April 30, 2010

It's the weekend...

... and for us that means Wedding Weekend!

Dear friends of ours are getting married this weekend, and we are so looking forward to watch them take this big step!



Image here.

April 26, 2010

A new door is opening

... soon, a new door will open.... looking forward to sharing the exciting news with you!

Wish me luck ;)


Image via Cape Cod Designs

April 25, 2010

{Vacation} House Love

Oh, I wish I was able to visit this fantastic house in Umbria, Italy!

The home is owned by the danish Sander family, and the interiors are done by Karin Sander. The house is facing Lago Trasimeno, and is located close to the Tuscan border.

There are 4 bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, several balconies and terraces, perfect for lazy summer afternoons!

Since I am saving my vacation for later this year, I figured I would share this rustic, beautiful house with you. Just wait to you see the view, you will want to go on vacation here, I promise!!!

How about a marble fireplace in the kitchen / dining room....
The handmade terracotta tiles, here in a herringbone pattern, are through out the house. Living in the tropics, I know how much a stone floor helps keep the house cool in the summer.

The large dining table is made from Italian chestnut and the chandelier is an Italian antique, sourced especially for the house. Notice the beautiful view just beyond the glass doors.

A beautifully carved dark wood door leading in to one of the bathrooms, the dark wood looks fantastic against the light walls. Perhaps a reclaimed door, who knows....

Why not greet friends and family with a lit fireplace? Walk past the double doors and this welcoming interior view will greet you!

Karin Sander has planned this house so well, there are special nooks where ever you look, and wonderful views of the surrounding landscape from every window.

Midnight swim any one?

OK, so I know you are ready to book your ticket. Fly into the airport at Florence, the house is an hour and a half away....

I hope you enjoyed this little house tour!

Images of Casa Le Nebbie via Mad og Bolig

April 24, 2010

Birthday Lunch

I can only imagine how fantastic the table looked.....

Friends and Family gathering today to celebrate my mothers BIG Birthday!!
The birthday lunch being held here, and guests are treated to the customary coffee, tea, beer and "nat mad" at the house before everyone drives back from the celebration.

Wishing I could be there to celebrate and see everyone again, looking forward to visit later in the summer!!

Have a wonderful day, Polly!


Image #1 Aarstiderne
Image #2 Sunday Suppers, styling and photography by Karen Mordechai

April 21, 2010

Happy Birthday

Wishing I could sit here and enjoy the morning coffee with you, Polly!

Happy Birthday, many, many more, see you soon!


Image Martin Cederblad

April 20, 2010

Peaceful living

Working in the fast paced, ever changing world of fashion, I am being bombarded with the constantly changing world of colors, fabrics, prints....

When I come home, I would like a calm space, and this apartment in Stockholm, Sweden answers that prayer for me, however, it's a little far to travel for peace and tranquility ;)

Take a look at that small balcony, right off the kitchen, would love to have my morning coffee here!

I have just finished painting the interiors of my own house the palest of pale grey, and all trim work in high gloss bright white. It is all coming together beautifully, and soon my little part of the world will be a cool and calm oasis.....I hope!!

The image below has nothing to do with the apartment above, but I think it's so pretty, works well with the "theme", so I figured I would share it with you.

Remember to enjoy your outdoor space, however small.....

All images via Skona Hem

April 19, 2010

House Love

In my mailbox this past Friday was the new Elle Decor, couldn't wait to dive in, but didn't really have time until Sunday afternoon....

I now have a new House Love!

Well, to be fair, not really the house, but the interiors, the location and the view!!
The house belong to Ellen Pompeo and husband, Chris Ivery.

What a great idea to have artwork in the kitchen!

Seem like a big wall too fill, and Sebastiao Salgado black and white image of an Indian train station fits perfectly, even visually extending the room.

On a side note; the antique hexagon terracotta tile were imported just for this house, and are featured in the kitchen, on the terrace and even in the bathroom.

How about the mix of items from so many cultures; Moroccan lantern, Chinese table, African art, Indian fabric for the pillows, Afghan dhurrie, Iron sculpture with prayer beads.... all mixed in a Spanish-style house. I think it all works so beautifully, it comes across to me as sophisticated world traveler, bringing home treasures from far away places, it is what makes this house so interesting!! I would love an afternoon to really explore, what about you?

...I spy a Hermes throw, but what is even more exciting is the Nick Brandt photograph, leaning against the wall! Lately I have been spotting his images in interiors, perhaps an "I spy..."-post at a later time....

The house was decorated by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard, and the shoot was styled by Carlos Mota. I say GREAT JOB!!

You inspired me to look for more ethnic accessories, and I hope my home one day will reflect my travels.


Images via Elle Decor

April 17, 2010

It's the Weekend...

...Would love to curl up here with a favorite magazine, or simply enjoy the already made tea!

Very cool green accent color on the wall leading out to the deck, and the few black items really ground the room. Notice the gilded chandelier, how the picture frame picks up the gold and the lamp finishes the look.

Have a great calm weekend, enjoy whatever you do!
...what will you be doing this weekend??


Image via here

April 13, 2010

I spy....

... Ranunculuars!

Noticed them at the market last week, wanting to take them home, but with the mess that is still going on here, I figured I would wait until we can really enjoy them!

So, here are some beautiful images to "hold me over".... check out the bouquet that started it all!

So pretty, delicate and feminine!!

Hope I had a chance to brighten your day!


Click on images for origin.

Just Because...

.... I am sure there will be many, many blog entries, so I will just leave it at that.
All I can say is WOW!!

Did you check it out yet?

Happy reading,


Image via here


Time flies when you are having fun....

I have not had a second to spare in the last couple of weeks, hence my absence!

This being my first "day back", I have just spent a couple of hours traveling the many blogs and sites I have been missing. Visiting Moth Design, I found this link, and I am now dreaming of one of these fantastic installations.... Such beautiful work!

It's great to be back!


Image #1 via Moth Design, Image #2 via Happiness Is

April 1, 2010

Next !

So, one of the things that happen when you do a remodel of one room, suddenly what looked OK before, looks like it might need a makeover.... DANGER!!!!!

Now that the kitchen is 90% done, my eyes have been wondering in to the living room.....

I think we need a new book shelve; actually I have already spoken to someone about a built in version ;) and I can't wait till it's done, just wondering how to pay for it... but, all those design books need a home!

And the bedrooms.... looking at so many images from my files, can't quite settle on one style, there are so many great ones. This one is just a bit more traditional than my taste, but pretty non the less!

.....focus, focus!

What happens to the bathrooms? We can't leave them like that, can we..... ?
Thank God, the very first thing we did back when we purchased this house, was redo the guest bath!

I am running out of money fast!!!!


Image #1 Table Tonic Image #2 from my files
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