the day dreaming.... but what is life if we don't have a(n interior design) dream?


Image via Skona Hem

October 22, 2010

It's the Weekend...

Any plans this weekend?
Perhaps a little fall decorating; inside and out?

Nothing better than a fresh fall apple, right from the tree :)
Have a wonderful fall weekend!


Images via here

Bathing Beauty

A touch of gold......
A new take on a mid century cabinet, used here as a vanity. What do you think of the plaid design? How about that tiny little owl, holding make-up brushes? I like him the most...... :)

Full view of the bathroom. I think the pop of orange is great, so not to become too beige / gold! Cool space, huh?

A girly "moment".... Making things you use on a daily basis look pretty when not in use, makes you space a pleasure to be in!

Have a glamorous weekend!


Image #1 - #3 Skona Hem

October 21, 2010


I want to congratulate Anna Spiro, of Black & Spiro and the Absolutely Beautiful Things Blog, on the wonderful and exciting news;
She has won an Oscar...... !

Well, not exactly, but she has been included in Andrew Martins new book; Interior Design Review, Featuring the Worlds Leading Designers. This book is like "The Oscars for the Interior Design World" according to the Times.

If you are a regular reader of ABT, you will be familiar with Anna's Friday Flowers Posts. I found this image over at her blog earlier today (yes, I know, it's not Friday...) in her trademark colors; Hot Pink, White and Blue, so fresh and pretty, you can't help but get in a good mood :)

Oh... and did I mention she is also featured in the new Vogue Living??    I can't wait to get my hands on that issue, but it's a little slow coming to Florida, so some time in December maybe..... :)

Congratulations Anna, you deserve all the praise and acknowledgement coming to you!!


Image #1 Via Shelter, Image #2 Via ABT

October 20, 2010

Stack 'em up!

... gives new meaning to Stackable Rings! Scroll down to see how the designer, Charlotte Lynggaard, lives!


Image here

October 19, 2010

Front Page News

Danish jewelery Designer Charlotte Lynggaards enviable home has made the IndsideOut cover.

A few months back I wrote a post called Moonbeams and diamonds, introducing and exceptional piece of jewelery designed by Charlotte, if you didn't read the post then, I urge you to at least look at the fantastic images!!

How wonderful is this view over Oeresund? I bet the natural light is wonderful at all times of the year.

Wonderful use of an old chair, perhaps an heirloom... have a new cushion made up!

Through the french doors is the living room; A piano, a gorgeous view, lots of natural light, and the typical blond wood floors, what more can you ask for?

Placed just inside the double doors, an Asian console table in dark brown (almost black) lacquer, with a carved wood koi fish sculpture, a few Asian inspired artifacts, and a simple flower display.

Between the living space (above) and the kitchen (below) is an office space, complete with a black leather Arne Jacobsen Egg chair. The transition between the two parts of the house, new and old, is done very seamlessly with a few stairs....

... and saving the best for last! What a kitchen!!

Charlotte Lynggaard, danish jewelry designer.

While looking for images for this post, I came across this image, of the same kitchen space, just styled differently. It's so interesting to see, at least I think so, how a space can transform, just by styling it differently! The image above looks "lived in", and as beautiful as the other images are, they were clearly done for the sake of the photo shot..... just thinking out loud ;)

A casual Charlotte Lynggaard at her desk, ready to design her next piece of jewelery! Check out the pretty chair and the fresh cut garden roses, inspiration is everywhere!

Hope you enjoyed this little house tour!!


Image #1 InsideOut, Image #2 - #6 Skona Hem, Image #7 ?, Image #8 - #9 Norske Folkebladet

October 18, 2010

Happy Monday!

Something bright, fresh and pretty to brighten you day...
Have a fun week,


Image Via Quatre Coeur

October 17, 2010

It's (still) the Weekend...

.. at least for a few more hours!

Had a few quiet days; Visiting the local antique stores, made it home with a few really cool items (I'll share later), perfect for the upcoming holiday season. Stopped at the market, and baked a wonderful Pumpkin Bread! I was inspired by Trina this week!

Been looking for bedroom inspiration...
rumor has it our bedside tables are arriving next week ! Yeah!!

Hope you had a great weekend, too!!


Image #1 Janis Nicolay, Image #2 Ashlee Auerbach

October 15, 2010

Fun and Games

Casual Friday, right??

There is a fun Style Quiz over at Ethan Allen.... try it, and let me know "what" you are!

My style, according to the quiz, is "Villa"... "Pedigreed while also modern" and "Inspired by French and Scandinavian design"; that's right on.... However, the images chosen for my style are a bit too country french :)

Go ahead, it's Friday, live a little, it's all fun and games!!


Image via Ethan Allen

October 14, 2010

Hanging with the Cool Kids

Today I had the pleasure of opening my email to GREAT news...

Northern Light has been featured on the VisitVisitBlog, by Iben & Niels Ahlberg, the authors of Nordisk Eksotisk.

Thank you so much! Mutual admiration!!

Image via Visit Visit

October 12, 2010

Punch of Color

How GREAT does this look?
I have been on the lookout for bedroom images lately, wanting to make over ours. I can't quite decide if the all white should be infused with pops of color (like this) or kept serene.... Then again, theses are for the most part pillow covers, so it would be easy to change either way!

... and really, these two images have nothing to do with each other, I just liked how they compliment the White with a Punch of Color-theme ;)

Have a great day!


Images via Skona Hem

Too Pretty!

To pretty not to re-blog!!
(First spotted here, then subsequently here)

I was very tempted to post a whole lot of fantastic images, but I am going to keep it to just a few....


Some of you may recall seeing these images in rue.... if you didn't, what are you waiting for? You will be in for a wonderful surprise!!
Go ahead, take a look ;)

Well, I opened up my blog this morning, and found a post by "Founding Femme" of rue magazine, Crystal Gentilello, where she gives us a house tour of her wonderful apartment. As she will be moving to San Francisco, this post will serve as a reminder to her, and us, of how beautiful a space she has carved out for herself in Chicago.

In Crystals post, she writes; The decidedly feminine space has served as a reminder to me of my independence. How wonderful... I truly hope you will find a space in San Francisco that will give you the same feeling, be cause you are on your way, along with Ms. Sage, to become an even stronger and more independent women! You go girl!!

If you would like to view the entire space, please take the house tour here.


All images via Plush Palate

October 11, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Too everyone at Lonny Magazine, Happy Birthday!
You have done an amazing amount of work this past year, and I think your new issue is the best so far!! Keep up the good work, we love all your efforts and talent!


Image via Quatre Coeur

October 10, 2010

First Nest

Hi all!
Came across these images again today; I know this small First Nest apartment made the rounds on all the design blogs, quite a while ago, but I just felt it was worth showing again.... Enjoy!

So pretty and crisp!
That yellow lamp base is such a happy punch of color!!

Love the black chair in this light filled room!! Notice how the pattern in the curtains pick up all the colors in the room....
I would have made them floor length, though!

Girly mirror and a pretty little spot for hair and make-up, perhaps even for writing a little note....  A lucite stool provide seating, and can be pushed under the "desk" when not in use, keeping the room light!

My first apartment was in the best location, but not this stylish :)


All images via Traditional Home

October 8, 2010

Texture Snapshot

LOVE this image...
All the different materials used, could easily make the space look super busy, but as you can see it's just the right mix. What can I say... This is how you make rust look chic! Image from the home of Canadian designer Martha Sturdy. Rumor has it a big design magazine just did a shoot at Martha's private island home in Vancouver, can't wait to see more!!

Have a great weekend,


Image Martha Sturdy

October 7, 2010

Nordisk Eksotisk

There is a new book in town, and I can hardly wait to share with you all!!
It's a book, the first in a series, with so many wonderful images of homes from Denmark. I won't go into too much detail, as I could get lost in explaining why this is such a wonderful book, and why you should have it, and look at all those designers "at home" and......

This is the bedroom of Danish fashion designer Naja Munthe. I just love the colors and all the fantastic textures!  The fur throw is cashmere backed... Talk about luxury! How about an oversize image of your child, propped against the wall? Naja Munthe has just launched a new home collection, and it's easy to see that her creativity reaches far and wide!! All of Naja, and husband Henrik's, house is featured in this book, NOT to be missed!!

This home belong to a couple that works in the fashion industry... Every where you look, there is something you will want to touch or take a closer look at! An incredible treasure trove of finds from all over the world, at first glance it's very busy, but step back, take it all in and you will be surprised and would want to stay longer, I promise!!! SUPER Cool!!

I know, I know, I keep saying skulls are not my thing, but in this home they totally work, you would almost expect them to be there....

Lookbook for SAGA Furs, created by Nikoline... no peeking allowed, but if you would like to see her home, check it out in the book! Liv Tyler has worn Nikolines clothing, this girl knows a thing or two about design and trends...

Check out this link to view the cover of the book; Visit Visit, Nordisk Eksotisk. The book even has it's own website (in Danish), and you can join all the other fans over on FB, if you like.

Go ahead, even if you don't read Danish, the pictures alone will make it worth your while!


All images via Visit Visit

A little Teaser

.... look for some really beautiful, fun and exotic images soon to be posted! I picked up a super cool book on my last trip, I have just finished reading it, and can't wait to share with you all!

Stay tuned and have a fantastic day!


Image Iben & Niels Ahlberg

October 6, 2010

And the winner is...

While visiting La Brocante in Horsens, Denmark, we were signed up for a contest... and guess what? My mother & I won! YEAH!!!

We won a big Zinc Barrel like the one pictured here! Of cause it was impossible for me to bring back to the states, so I hope you enjoy it, Polly!!

Here a Zinc Barrel is used as a bed side table, in a slightly more rustic setting.... There have been talk about using it for the tree, come Christmas time... Time will tell.

If you would like to see more images from La Brocante, check them out here.


Image #1 Via Driftwood Interiors, Image #2 Cote Sud Via Greige

Sequin, Skulls & Coral...

I just could not resist this header, nor the images!
While skulls are totally not my thing, I just LOVE how this has been put together!!!
(Horace Skull Scarf, Miu Miu Cluthc and Kiko Orange Nail polish)

VERY cool fashion blog, totally new to me, but obviously I am a little late ;), as there are over 6000 (!) followers! Meet Chiara Ferragni and check out the entire outfit here....

Where's the party?


Images via The Blond Salad

October 5, 2010

Texture Snapshot

My morning ritual would be enhanced by this pretty bathroom, what do you think? Love the many plants, like the toothbrush cup... How about the pretty "french" items; the soap(s) and the mirror.

Messy or not? Too many textures or just enough?
Pretty for sure!

Have a great start to your day!


Image Via Skona Hem

October 4, 2010

Happy Monday!

Hi All,

Picked up these beauties over the weekend, and just could not help myself, I had to share....

Looking forward to seeing what you all have in store this week, check out the La Brocante blog post below, the store was fantastic!!

Have a great week,


Image Natasha for Northern Light Blog

October 3, 2010

La Brocante

Finally, I am able to share this great store with you!
Now do you see why I just HAD to come back and check it out... Not just once, not twice, but all of three times, before we were able to enter this FAN.TAS.TIC store... driving from 1/2hr away.... (third time's the charm, as they say, and it held true!!!)

The large french church clock is the owner, Mette Valbjorn's favorite. I almost picked up some of the very reasonably priced ironstone pieces, the rich creamy color and good condition made it hard to resist!

Check out the pretty mirrors leaning up against the wall....

A few religious artifacts were on display, you could even pick up some very pretty, old prayer beads. And who could say no to angle wings...?

To get a better view of these chocolate Tolix chairs, check out this little teaser post, from a few days back....

Great for all you lovers of white!

A little of everything; Garden ornaments, industrial lighting, cool chairs, farmhouse tables, pretty mirrors, ironstone table ware.... I particularly loved all the old glass pieces, but since it would be difficult to carry in the suitcase, I left without!

The owner of La Brocante, is 36 year old Mette Valbjorn; a mother of three young boys. Prior to opening this jewel of a store, Mette and her husband, Ib Skov, were shop owners in the same town, but in a completely different line of business....
While La Brocante the store is a hidden gem, I am happy to say you, too, can shop the faboulous selections, as La Brocante is also on the net (http://www.labrocante.dk/), and if you would like to read an article (in danish) about La Brocante from the local paper, click here.

Happy shopping; Do(n't) spend all your money :)!


All images via La Brocante
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