December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

So simple, so pretty!!

Wishing you a wonderful start to the New Year!!
Thank you for staying with me through the year & welcome to new followers of Northern Light!

Let's all have a Happy, Healthy, Exciting and Prosperous 2012!!

Image Northern Light Blog on Pinterest

December 30, 2011

Black & White Fashion

Sharing this great Black & White image with you today... I have been thinking of what to wear for New Years, and came across this beautiful image by Jamie Beck.
Just absolutely love the movement in the feathers!!!!!

While my New Years eve will be one one of the quiet ones this year, I still fee the need to dress up a little, BUT feathers are not the plan :)

Have you picked your attire yet? Will you be celebrating with friends? Family? Will you be out of the house? On the ski slopes or the beach?  Do tell how you plan to celebrate and toast the new year!


Image... Jamie Beck, Fashion Ralph Lauren

December 27, 2011

Happy Tuesday!

Just because I wanted to brighten your day! :)

Flowers by I Rosens Navn, image via Tine K.

December 26, 2011

Butterfly World

It is no secret that traveling will inspire you, just as much as recharge your batteries. I find that if you keep your eyes open, inspiration comes to you!
Check out this "great wall" of China....

Let me explain; The owner of this condo lives in Norway, but the inspiration for this amazing art installation comes from a visit to the Phillip Starck designed restaurant Papillon in Shanghai, China. Upon returning to Norway, he set out to recreate this amazing art installation, and what a great job!

All these amazing butterflies are from China - hence the "great wall of China" reference above... but you probably already figured that out :) There are 200 frames, and it must have been a great math problem, figuring out the exact measurements of the frames and the spacing... I'm just saying...
What do you think? Pretty cool, huh? Can you imagine having this installation in your home? I am mesmerized... loving the modern atmosphere and cool colors to off set this somewhat busy nature wall!!

... and this image really just made it into the post 'cause I like the kitchen / dining area with the open fireplace :)

Here are a few other butterfly posts to check out (here and here), if you have a moment?

Images by Yvonne Wihelmsen, Styling by Tone Kroken for Bonytt

December 25, 2011

Merry (Tropical) Christmas!

My favorite (Christmas decorated) palm... is this not amazing?

So many try to do the Christmas light thing on the palms down here in Florida, but it's really only a handful of places that truly get it right!! I love when the lights are carried all the way to the tip of the branches, but not all of them... :)

Enjoy the evening!

Image by NHH for Northern Light Blog

December 24, 2011

Christmas blooms..

In my travels today, I came upon these beautiful and delicate images of Christmas roses (at least that's what I think they are called). The image above is coming to you via Seventeendoors , a blog I love to visit for a little Scandinavian flair, and a big supporter of the Northern Light Blog. (for which I am grateful!)

This second image via Annixen on Pinterest, but also a great Scandinavian read :)  LOVE the delicate and fragile feel of the new blooms!
So fresh and with a promise of spring.... well, maybe that's a little early!

This last dark and GORGEOUS Julerose is so awesome!!!
I imagine this image blown up and hung as artwork in an all white home, to create a little depth and interest. Very cool treatment with the raw twine around the roots...

See, not everything at Christmas time need be evergreens :)

Image #3 via IKEA

December 23, 2011

So simple, so pretty!

... just a quick post today!

Staying with the white theme, I thought these two images were wonderful, do you agree? Keeping everything monochromatic is just so soothing... and very Scandinavian :)

... a different take on a White Christmas, no?

Have a wonderful day, don't stress too much!!

Images via Northern Light Blog on Pinterest

December 22, 2011

The First Tree....

In keeping with the theme of all my Christmas posts this year, I am sharing my very first Christmas tree with you today! Keeping the decorations to a single color, and the eye moving by varying the size of the ornaments, as well as the shapes and textures, keeps this tree high on my list :)

Ohhh... and how about that huge wreath?
Two more days to go people! The excitement is building, can you feel it?? 

PS. Did you check out my Christmas Guest post over here

December 21, 2011

Happy Wedding Anniversary!

Happy Wedding Anniversary to Polly & Niels! (Notice the text on the "vase"... Grand Medal of Merit.... :)  ) 


Image via Pinterest

December 19, 2011

A Christmas Story!

Hi all...
Please follow me to Sweden!
I am guest posting for Charlotta of Space For Inspiration today.

The series has been named "Talk to me about Christmas", and it has been a trip down memory lane, getting this post together.

I hope you have a few minutes to read through this post, can't wait to hear what you have to say???! ... also a little scared, but then again, this is my first guest post, and I might have given a little too much personal info... Oh, well, Christmas is all about sharing, right?


Image via Pottery Barn 

December 18, 2011

Bridal Shower

I managed to squeeze in a planning meeting for a Bridal Shower this weekend, can't wait to get it all together. With four (very busy) people sharing in the responsibility, we should be able to pull off an amazing event, don't you think?

The plan is simple; A color scheme has been chosen, an accent color picked, the date is set, the location scouted & the invites... well, they will go out within a week or so, and then there is no turning back :)

I'll keep you posted, so stay tuned!

Image via tumblr

December 17, 2011

Tropical Flavor

I know, I know... Enough with the holiday ornaments already, is what I am guessing you are saying right about now? 
... Notice the big clam shell :) I think I will try this; In fact I will try this, I'm going to fill it with all silver balls!!

Just wanted to share these pretty and easy to customize Christmas ornaments with you, courtesy of Anna Spiro. I find that the pink ribbon gives these hand blown glass pieces a little punch, and super easy to change to your color scheme!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Image via ABT

December 16, 2011

Why not an Acorn?

Not only do I think the muted colors are to die for, but the patina'ed finish is equally as great, don't you think?

Pile 'em high!! 

Images via Cox & Cox

December 15, 2011

Setting the table.

...continuing where I left off yesterday, here is a pretty table setting incorporating hydrangeas and Christmas ornaments :) I wish I could find an image of the mantle as well, looks icy and pretty from afar!


Image unknown, sorry.

December 14, 2011

Green Christmas!

I had to do a double take, when I first spotted these Christmas images (over here, and subsequently here), as I am a big fan of Hydrangeas, and what a perfect way to incorporate them into the Christmas decor????

Don't you just love how the colors are kept cool, modern and monochromatic? The Parrot Tulips mixed with the white Hydrangeas and all the greenery on the mantle, makes for a wonderful Green Christmas! I am inspired by the use of ornaments, and will probably take the advice of the Holiday Guide, and stock up AFTER the Holidays for next years decorations! (Read; BIG savings on Christmas ornaments)!!

Design Editor Emily Ruddo is responsible for the festive styling, and she gets my vote for preppy & green!!

Look!!! PERFECT buffet table.... I am totally digging the use of muted colors, and love how a little blue has been added to the mix! I say start using what you have around the house for props, I am guessing those props already are in your favorite colors, so it will probably mix well with your Christmas decor, as we never stray very far, do we?? Well, I don't anyway :) Keeping the bigger serving pieces white, makes the food you serve pop, and let's the Christmas decorations be the highlight!

What colors are you using this year??

Images via Toujoursmag, Holiday Guide

December 13, 2011

Too Pretty!

... make that Too Pretty not to re-blog :) !
This image was spotted here, and I just had to borrow, as I love EVERYTHING about this foyer!!

And yes, I know, it has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas, but I just squeezed it in anyway!

Have a beautiful day!

Image via Gild & Grace

December 9, 2011

Why don't you...

... use one of these glass domes to showcase your Christmas ornaments? So pretty!!

All you have to do is make your selection, or color story if you will, flip the dome upside down, place the ornaments inside, ad the plate and flip the whole thing upside down ever so gently!! (This is where I get impatient, and a little irritated, as they always shift a little...)  Voila!

And for those of you who have access to large pine cones, this is a fun version, perhaps on a mantle or in a window sill?

If you are not doing a tree this year, these are some of the ideas I would use to showcase all the beautiful Christmas ornaments you probably have stacked away anyway...

Bring 'em out and ad a little sparkle to your house!!! 

December 8, 2011

Just a pretty picture...

Speaking of White Christmas Ornaments (see post below),
I found this image on my travels today...

Spreading a little holiday cheer :) 

Image via Real Simple

December 7, 2011

White Christmas Ornaments

Have you ever noticed how difficult pure white Christmas ornaments are to find??

When I spotted these, I just had to share! Last December I had a lot of color in my Holiday Posts, but for some reason I am seeking out the monochromatic scheme this year.... for now at least!

With so many, many choices in Christmas decor, and when pretty much anything is OK, what do you do then? Stick with tradition, create your own tradition, shake things up, or?? Have you picked a color scheme?
I have, for a few years now, been picking up vintage mercury glass ornaments (all silver), in the hopes of creating an icy look. Last year I added a purple (a couple different shades for depth) and the year before that I mixed in turquoise... I like to change it up a little, what about you??


Images via Bo Bedre

Black & White Christmas.

For all of you who love a good Black & White story, this home you will LOVE, I promise!!!

Super cool, this Antique mirror from Sweden, don't you think? It is from the 1700, and I really like how it's casually propped against the wall, not only reflecting the light, but also giving you a glimpse into this Christmas decorated home...

The home is a study in open plan living, how to make one large room feel cozy and warm, even with such a strict color pallet. I am liking the low Christmas tree, and the bucket is fantastic! Keeping true to the overall feel of the home, a little sprinkle of ethnic flair.

Stark contrast, mixing of metals, a little star dust and the table has been set!
The tabletop has been covered in leather.... I know, can you imagine how cool that is??!

A view of the living area, complete with fireplace, Christmas lights and candles. While this reads all white, the black console grounds the space, as does the big chair in the background. Notice the new take on "antlers", those tall horns are great sculptural pieces and carry the eye up. Notice the high gloss ceiling and beams, helps bounce light around the space.

In another area of the house, you can find two large white chairs and a cool leather ottoman, great area for conversation and great views of the snow covered garden. I am liking the fur pillows, especially the cool grey color! I saw a lot of fur while back in Denmark this past September... Notice the interesting tall black and silver (?) artwork on the right wall!

The IKEA sofa has been dressed up with a bunch of beautiful, custom pillows, made from fabric woven with gold thread... Details, my friends, it's all in the details!! ... and those two metal coffee tables, helps keep the room cool.

The kitchen has been kept simple; a garland above the stove, a few oranges for aroma and live candles for a cozy atmosphere.

Meet Jeanett Ulrich, clothing designer and home owner! Jeanett is sitting pretty in a black Arne Jacobsen Egg chair, sporting her own design. She lives in the beautiful home with her two sons, enjoying every square inch of this (over) 100 year old home!

If you would like to check out "Life Is..." Jeanett's line of superior cashmere designs, you can do so here. You will no doubt notice the beautiful Swedish mirror from the first image on her site as well!!

I hope you enjoyed this (Danish) thatched roof beauty, and that you have become inspired to decorate your own home with restraint and in keeping with the feel of your home!! 


All images by Kristian Septimius Krogh for Bo Bedre

December 6, 2011

New on the Virtual Newsstand...

If you have a little extra time this holiday season, check out the new rue holiday issue!
Love the Kelly Green and the big hair. Ready for the holiday parties my friends??
... such a pretty cover, don't you think?


Image via rue mag

December 4, 2011

It's the Weekend...

... and very slowly am I filling the house with Christmas spirit!

For some reason it seems a little difficult to get started, but that's probably just because it's been an insanely busy week this past week.... I have a few Christmas ornaments clustered together and tied with a beautiful ribbon in my kitchen window, but that's as far as I have gotten.... for now.

Also, I have been invited to participate in a Guest-Post Series "Talk To Me About Christmas", presented by Charlotta of Sweden :) Space For Inspiration. My post will go up on December 20th, looking forward to sharing with all of you!

Have a wonderful Weekend,

Image unknown, sorry...

December 2, 2011


It's finally Friday... and what a week it has been! I can not wait for the weekend to begin, exciting things are happening, more on that later.

Does this image look familiar to you? Well, if you are a returning Northern Light reader, it should, but if you are new - Welcome - it's an image that has been a part of my blog header for a little while now... and I still love it!

Have you started wondering what these images have got to do with each other yet?
Or no? Hmm... Actually, nothing! They have a common color scheme, that's about it, I just thought they would be kind of cheery and a good way to end the week!

These Christmas ornaments mark the first holiday image for the Northern Light Blog this year, now the flood gates have been opened ;) I tried, I really did, to keep all the Christmas stuff under wraps for as long as I could, but since it is officially December, I think I am safe....

Rambling a little today? Sorry about that!
Have a great weekend!!


Image #1 via Flex Indretning, Image #2 via the Northern Light Blog Header, Image #3 via Randi Brookman Harris

December 1, 2011

{Winter} White Done Right!!

That's what I think about this Aspen home, Photographed by Francois Halard, featured in Vogue. I love that dark wall (be it charcoal or black), how it anchors the entire floor, and "hides" a fireplace.

What a cool mix of furniture; mid century modern with large comfy sofas... ready to curl up with a fur throw, a cup of hot chocolate and stunning views! And the natural light... WOW!
Also, notice the vaulted barrel ceiling. Kept natural it warms up the space and sets the tone for the color pallet!

Yes, please, I would like an invite!! Is that a vintage photograph of a ski slope? Very cool!
...and mis-matched bedside lamps, that just makes the space more interesting, I think.

On a side note; A while back I was watching a show about a (show) home in Vermont, where the designer explained, that she tried to always pick artwork from the surrounding area when furnishing a home. Local artists, local scenery etc, and that kind of stuck with me, it makes a lot of sense...

Can you imagine? Hot tea, Chocolate or Glogg... whatever you fancy apres ski! I am so happy the railing is kept in glass so not to disrupt the view! Even sitting down on the low furniture, the surrounding mountains are still "on display". The fact that the furniture is kept in the same color scheme outside, is very well thought through, keeps the cohesiveness of this amazing home intact!

Let's go skiing!

All images by Francois Halard for Vogue.
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