September 29, 2013

Sunday Flowers

Well... not just Sunday Flowers today, as I think you all had enough, given the past few posts. 
I just thought these little Turtles were adorable, and wanted to share this image...

Hope it's a great Sunday for you!

Image via

September 28, 2013

The Boathouse, Part II

Did you have a chance to look through this post? Yesterday I showed you images from a new favorite place of mine - that I have only visited via "virtual reality" - and by the looks of these images, I might not even make it past the front doors!  

Not only is The Boathouse a Cafe and Eatery, but also a market, complete with fresh market flowers and baked goods. 

My absolute favorite image from The Boathouse!! After looking through all their photography, I noticed that this farmhouse table and its fresh cut flowers change with the seasons. Could you imagine working in a place like this? How could you ever be in a bad mood....? Really digging the many vessels they use to display their flowers in, presentation is everything!! 

Again... Look for beauty in the everyday. OK, so not all of us have a Champagne box laying around to prop up our orchids, but you get what I mean, right?? And how sculptural are all those bananas? 


All images via The Boathouse on Imstagram

September 27, 2013

The Boathouse, Part I

I am completely taken by this place... smitten, right from the start!! I stumbled upon this place via amazing photography on Instagram, became an instant follower, stalked their FB page, and found the website and just FELL IN LOVE! Take a peek for your self, you will be happy you did :) I PROMISE!! 
Then I got even more excited.... this place is located in Palm Beach, how come I didn't know more??? Well, it turns out the Palm Beach in question is located in Australia, not in Florida :(

This place just oozes atmosphere!! 

While the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia, is a little far for me to just "stop by", I am certain that if I lived closer, this would be My Place!! A Cafe - with what looks like a yummy cup of coffee, complete with trademark anchor - a restaurant (the food photography will have you drooling!!), event space and floral shop, I can't see why I would need to frequent any other place ;)

As a reader of the Northern Light Blog, you will already know that I love flowers, but actually don't have a green thumb, as other members of my family... so, cut flowers are my go-to, and orchids. Seem to be able to do well with those... off track, sorry. 
Wait till I post some of their floral images!! 

Any of you Australian readers been here?? 
Is this place as cool, casual and amazing as it looks from afar?


All images via The Boathouse FB & Instagram

(Friday) Morning Java

Nothing like the aroma of fresh ground coffee beans in the morning, right?

Seeing the perfect espresso pouring from the machine...

Finishing an amazing Morning Java, from a beautiful faceted glass, what is better than that??
It's about finding the beauty in everyday things and tasks... 
Look around you; observe, appreciate, change what bothers you and be happy!!

Hope your weekend will be wonderful!!!

All images via The Boathouse on Instagram

September 25, 2013

New on the Virtual Newsstand...

Here you go, a heads up to a brand new rue mag for September 2013! ... and it's a really good one this time :)

Cover girl and Interior Designer Catherine Kwong invites us to view her home.... LOVING the blend of colors and natural elements. Intrigued to find out about the framed Icelandic flag!

Designer Brian Paquette has the style I am most drawn to... however, it's nothing like what my own home looks like, nor any my clients. But then again, I am in the complete opposite direction of the country, and styles are so different from state to state... reminds me very much of a Scandinavian home, and yet this home could be found in the Hamptons as well!

So, go on, explore these new designers for yourself... 
Happy reading - & drooling!


All images via rue mag

September 24, 2013

(Tuesday) Morning Java

MacBook Air, check, Coffee, check, Notepad, check, Beautiful Roses at my table...  well, I am going to have to pick those up later today :)

Have a fun day!

Image via Pinterest, This is Glamorous

September 19, 2013

Fall Cravings...

So... have you experienced that when - for what ever reason - you are not "supposed" to be buying clothes (or shoes, or whatever) you find exactly what you want?? In my particular case, there is just no reason to go shopping at the moment, as I have no idea how "we" are dealing with the after-baby-body... but a girl can dream, right? Oh, and did I mention that I love cold weather clothes - well, to a certain extend - as long as the weather sticks to the 60's! Thant being said, I would rather buy a beautiful sweater, than a bathing suit, and this is coming from someone who lives in Florida....  Go figure! Today I received the new J.Crew Style Guide Catalog, and it had me on their website in a minute. These are my picks... most of them from their Discovered pages.

This mens bag would make a stylish diaper bag for Mr. Wonderful, don't you think?? 

I know, I am wayyyyyy ahead of the game, but these two kids sweaters are just so great, I had to include them!

Love the color of this Je t'aime sweater, LOVE!!

Happy shopping to all of you, I will join you next fall.... :)

All images via J. Crew

September 16, 2013

Fall-ing in Love...

It's been a long while since I visited the wonderful site of Inslee, or her blog for that matter... I have posted on Inslee's work a few times, and I am still loving her work!  I was not looking for anything particularly, but came across this pretty fall-y image via the blog, and just felt it was perfect for this Monday Morning.

I am thinking I might pick up these cards for Christmas... I know, it's a little early to start thinking about Christmas, but considering Saturdays post / announcement, I am trying to get organized well ahead of time!!


Image via the Inslee Blog

September 14, 2013

Baby Shower!

Today is the day!! 

Sharing with you all, for the first time, that we are expecting a baby girl in early November :) and today is the very first celebration, a baby shower hosted by my dear friend AGE! 
Inspiration for the shower via this gallery...

I am not big on games and gadgets, so I respectfully asked that non of the traditional themes be "used"!! 

I have been SOOOOOO looking forward to just getting "the girls" together, for me that was the most important aspect. I asked another dear friend CHB to bring her camera, so I will have some wonderful images to keep, and possibly share with you.

So, for now, this little bit of private information is all you get :) .... it might also explain why I have been posting so infrequently for a few months, just needed to wrap my head around what was happening; New baby on the way, work, play, future etc. etc. etc.

I will do my very best not to turn this into a Mommy & Me blog, that does not mean you won't see an occasional cute baby pic or two, so bear with me as I learn to balance everything to the best of my ability.... 


Images via style me pretty

September 10, 2013


Just came across the new Look Book from The Zhush. Full of interesting Vignettes, full of great accessories to add to your home!! I figured I would share a few of them with you here.

...and for a little behind the scenes look at how some of these were created, check this little video.

Have fun making your own displays! - and if you need a little extra inspiration, this pin board might do the trick :)


Images via The Zhush

September 8, 2013

Color me Pretty!

Today I am inspired by Anna Spiro and a design job she completed a little while back....
Fun, cheerful, bright and lots of color!!

I think this eat in kitchen is getting a lot of action!! It's bright and fun, who wouldn't want to hang out here??

Sunday Funday!

All images via Black & Spiro on Pinterest

September 7, 2013

Picture Book for Grownups

Do you love Pinterest as much as I do?? It's like an ever evolving mood board, a Picture Book for Grownups :) 

I use Pinterest almost every day; for remembering an idea, to pin an amazing photograph, for color inspiration... anything that inspirers me at any give moment. I have the app on my phone as well, so it makes the pinning even easier! I have boards set up for Projects I am currently working on, or that I have completed.

Just yesterday I did a few image additions to the Northern Light sidebar, check out the Right Side of the Blog, below my Daily Inspiration Tab (Blog roll). You can now click on any of the boards and you will be taken directly to Northern Light Design on Pinterest for even more goodies! Sign up, follow along, pick your favorite board, or follow them all... many more than I have displayed on the side!!

Are you a pin-head? Should I follow you? Leave me your link :)

Image screen shot by NHH for the Northern Light Blog

September 6, 2013

New on the Virtual Newsstand...

Pretty, Right?? :)

The new Matchbook Magazine hit the virtual newsstand yesterday. While the super talented Christian Siriano made the cover, this is the Fashion Issue after all, I found the introduction to Genifer Sohr a wonderful read!

Genifer's vintage one-of-a-kind-style, is so fresh and preppy, yet vintage-y all at once. LOVE the color and style she has going on!! Check out the article on page 68.

Now, I am not a big jewelery wearer myself, but I can really appreciate when someone does the accessorizing well, all Genifer's colorful pieces are also on display, for you to view.

Looking for more inspiring images that didn't make it into Matchbook, check out Gen's Blog hereYou can also view her Pinterest boards here...

On another note...

The art by Alison Cooley caught my eye as well, must be because I am currently in the art-sourcing-stage for two different clients! Of cause the piece featured, is the one I like the best, and it's also already SOLD... :(

Hope you are having a fantastic Friday!!

Image #1, 3,4 & 5 via Matchbook Magazine, Image #2 via Matchbook Blog, Image #6 via Gen's favorite, Image #7 via Alison Cooley

September 4, 2013

The Meaning of Home

I just pre-ordered the new book, by Million Dollar Decorator, Jeffrey Alan Marks and I can hardly wait to have it in my hands!! The Meaning of Home is due out in a few days...

While we all await the arrival, I will share a few images the home JAM shares with his partner Ross Cassidy, via Domaine Home (LOVE that site, by the way!).

In the interview Domaine Home did with the two designers, one comment that struck me as funny, but spot on (perhaps because it would be something I would do...?) was Ross mentioning that...

 “Jeffrey likes to stack books for color, not content,” Ross Cassidy tells us of his fiancĂ©. Cassidy teases: “Okay, you just happen to be reading four perfectly sea foam green and celadon books.”

Yes....? That could happen :) It happens in my house all the time!!! (revisit the first image)

What attracts me to their home are all the soothing colors; the sage greens, the lavender , the blues, the greys and all the natural textures! CAN NOT WAIT to study the book !!


All images via Domaine Home
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