December 31, 2010


                       Happy New Year !


Image via Little Blue Deer

December 30, 2010

Dog days of December...



Oh, how I totally LOVE this first image!!!!!!!

... and this little guy looks SO comfortable ;)

I know, I know.... I have not really been sharing design oriented posts lately, but will start again in the new year! I promise!!

Snuggle up today,


Image #1 unknown, Image # 2 via The Zhush

December 29, 2010

Classy Glassybaby!

In the beginning of this year, I discovered Glassybaby (this post & this post). I have secretly wanted to start collecting these beautiful glass votives, the colors are so yummy and there are so many to choose from....

Have your pick....
Personally I would probably stay in the cool color range of the first image, but then when you see an image like the one below, those colors look so pretty as well..... so many choices, so little time / money / you fill in the blank :)

As you can imagine, I have been through the Glassybaby website a few times, they even have a blog if you are interested.

One of the coolest things is the video of how these little gems are produced, one really sees the full process, "the three layers" etc.
Worth checking out here, enjoy!

Baby light my fire ;)


All images via Glassybaby

December 28, 2010

Cafe au lait?

How about this collection of Cafe Au Lait Bows? How fantastic!! I know someone - Hi P - who also likes vintage bowls like these, though the collection is not this extensive.... yet!
This image makes me so happy!! The wonderfully colored bowls, in order by color, the yellow shade, fun carpet and bright yellow Tolix stool, tons of good light in the kitchen, what more could you ask for?  .... oh, perhaps someone to make the Cafe au lait??  ;)

Probably many of you have seen this image before, BUT I felt a need to share it again (not that I have re-posted an image here on NL, God forbid!!)....

Have a cup of cafe au lait today, I'm drinking mine "as we speak".


Image via MSL

December 27, 2010

Happy Monday!

While many people all over the world are enjoying the few extra days off after Christmas, I am back at work.... but it's OK :) !

Please stay warm, especially if you are snowed in, as so many of you are this time around!
It's super cold even in Florida, if that's any consolation??


Image Via Table Tonic

December 26, 2010


Came across these cute watercolors by Kat Macleod today...
I see them with a white mat and a simple modern white frame. Wouldn't they be cute in a girls room or even part of an art wall, a la Anna Spiro?

How would you hang these? How about just leaning one against a wall, perhaps behind a lamp by the night stand??  Any ideas?


Images via here

December 25, 2010

On the twelfth day of Christmas...

On the twelfth day of Christmas, I want to say Thank You to all that have stopped by, to all that have left a comment, to all that have taken the time to follow... and to all of you who read from a far!

Have a very Merry Christmas!


Image via Country Living

December 23, 2010

Eleventh Holiday Post.

Wrap it up!
Christmas is just around the corner....


Image unknown, sorry....

December 22, 2010

Tenth Holiday Post.

Setting the table is always fun! Use the old with the new and lots of candles! Use glass and reflective surfaces to really make the table sparkle.... This table scape totally reminds me of how my mother would use natural elements, mixed in with the china! Hi P!

How are you planning to set the table? Lots of glitz? Natural? Festive colors? Neutrals?


Image via

December 21, 2010

Did you get flowers today?

White Poinsettias make such a lush and pretty arrangement in a simple glass vase! I'm so over the red potted version...... sorry ;)


Image unknown

Nineth Holiday Post.


Soothing color and beautiful textures......

Winter landscape + white Christmas tree + huge mirror = lots of light! Love how the soft blues and greens of the living room is echoed in the Christmas tree decoration....

.... even the antlers have been decorated ;)

Happy - last minute - decorating! It's not too late!!


Images via Living etc.

December 20, 2010

Happy Monday!

So simple, so pretty!


Image via French Larkspur

Eight Holiday Post.

Nordic Christmas in the home of Danish Design couple Keld Mikkelsen and Marianne Brandi.

I totally love how the frames are layered, the silver and gold leaf show so beautiful against the soft grey walls!

Pulling in a little color from the pillows and the rug, the Christmas tree is decorated in softly hued purple and metallic bulbs. (Notice the beautiful stuccoed ceiling!)

The tall paneling is to die for!!!!

The Copenhagen apartment is dressed beautifully in warm winter colors, the blankets, the velvet fabric on the small wing back chairs, lots of pillows, lots of striped throw rugs.... looks like a fantastic space to spend cozy hours with friends and family!

In the master bedroom, a huge mirror takes advantage of the tall ceilings, beautifully spreading the natural light, and yet another display using metallic! All the little vases are from DAY Home, where Marianne Brandi is Head of Design.

I love how sparse this room is, even though it's a large room, it's not cluttered with furniture and "stuff"!

The Copenhagen apartment is "subdued Scandinavian naturals combined with international Bohemia",
as Marianne put it ...  As the creative person behind DAY Home, she has impeccable taste and it shows in her interior design as well!!
I am looking forward to sharing two other houses of theirs with you... stay tuned, as the images I have are not Christmas-y.. ;)

Have a wonderful week,


Image #1 & #3 DAY magazine, Image #2, #4 - #7 Living Etc.

December 18, 2010

It's the Weekend...

... and I was wishing I could go clothes shopping... BUT instead I hit the ever so fabulous Stockholm Street Style, and found these two cool jackets! Totally not practical for me, but, then again, fashion is not supposed to practical, is it?

How do you feel about all the fur out there?? A friend of mine showed up in the most glamorous little fur jacket the other day. Oh so soft and totally retro.... she picked it up in a consignment store!

Have fun this weekend, and don't let all the Christmas shopping get to you!


Images via SSS

December 17, 2010

Seventh Holiday Post


... now you know why it's so hard for guests to not hang out in the kitchen.... would you want to go anywhere else, if you could stand here?? Yummy!!
The simple black birdcage is re-purposed as a "candle holder", and along with the natural branches, the butcher block island, the natural theme is well thought out!

Notice how the natural theme is carried through to the dining table; not only the branches and the antler candle holder, but also the fact that the table is left "bare"!

Here a little tray is filled with antlers, candles and Christmas balls in different sizes and finishes.

Have a cozy weekend!


Images via Bo Bedre

December 16, 2010

Sixth Holiday Post.

Cozy summerhouse covered in snow... why keep the house empty during the winter months, if it can look this good during the Christmas season? As long as you can keep it warm....

Is this the coolest Charlie brown tree, ever??
I LOVE how this looks!! Very contemporary. Even with all the white, this living room reads very warm to me, of cause the roaring fire helps ;)


Ta - da! So simple and effective!!

Even in the dead of winter the natural light keeps the place bright, how cool are the high gloss floors and glossy ceiling?


Close up of the simple decorations, great mix of pine cones........

Would love to eat Christmas dinner with friends and family here, wouldn't you? Notice how the table picks up the other glossy surfaces with it's lacquered finish.


Why only decorate inside?

Have a cozy evening, stay warm!

Images via Bo Bedre

December 15, 2010

Just a pretty picture!

...The dinner party was a success!

I was the happy recipient of two beautiful Christmas tree ornaments, hand painted in white and silver, with a little glitter.... SO, so pretty!!


Image via Skona Hem

December 14, 2010

Fifth Holiday Post.

I have been planing a holiday party for The Girls this evening.... Yes, I know it's Tuesday, but since we are all so busy I figured this would be a good day!
Want it to be festive, so I hope everyone shows up in pretty dresses!  Are you planning a holiday get-together? Do tell!! I'll be sure to take a few images to share.


Image via Domino

December 13, 2010

Happy Monday!

Great idea for a little organic Christmas spirit..... So fresh and pretty!
Hang this ball in a doorway, or leave it on a table...


Image via Quatre Coeur

December 10, 2010

Fourth Holiday Post.

Having bombarded you with vivid color all week, I am going pale and silvery on you for the weekend! Also, notice the keyhole......

This is what I am planning to do over the weekend...
We are not doing a tree, so I will be finding other creative ways to display the Christmas stuff!

Just LOVE how this wreath has a little silvery sparkle, the graduated balls and the silvery leaves woven in to the wreath... Beautiful!

Have a wonderful weekend!!


Image #1 & #3 MSL, Image #2 Via Brabourne Farm

Meeting Mariska Meijers

Last Friday I drove 1 1/2 hour in rush hour traffic (no small task!), down to Miami for Art Basel (jam packed yearly art event). I had previously been invited to meet Mariska Meijers, but either she was in Europe, or I was, and we could not connect! Well, the friendly (and tall!) Eva from Interdecorations was hosting an art showing of Mariska's work, and I could NOT miss it again! Thank you Eva and Mariska, it was so much fun to finally connect, and thank you to Bobby Berk for your hospitality, it was a pleasure to meet you as well, comparing travel stories....
L to R: Eva Roepers, Natasha, Mariska Meijers, Daphne Plug

I was lucky to be out early, and was able to not only meet Mariska, but also have her tell me about what inspires her, how she works, what projects she has in the works... Turns out she was a banker in her "previous life" and also speak a small amount of Swedish, after living in Stockholm for a few years... Who knew? Mariska could not have been nicer, despite battling jet lag :) !!!! 

Mariska sitting pretty amongst her work at Bobby Berk home. 

Brightly colored art work and pillows are Mariska's trademark. There are several different fabrics for the pillow, and the workmanship is impeccable!!!

This is how I would hang Mariska's artwork, let it speak for itself!! - Don't you love the mixture of colors, with the Chinese wood console table?
I encourage you to play this You Tube video ( here), the "feeling good" music is fantastic side by side with Mariska Meijers work! You can also check out the MM website here, and if you need to know more this is the link to her colorful blog!
Image #1 - #3 via Eva's Interdecorations, Image #4 here

December 9, 2010

Third Holiday Post (one for the kids)

.... I better speed it up, as there are twelve days of Christmas, right??
This post will be for the kids, or the kid in all of us, come take a peek!

, I for one, have not seen one of these little friends on a Christmas tree before, you? He's kind of cute, huh?
And he has a brother, scroll down to meet him :)

The final product, prominently placed in the Children's playroom, how fun!! Wondering - out loud - how long the tree lasts looking this good???

SO pretty and festive! If you would like a little guide on how to put together something like this for your kids, head on over here!

What do you think? Amazing or too much?
I think it's fun and innovative!!


Images via here
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