May 31, 2011

Picture Perfect!

This art wall remind me of an art wall in the Flag Ship Store of Malene Birger in Copenhagen. She also uses this type of revolving art display in her home, as seen here in a previous Northern Light Blog post.

I am liking the shiny, cool Sputnik light fixture paired with the warmth of the dark wood table!

Do you prefer art walls on ledges, like here, or the art work actually hung on the wall in a collage?


Image via Screaming Lobster on tumblr.

May 28, 2011

It's the weekend!

Margarita perfection :)

To all my US readers; Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend !
... and to everyone else; "It's five o'clock somewhere", so go ahead, have a cocktail :)


Image via Coastal Living

May 27, 2011

Blue Lady

Some of you may recognize this Blue Lady from the home of Anna Spiro. She recently featured an image from her bedroom, the post was about curtains, but what really struck me, was this artwork. I love the color, and the mix of this piece alongside the ornate, gilded mirror on the opposite side.

What's your take? Love, like or not so much??


Image via ABT

May 26, 2011

About last night...

As you can tell from my previous post, yesterday was.... well, yesterday :)

I was the lucky recipient of an invitation to a wonderful event, and just because it had been one of those days, didn't mean I didn't go. I am SO glad I did!!! The Seagate Beach Club was so pretty, the weather unbeatable, nice breeze and a beautiful sunset! 

This BEAUTIFUL bouquet of fresh coral and hot pink peonies greeted me at the door, and they had me at Hello!! :) How can you be in a bad mood seeing these??

....And as silly as it may be... I was trying to figure out a way, to scoop one of these gorgeous peony arrangements up, and sneak out the door with it!!   Shhhhhh!


PS. I have to constantly remind myself how lucky I am to be living here! People from all over the world pay big bucks to spend time right here in my back yard!! It really is true... remember to stop and smell the roses peonies!! :)

All images NHH for the Northern Light Blog

May 25, 2011

I need some air...

Could not have said it better today... It's been one of those days, you know.... where nothing makes sense.... had to be the barer of some unpleasant news, and it's never easy!!


Image via tumblr

May 24, 2011

Vintage posters.

Sunday morning I visited a friends house, I had not been there in a little while...
I spotted a vintage poster on her wall. No frame, no fuss, just up on the wall!
I was so taken with the simplicity, and so inspired to find "my own" that I went on a little Internet search! Of course there are thousands, it's hard to pick one, and truthfully... I don't really have the wall space... BUT, I did find a few contestants, just in case :)

The vintage Miss Dior is my favorite! LOVE the color, the dress, the flowers... EVERYTHING!
This poster I would make room for!!

Spotted this poster at BASALT Indretning, a vintage furniture store in Copenhagen, owned by Anne Fabricius-Bjerre. She wrote the book (Hjem efter mit hjerte) that I used in my first give-away here. Great pop of color, don't you think??

And then there is this bright blue and yellow one.... How fun!
I see this one in a modern home, perhaps even in a child's room!
This poster you can find at TK Collection.

Have an artsy day :)


May 23, 2011

New on the virtual newsstand...

RUE issue number five is out, and it's soooo much better than issue four, in my humble opinion!

The team went for quality over quantity and it shows!! I particularly love the Scandinavian story - as you knew I would - but, truthfully, there are a lot of really good stuff this time, lots of ideas to get you ready for out-door entertaining, or just a get together with friends....

Happy reading!


Image from rue

Always Chic!


The always chic Olivia Palermo, looking classic and pretty, sporting a wonderful Zara tote...
I bet it will be even better with age... LOVE the luggage color!

Here is a closer look...

I know a few of you bloggers have been on the "where-can-I-find-a-tote-like-that" kick,
so I give you the link here. Happy Shopping!


Images via The Vogue Diaries

May 21, 2011

It's the Weekend...

I first "grabbed" this image because of the Chinese Brush...

I have a few of them; one I picked up here in the states (from an Asian furniture store), a few in Denmark, and a few in Hong Kong. My latest acquisition was from a local interior design store, the handle is clear quartz, and it's just beautiful!! I love the carved handles, and also the simple beauty of the stone used.

Are they passe in the decorating world, (I don't know) but mine are often on display... :)

Secondly... the black and white drawing in the background remind me of Oscar!
My parent's dog. HI!!
Thirdly... (is that a word?) the small watercolor of the feathers... My mom often brings in feathers from her walks in the countryside. Sometimes it's a pheasant feather, sometimes it is a small vibrant feather :)

Hmmm.... It's the weekend, what will you be doing? I am having my best friend over, we are cooking for other friends, I am sure it will be fun!!
She is even sharing her secrete Lasagna recipe with me!! Ssshhhhh!


Image unknown

May 20, 2011

Reclaimed door

... picking up where I left off the other day...

Here is another salvaged door, painted the palest of blue and out fitted with a beveled mirror. Do you have any reclaimed items in your home? Care to share??



Image via This Pretty Space on tumblr

May 18, 2011

Pick a Job!

I think this is such a fun, simple and effective way to keep household choirs light...  Pick one! :)


Image via The Beautiful Soup on tumblr.

May 16, 2011


Just a beautiful bouquet of fresh garden roses, to welcome new Northern Light Blog readers and followers!

It is so gratifying to see more and more people sign on to follow, it makes me want to "up my game" even more :) Your comments are worth their weight in gold, and I so appreciate your time and effort!!

Thank you!


May 15, 2011

Itsy, bitsy...

... something about a polka dot bikini.... :) (Only this is a chair dressed in polka dots)

I have had this image in my files for a little while, not entirely sure where it came from, Canadian House & Home, perhaps?
I think it is a great "follow up" to my last post, as I kinda see them in a similar light.

It is a good example of how to combine new with old, different styles, different patterns and making it all work with a confined color pallet. This little nook is so bright and cheerful, but really, there is not much to it if you look closely!! A bench, a chair, a table, a light fixture and a mirror... OK, so there is probably a fantastic view just beyond, and the natural light is also pretty great :)

Hope you have a wonderful start to your week!


Image source unknown, sorry!

May 14, 2011

It's the Weekend...

Found this great bohemian looking kitchen via Porchlight Interiors... I really like the mix of the all white space and the black shiny counters. All the pops of color are pulled from the tablecloth, and I think it looks fantastic! The chairs are so great in this space, both warms it up and gives visual interest, same with the small runner...

Want to join me for a hot cup of tea and a good talk here??


Image British House & Garden via Porchlight Interiors

New Blog Love

... Meet Anna-Malin of Helt Enkelt Hos Mig! This blog is quintessential Nordic design, Nordic living and the photography is DIVINE!

Anna-Malin shares her home with us, one of my favorite spots is in her kitchen where she collects cups and bowls. They are displayed so many different ways through the year, depending on the season... I TOTALLY get this obsession with the Tine K products, they are just the coolest!!

... Actually I am lucky to have a few of my own, but that will be a post for another day :)

How pretty is this little vignette? Hand picked Anemones, a tea light and a beautiful bowl, to me it doesn't get much better than this! Anne-Marlins photography is wonderful, she really understands how to capture that special Scandinavian light.
I encourage you to visit Helt Enkelt Hos Mig, I am sure you will enjoy the blog, and if you do not read Swedish, well then the translator button is your best friend :)

Go on... Go explore!!
Tell Anna-Marlin I sent you :)


PS. For all those of you who left me a comment on the first version of this post (before the blogger problem), I am sorry to say, they are all gone and nowhere to be found, so please know, it's not that I didn't post your comment.... Sorry!

ALL images Anna-Marlin Photography

May 13, 2011

Really.... ?

OK, so I don't really want to be negative, BUT.... my "New Blog Love" - post from yesterday is completely gone.... comments and all, I AM NOT HAPPY!

I will rebuild :), but it might be a little while, in the meantime I leave you with a wonderful image from the home of Tine K, as a little teaser for all of you who didn't see yesterdays post.

Hope you have a wonderful start to the weekend, TGIF!!



May 11, 2011

New on the virtual newsstand...

... the new Lonny issue is live, as I am sure you know?!

I particularly liked the idea of Michelle's virtual Editors Letter, fun and new, at least to me :)
Check out how well the new Lonny Office has been done up, looks like a very inspiring place to work! BUT ultimately this little vignette won out as the image to post...

Enjoy reading the new issue, I went through it last night, and will probably return today, as there were so many inspiring articles to read!


Image via Lonny

May 10, 2011

Hibiscus Hill

New India Hicks Hibiscus Hill images, discovered here, I just had to re-blog a few of them....
just BEAUTIFUL! There is a lovely article "attached" to these images, I encourage you to read it!
In the meanwhile, enjoy these tropical Bahamian images.

I, for one, would love to visit, wanna go??
Now, when you think PALM, this is what comes to mind, I am sure... PERFECT!


Images via India Hicks

May 9, 2011

Happy Monday!

...did you see the story by the New York Times on this tiny, little one room cottage?
(I believe it was in the early fall 2010) I could spend the day sitting there... CUTE!

Have a wonderful week!


Image via tumblr

May 7, 2011

Story Boards (just for fun)

... have you ever noticed what cool "story boards" your LinkWithin - link pulls up on your blog??

I was looking through some old posts of mine the other day, and continuously came across cool combos, so I got inspired to take a few shots of them, to share....


White & Bright

Words of Wisdom

 Malene Birger

It's the Weekend...

Royal Touch 


House Love

Purple Reign

Flower Power

Hall of Fame

 Wedding Day
Texture Snapshot

Island Living

I'm sorry... I got a little carried away, can you tell? ;)
Do you have a favorite??

Take a look at "yours", it's fun!
If you want to, you can email me your favorite, and I'll do a little post on all OUR favorites!
Can't wait to see what you send me!!

Have a wonderful weekend.


For photo credits: Refer to each post, please.

Black & White.... stripes

Just thought this striped little travel bag would make a cute, last minute, Mother's Day gift....


Buy yours here

May 5, 2011


Something so sweet and girl-y about these two images... Almost like a secret look into private quarters!

Love the silvery textures and colors in the first image, and the golden brassy feel of the second image!

When you are not wearing your jewelery, do you display it? Do you hide it, or do you simply have so much that you have a designated drawer for your accessories??

Do you have a favorite image?? While I am more of a silvery, white gold, platinum kind of girl, I tend to like the golden image better.... hmmmm.... probably the teal that's drawing me in.


Image #1 via Skona Hem, Image # 2 via Greige
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