May 30, 2013

Black & White Moments

This summer, when you go to the beach, I am sure you will do a little shelling, right? We just can't help ourselves... All these pretty shapes and sizes offered up by the ocean. Well, why not display the prettiest of them all in a small glass box, complete with a little sand for good measure :)

Wanna go fishing? Do it in style... Who cares if you catch anything, it's all about the process!

... and at the end of a long day at the beach, turn off the iPad, shut down the phone and bring out the dominos... 

Just a little Black & White story today, hope you loved the images!

All images via Slettvol

May 25, 2013

(Scandinavain) Summer House Love!

Hi! I am still here, in case you were wondering, and want to share a typical Scandinavian Summer House with you this holiday weekend... Enjoy!

This summer home is located on the Northern tip of Jutland, Denmark, in a small town called Skagen. My husband and I visited two summers back, and would have loved to spend more time there...

While the typical old homes in Skagen are all painted the same yellow, with red tile roofs and white trim (trademark look), it's also very much about all white interiors and exteriors... Even the outdoor furniture is white, and it looks so great don't you think?? Skagen in the summer months is all about outdoor living.

Nothing like white walls, white woodwork and white floors, I just LOVE the look!! 

Come a little closer, and you will find lots of texture, but simple furnishings.  

Driftwood found on the wide beaches, rope and open doors all scream Summer House... Wishing I was there :)

A view from the living room to the dining and kitchen area. White Tolix chairs are one of my favorites!

All white kitchen with wonderful grey brickwork, to add a little texture and dimension to the space. Notice the place mats of river stones, helping to underscore the natural elements, and a beautiful touch to the warm wood table. 

It really does not get anymore Danish than this... 
Out door living at its best; sun, summer, flowers, Mega Mussel, Skagen and beach rocks on the table!

Happy Summer!!

All images via Mad og Bolig

May 11, 2013

New on the Virtual Newsstand...

Did you catch the new Lonny Magazine yet?
It's hot off the press, went live yesterday, and this morning I spent a little time reading through it...

More than anything I was mesmerized by Le Banane, a nine-bungalow hotel on St. Barth's. You can read all about the hotel here via Lonny Magazine, or go directly to the source. 

Happy, Sun Filled Weekend to all!

All images via Lonny

May 10, 2013


How often do you open your fridge?? Think about it... Wouldn't it be nice if you could actually see what you have?? I came across this image on a blog the other day (didn't write down the source, Sorry!), and I started laughing to my self. Not only had the person written something like "", which in it self is funny, but I had just had a conversation a few days prior with my visiting father, about the obscene amount of containers we had in our fridge at the time....

While I have had my "new" refrigerator for a few years now, I LOVE the French Doors and bottom freezer, works so well for us! The fridge is high gloss white & super cool, but the inside leaves something to be desired!! BUT now that this image is on my radar, I will have to make more of an effort for sure :)

While I do already own the One Dozen Egg Crates above, and one of the Farmers Market Baskets as well, I am thinking I could use a few more. They come in a few different sizes and colors, so whatever color you like, go for it!! White is always fresh and clean, and looks good with any kind of food in it... those grapes look yummy!

I have one of these aqua containers filled with black licorice... And now that I have had a visit from home, it's filled to the brim! :) If you look closely at the images on the Anthropology website, you will notice that the containers are imprinted with the texture of the original cardboard, and then glazed.

I was unable to locate the top egg crate for you on the site, but this is their new Half Dozen Egg Crate... Like the coral color a lot!!

Let the organizing begin, and remember that you will eat more of the healthy stuff if it's in front of you, and presented like this there is just no excuse!!

Could you imagine if you had a glass front fridge?
""  :)


Image #1 ?, Image #2 - #4 via Anthropology

May 8, 2013

New on the Virtual Newsstand... x 2

So, here we are, lots of newness to dive into :)

Check out the new rue magazine, second regional issue, covering the Pacific Northwest in style!

Another great magazine hit the Virtual Newsstand yesterday as well... Get your free copy here.

As Mothers Day is fast approaching (in the US), I thought the editorial Mother Daughter Duo of Deux Lux handbags was very appropriate and inspiring!
LOVE the eclectic mix in Sara Naghidi's Manhattan apartment!!

Happy reading,

Image #1 via rue, Image #2 - #4 via matchbook

May 4, 2013

New Domaine Name...

It is no secret that I love good styling, and when I can get my hands on images of a really cool space, filled with an interesting mix of new and old & lots of texture, I am a happy camper :)

These images are all from the new Domaine website, more specifically the home of Glee star Lea Michelle. The house was decorated by interior designer Estee Stanley (For a list of vendors check out the story here.)

Console tables are a great way to help separate a large space, and a perfect opportunity for a beautiful backdrop to a floating sofa, as above, where the table not only holds two cool lamps, but notice the stools tucked under, for extra seating...

A super easy way to create a sense of  "lived-in" is adding a few timeworn pieces to the interior. Be it pillows fashioned from old fabrics, an antiqued table made to look like the real thing, even hand-me-downs and flea market finds can help make a space feel comfortable and not all "new"...

Don't be afraid of a pop of color, especially if the rest of the home is fairly neutral. What do you think of the ornate satee, with the rough side chairs and Restoration Hardwear wood and iron table?? I'm not a fan of the satee, but the colors and the rest of the tablescape works for me... :)

It may just be me, but while I like the overall mood of this living room, I find that there are one too many chairs in this little space, what do you think?

I urge you to check out Domaine, lots to read and be inspired by. Great interiors (more of Lea's house as well, there had to be a limit... :)  ), recipes and shopping, a blog and How-to section with good insight and ideas.

Domaine is the Home version of Who What Wear, from Katherine  Power & Hillary Kerr. They didn't miss a beat, and I am already a fan!!

Enjoy your weekend!!
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