January 31, 2014

Swimming with Sharks...

Do you watch Shark Tank?? I have from time to time, but am not a follower, as I find it difficult to commit to a show, with a new baby… That being said, I am so happy for Susan Petersen of Freshly Picked Moccasins for landing a deal on ST! I originally found this small company Freshly Picked on Instagram a while back, followed along with the cute images & learned her story. I have not yet purchased a pair for my baby girl, but they are on my wish list!!!!

…and then the question becomes, just which color to pick??

The metallic moccs in Navy, Platinum and Rose are also Limited Editions, but Baby Lilly can only wear one pair at a time, so… Time will tell :)


Image #1 via Goggle Image Search, Image #2 & #3 via Freshly Picked

January 22, 2014

Texture Snapshot

This image stopped me in my tracks today, so beautiful! 
Loving the colors, the shapes, the texture, the glaze of the bowl …


Image via Tine K Home SS14

January 18, 2014

Snuggle Alert!

Yep, there is actually such a thing as a Snuggle Alert :) … at least according to the weather man down here in Florida. The term is used when the temperature dips below 60F! For us it's cool, not always cold, but cool & we break out the sweaters.

From my days in retail (read cold air conditioning), I have a lot of sweaters, and any chance I have to bring them out is a welcome one!!

I went shopping with a friend the other day, and she summed up my style pretty well… 
Split Personality!! - I am not kidding! 

Truth is, she is partially right :) I kinda have two styles going on in my closet; One is what is left over from my retail days… lots of black, sweaters (to battle the cold a/c) and beautiful knits, just because I love knits and cool, crisp fall clothing. Once we get in to having to wear a jacket, well, then it's just too cold for me. Two is where all the white, and preppy pinks come in. The latter part of what is in my closet is actually way more practical as I live in this warm / hot tropical climate. Sooooo, what's a girl to do?? I have been going through and cleaning out / organizing my closet many times, I guess an other round is in store as my body has changed a bit from being pregnant, so I see this as my chance to start a fresh clean style! What do you think? Any of you have a fabulous Pinterest Fashion Board I should check out for inspiration?? LMK


Images via Pinterest

January 16, 2014

Faux or Real?

OK, so if you follow along you will know that I am a lover of Flowers! Almost all kinds of flowers, though I admit to having my favorites, such as the classic Hydrangea. Orchids are pretty much always found all over my house, and that's mostly due to their longevity, but also because I don't have a cutting garden… 

I am torn when it comes to the faux variety … I have been known to use a few of these faux blooms in different clients homes, but really, my heart is with the real kind! However, when you have a busy household these come in handy, so I was happy to see this sale on One Kings Lane this evening.

I really like this Cymbidium Orchid in the Blue & White pot! Imagine it on a tall side table in the living room, or a table in the foyer, perhaps arranged with a few books & a candle …

So, are you into Real or Faux Flowers? Can you really tell the difference? 


PS. Follow Northern Light Design on Instagram and you will be witness to my love of flowers...

All images via OKL

January 12, 2014

Happy Sunday!

Having brunch with a girlfriend and her daughter today, just us girls :) Yeah!!


Image via Instagram / The Boat House PB

January 1, 2014

A Celebration...

A celebration is in order!!  The Northern Light Blog turns 4 years today, and what a wonderful time it's been, reading all your blog posts out there, writing my own, and following along with others from a far!

You might think I have lost my marbles, posting three images of the same venue, but I can explain… well, actually… I just couldn't choose, and I kinda like the natural progression :)

This beautiful table was done up by non other than India Hicks, for - what I am absolutely sure was - an amazing New Years Eve Celebration on Harbour Island in the Bahamas. 
I take it my invite must have gotten lost in the mail ;)

Have a wonderful, festive, fun New Year!

Image #1 & #3 via India Hicks on Instagram, Image #2 via Nathan Turner on Instagram
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