August 30, 2012

Wedding Weekend!

While you are reading this, my husband & I have traveled to Canada.
We have been invited to attend a wedding of a dear friend of my husband.

I am very much looking forward to the trip, as it also includes a little family time and catching up with a dear friend of mine, who now lives in Canada as well!

As it turns out, this is the second wedding post within a week... & while I have no clue as to the decor of the wedding we are attending, I found these rustic and super pretty table top images to share with you.

PS. I am a big fan of birch trees, so the fact that these logs have made it to the table in such a classy way, well that just made me happy to see!!

Have a festive weekend!


Images via Pinterest (I didn't take down the board, sorry!!)

August 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Baby A!

Today is the day, friends of ours had their very first baby girl!
Congratulations to C & M, we can't wait to meet her :)

Happy Birthday Baby AEK!!


Image via Pinterest

August 27, 2012

From Me To You... A beautiful Wedding story!

Are you familiar with photographer Jamie Beck? I am sure you have seen her beautiful photography, be it Fashion or Travel, they are always amazing in detail and she has a wonderful eye for composition. Jamie has been sharing her images on her blog From Me To You since 2009, and I believe I have been following along ever since, I was hooked!! So when she disappeared for the summer, something had to be up... She got married (!!) to her creative partner, Kevin, and also managed to put together a brand new website Ann Street Studio. It is here I have found these images, head on over there for all the beautiful Black & White images as well. All images by Kate Murphy.

The dress was designed by Katie Ermilio, and made with the most delicate french lace!
The gown was "something new"...

Such soft and romantic blush colors. Delicate bracelet by De Beers Swan Lake was "something borrowed," and the engagement ring - a vintage 1930 ring - was "something old."

The reception was held at The Carlyle Hotel, and the table top decoration were inspired by these fabulous plates. The colors were a bit warmer, looking amazing in candlelight... notice the fruit spilling over onto the tablecloth. Beautiful!

Nothing more elegant than tall tapers!

Congratulations to Jamie & Kevin!
Thank you for sharing this very private moment with all of us in the blog world!


Images via Ann Street Studio / From Me To You / Kate Murphy

August 26, 2012

Sundays Flowers

Came across this bright and cheerful little bouquet of flowers and figured it would be perfect for this otherwise windy & rainy day here in South Florida.

We are under a Hurricane Watch, and the first couple heavy rain bands actually woke me up this early morning...


Image via Jana Bek

August 24, 2012

The French Dog

What can I tell you.... I just could not leave the book in the store :)

It's a funny story; A client asked for a "fancy" Dog Book to give as a gift. I was not the one being asked the question directly, but somehow this book was spotted on a shopping trip. We didn't buy the book at the time, the client never asked again, and then it happened, it came in to my life again... This time my friend offered to buy it for me, I didn't let her.

But you know, it's been in the back of my mind for so long, it had to come home with me. Could you imagine if I had fallen in love with one of those Parisian dogs what would have happened?

According to the book a french proverb goes like this "The best thing about a man is his dog." So when you see a face like this it's hard to argue, no?

Quite frankly, I could post a million of these images, but I suggest you pick up the book by Rachael Hale. She did a phenomenal job capturing all these dogs, from the city to the country, inside and outside, alone or in packs... Just a darling "fancy" dog book!

On my last trip to NYC, not only did I come across The French Dog book, in several stores, but also The French Cat book. Looking forward to getting my paws hands on that as well :)

If you would like to see more images you can check out Rachael McKenna's blog here, and her website is available for you to view here. Makes you happy all these pretty images, right??


All images by Rachael Hale

August 22, 2012

Why (K) not?

There are so many cool hairstyles out there, but why not just do one of these?
Seems to be all that I have been doing lately - it's just so damn hot here in Florida - so why (k)not?

All these styles are so pretty! While this knot is obviously a bit more formal, I am crushing on the hair color!!! The highlights and low lights are amazing, don't you think?

Ok, so just shoot me now.... Birgitte Bardot look-a-like with fantastic hair & a profile to die for... Why (k)not?

I am cutting my hair... that's the only solution, I am never going to get it looking this cool :)

All images via Pinterest

Day Dreaming.

Today, this is exactly what I was doing while enjoying a good cup of coffee! ... and I could have stayed there for hours, BUT I had things to do and places to go, yet I don't feel particularly accomplished today!

Do you have days where you work, and seemingly get nothing done, spin your wheels yet nothing is happening??? Here's to hoping for a great day tomorrow, stay tuned :)


Image unknown

August 21, 2012

Oscar gold...

It's been a little while since I did anything fashion related here on the blog.
I believe it's best left to the pros, such as Anh from 9to5Chic, but I DO read their blogs and drool from a distance....

While it is safe to say, that I do not wear a lot of jewelry, I must confess to really liking this Oscar de la Renta piece. I like it for it's chunkiness, for the matte finish and for elevating a plain white top to something super cool!

Are you with me on this one? Or is gold not your thing??

Image #1 via 9to5Chic, Image #2 via Net-a-Porter

August 19, 2012

Rise & Shine People :)

It's Sunday... what better way to start the day than in this bright and cheerful nook?!

I know, some of you were probably expecting the Sunday Flowers post, but I decided on this image today, and look.... it does have flowers too :)

Would you dare to paint a Yellow this bright in your home??
Not me, I can tell you that, I'm not that adventures, LOL!!

Have fun today :)

Image unknown

August 18, 2012

It's the Weekend!

Last weekend I was wandering the - very hot - streets of Soho in New York, and among the many super cool stores and showrooms were Ochre. Most of you are probably familiar with the oh-so-chic Arctic Pear light fixture, and it was there in all it's glory :) !!

What you might not know is the chandelier I have featured here, called Seed Cloud Installation. I had not seen it in person before, but let me tell you, it's absolutely amazing!! There are 114 solid cast bronze buds each housing a glass drop and illuminated by a single LED light... Like drops of water, bulbs of flowers... The organic form of the cast metal and the raw finish, in stark contract to the polished glass, beautiful!!

I just love this photo!! 
I took them both with my phone - love the camera - and you can really see the detail in each drop! I do not currently have a project where I can use this light fixture, but it was just too cool not to share :)

What is your take on this  Seed Cloud by Ochre??
... and on a different subject, their horn handles are amazing as well!!


Images by NHH for the Northern Light Blog

August 17, 2012


... I need new frames! I have had my current glasses for way to many years, so it's time!! I tend to wear my contacts most of the time, but I am starting to find it irritating when my eyes dry out, due to the stress of working on the laptop for long periods of time...

While these cat-eye frames are insanely chic and look amazing, they totally do not work for my face...

... and the super dark / black frames are better left to the brunettes.
I just came across these Vintage Crystal Robert Marc frames on my NYC trip, and they are SO COOL! This is what I had in mind, and these look awesome, so I think it's a go :)

A little while back a came across this Pinterest board, and it brought me to this blog post, which I loved, and it made me look at glasses as a fashion statement again...
I run out to the movies with my glasses on, to the stores and markets, even to see clients from time to time, so why not have a pair I really, really love??

Seeing is believing,

All image credits  via the Northern Light Blog on Pinterest / I See You

August 16, 2012

I'm Baaaaack....

It's been a fantastic trip to NYC, there is no arguing that... I have walked more than I care to share :), it's been super hot and humid... I have taken a lot of photographs, met some wonderful people and after a looooong trip home (four (!) flight delays, resulting in an arrival time well past midnight), I am spending some quality time in my house today, before starting back up tomorrow!

While I was away, Lonny magazine published their August 2012 issue.
I am sure you have all "been there, done that", but I am looking forward to a few moments of peace and quiet!

See you tomorrow!

Image via Lonny

August 8, 2012

Vacation Time!

A short trip has been in the works for a while!
Going to New York City with my friend... See you next week!


PS. If you "like" the Northern Light Blog on FB, you can see updates and images from the trip, but I will be leaving the laptop at home!

Image via Glamour

August 7, 2012

New on the Virtual Newsstand... Y'all!

Come on down to Texas y'all, the new rue magazine is leading the way!
I was very tempted to call this post "Fifty Shades of Grey," but thought the better of it :)
Anyhow... now that I have your attention, I would like to say that I am a new fan of Graphic Artist & Interior Decorator Samantha Reitmayer Sano.

The girls at rue saved the best for last! I am totally crushing on the muted colors, the warmth and all the natural textures in this home. OK, so one confession I do have to make. There are one to many accessories for my taste (or my lifestyle for that matter) but for the purpose of the photo shoot, it is really working well!! ... is it just me, or did you also expect to see Texas Longhorns above that cabinet, and not antlers...?? Check out the entire house on page 126.

... and these two little guys, well they are from a completely different feature, don't ask why I am including them here, I just thought they were charming!!

Happy reading,

Images via rue magazine August 2012

Catching up...

... so while I have been laying low for a few days with a nasty little summer cold, things have been adding up on my to-do list...

Like I have a to-do list... but you know what, this morning I actually wrote one! I find that lists stress me out, before the day has even started I am already stressed... so I don't do lists, do you?  Do they work for you?

Blogging was not on the list today... LOL!

Image via Pinterest

August 5, 2012

Sunday Flowers

Perfectly imperfect, love them even more...

Feeling under the weather for the second day now, huffing and puffing :/
Nothing worse than a summer cold!


Image via the Northern Light Blog LOVING FLOWERS board on Pinterest

August 4, 2012

(Australian) House Love!

Quite a while back I saved the image above to my files... 

I pretty much love everything about the photo; the interior, the textures, the layering and the overall composition!! I didn't at the time make a note of who, what, when and where, just too busy starring :) 

Then the other day I came across this image, and something stopped me in my tracks... 
I had seen similar before, but where? Ah ha, the pieces finally came together in this interior shoot. I am really liking the textures, the composition of the rooms and all the natural materials used, what do you think?

Are you in like as well?? Do you love all the different elements and layers? Both inside and out...

The muted washed out colors are great, very soft, but I am digging the brown in the master bath as well. I imagine a bubble bath by candlelight watching all the mosaic tiles shimmer...

... and then it happened again, I forgot to take down the source... I know, I am sorry! 
If you know who the designer / photographer is, please let me know, I will ad to the post immediately!! I believe the home is from Australia.

Have a peaceful weekend,
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