June 30, 2010


I very close friend of mine came to visit the other day, and she NEVER arrives empty handed. She brought with her this large, fragrant lavender plant. (Thank you M.E.!)
It looked so great in this corner, but it took me just under two weeks to kill it.......... yep, that's right, I totally over watered it..... Total bummer, but at least I got a picture ;)

Hope you have a wonderful day,


Image NHH for Northern Light Blog

June 29, 2010

I spy....

... Butterflies, again! Remember this post? Beautiful work!!

Sleep tight,


Image via The Zhush

The Waiting Game ...

Crystal, Plush Palate, has just announced the launch of Rue Magazine!

I, for one, am super excited for this magazine to launch....
only we have to wait until September!
Look at those beautiful images above, and if you go to her blog (click the link above, if she is not already on your blog roll), she will introduce her new venture to you, herself!

In the meanwhile, check her out on FB and also at www.ruemag.com


Image via Plush Palate

June 28, 2010

Hall of Fame

Perhaps it's because I do not have a Hall in my little house, that I am fascinated by how to make one functional and pretty all at the same time..... Perhaps it's because I have been looking for great images for a Hall re-do for a friend (Hi MB!)...

What is your take on these four beauties?


Image #1 via In My Boudoir, Image #2 MAFMB Home, Image #3 Unknown, Image #4 here.

June 26, 2010

It's the Weekend...

Remember to stop and smell the roses!!
It's easy to do when they are this fresh and beautiful :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Image via Here

Do you see it?

I must admit, I am having moments, where the tiniest bit of the color orange is catching my eye... (check out this post)

These two completely different images totally work together. I had planned on showing them to you side by side for the full effect, but decided last minute, that they look better larger, so you can really see the details.

Do you see it? The similarities?


Image #1 here, Image #2 here

June 25, 2010

(Summer) House Love

UPDATE (Nov. 17, 2012) :

This beautiful story has been removed at the request of the photographer, I am sorry to say.
I hope that you had a chance to view it...



Helle Nordal, the owner of this fantastic summer house in Denmark, with her son Alexander.


Just the right size!
Check out the fantastic porch areas, you can move around with the sun, taking advantage of the great outdoors! Summer house living is all about extending the living space to include the outside.



I would LOVE to spend a little time here!


Talk about blurring the lines between inside and outside.
This almost qualifies as sleeping in the open,
but not quite roughing it ;)


The axis of the house; Fantastic light!


Keeping it fresh and pretty!


Would love to get my hands on a light fixture like this.
The surround on the mirror, the light fixture, works with the Moroccan tea trays on the patio...
It's the little things like that, that makes it work. Not too much, but just enough so that you notice the ethnic influence.


And last but not least... I.WANT. ONE. OF. THESE!!!!!!
(never mind it would take over my entire house.....)
I think this (x 2) cabinet is sooo fantastic, what do you think?

Looking forward to vacation time, it's not coming fast enough!!


All images have been removed at the request of the photographer on 12.17.12.

June 24, 2010

Vintage Rose

While looking thru some old files, I came across these two beautiful Vintage Rose Images.

I think the photography is exquisite, and in an all white setting like this, wow, it really pops!
You can almost "dive in".... So, for all you lovers of white interiors (I'm in that group! :) ), to get a little color on the walls, this might be the way to go?!

Re-visiting the Shine by S.H.O. website, I was reminded of the very cool artwork you can find there. Check out the look book here, it is not to be missed!

T.G.I. almost F!


Images via Shine

June 23, 2010

Inspired by

.... "Life in the Fun Lane" and by all the beautiful images circulating the blogs of fresh cut lilacs! Wishing I could get my hand on a few branches, I did manage to find a tall fluted milk glass vase at an antique store this past weekend. I am looking forward to filling it with flowers in the next couple of weeks!

Check out this Canadian master of DIY; Holly's furniture transformations are fantastic, her life stories are funny, her house is beautiful (actually very Scandinavian), it's just an all around fun and happy blog!


Image here

I found it...

I have been reading this fun blog from Sweden for about a year now, and every so often an image of H of P's home show up, and every time I see this Butterfly print, I try to find out where it's from... well, I found it!! YEAH!

I just adore how simple and clean this image looks. The black frame grounds the almost all white image, and just punches up the black outline of the butterfly.

I was finally able to, via 117 different blogs, and completely by chance, find the website that sells this print, so if anyone else out there is interested check out Rockett St. George.

I can't wait to my butterfly arrives!


Image #1 here, Image #2 & #3 here

June 22, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

Hi All,

Happy Tuesday!
Found this image on my "travels" , and it made me SMILE .....
it is such a pretty and fresh image!!


Image Via KG Interiors

June 21, 2010

A Quiet Moment

Today, was a day of reflecting, on a big decision made yesterday...
... only after looking at this image now, am I noticing the curled up kitty, sweet......


Image here

June 20, 2010

Orange Crush

Totally gorgeous bouquet, just L.O.V.E the orange with a touch of hot pink!

Confession; Just finished an event at my job, theme colors; Orange & Hot Pink....
I am not wearing anymore Hot Pink for a while..... I think ;)

.... unless, of cause, I can get my hand on this beach pareo from Hermes, then I would be finding 117 ways to wear it!

And then there is always a beautiful orange Berkin bag, of which I can only dream !!!!

Have a wonderful week,

Image #1 Quatre Couer, Image #2 Hermes, Image #3 via Stockholm Street Style

The day after



Image via Pottery Barn

June 19, 2010

One last picture!

So happy and so pretty!!!!

To view 92 fantastic images from the wedding, pull up a chair, lean back and enjoy!
The dresses, the royal jewels.... not to be believed!
Just beautiful!!
(click here)


Image Jesper Sunesen

It's the Weekend...

And it is a very special wedding weekend!


Image via Billedbladet

June 18, 2010

Star Quality

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, and her future husband Daniel, the evening before their wedding day! How happy and just plain gorgeous does she look?

Looking forward to the reveal of "The Dress", and while I am a full six hours behind over here, I very much want to be sharing in this Scandinavian moment! For more beautiful, royal wedding dresses, check out this post.

If you would like to see even more fantastic dresses and royals from all over the world (in Stockholm attending The Wedding of Victoria & Daniel) this photo gallery is great. Enjoy!

Congratulations Sverige!

Image # 1 Billedbladet

June 16, 2010

Natural sparkle

To continue my "sparkle post" from Monday, I am sharing two images with you of natures sparkle....

Raw Amethyst lamp base (Matthew Studio), looking very dramatic.
Great color in an otherwise dark setting.... notice the title of the book ;)
Details, details, it's all in the details! Even the leaf and the background support the natural "theme".

Another example of amethyst rock crystal. I suspect the stone to the bottom right might actually be for a tea light, but I love how it's used here, to hold jewelery.
Trays are so big, look how two trays are layered here, very unobtrusive, just a little sparkle....

Go dig out that tray you hardly ever use, shine it up, find a few items you love and place it on your night table, or dresser. You will be happy looking at your pretty display every time you go to bed! And imagine; getting up in the morning will be a beautiful experience!

My advise; stick with a theme.
Could be color, could be feel (i.e. natural), could be anything that you think goes together!


Image #1 Matthew Studios, Image #2 Moth Home Via Made by Girl

June 14, 2010


A little sparkle goes a long way....

Just wanted to start the week off on a pretty note; pretty blue wall color, blue hydrangeas, beautiful venetian mirror, beaded trim on the jacket, glass doorknobs.

Find the beauty in your home; make little vignettes, display that sparkly camisole you only wear once in a while, leave the high heels outside the closet.... live a little!

Image via Lonny

June 13, 2010

Just B

B hopeful, B happy, B cheerful, B kind, B busy of body, B modest of mind. B earnest, B truthful, B firm + B fair, of all mis B haviour B sure + B ware. B think ere you stumble for what you B fall, B true to yourself + B faithful to all. B brave to B ware of sins that B set, B sure one sin will another B get. B watchful, B ready, B open, B frank, B polite to all whatever the rank. B just, B generous, B honest, B wise, B mindful of time + B certain it flies. B prudent, B liberal of order B fond, B uy what you need B efore B uying B yound. B prompt, and B dutiful yet still B polite. B grateful, B cautious of those who B tray and truly B loved thou shall B.
B lieve me to B your B loved friend.
March 1914

Have a peaceful week,

Via Rachel Ashwell, Shabby Chic Interiors.

June 11, 2010

It's the weekend...

Good morning!
Rise and shine, it's the weekend..... YEAH!

Having to work Saturday, no biggie, but soooo looking forward to Sunday. Promised Mr. Wonderful to clean, de-clutter and organize the office...

Enjoy your breakfast, enjoy your weekend,


Image here

Snow in June...

I know, I know.... either you like cats or you don't.
Let me introduce you to Snow, he is a rescue, and just the most loving, cuddly, playful and sweet cat you can imagine! And he is so handsome!!

..... but the hair, let me tell you, it's non stop ;)

Have a great Friday!


Image by Moi

June 9, 2010

Daily inspiration

Where do you get your daily inspiration from??

I admit to loving a good, glossy magazine.
I admit to loving great photography!
I admit to.... nothing else ;)

Still considering myself a novice at blogging, I could spend hours (if only I had the time) reading all kinds of blogs, and often find new and interesting people, artists, photographers etc via my "travels".

It's almost like taking that turn, driving down a road you have not been on before, exploring, discovering... Well, today Caitlin Wilson Design pointed me in the direction of Ashlee Raubach, a photographer from Utah. I am so happy to have visited her site and blog!!

I just could not help but to share these images with you.
How crisp and colorful, you can almost touch the beautiful purple petals...

Who inspires you the most? Where do you look for inspiration?

Perhaps you are lucky to surround your self with creative and inspiring people...
Do tell! Different cultures, different sources of inspiration!


All images Ashlee Raubach

June 7, 2010

Oh no!

OH NO!!! It's raining inside the living room.................
The washing machine broke down, water everywhere, help!!!

I am so upset, thank god Mr. Wonderful knew just what to do..........

Trying to stay positive; The new kitchen looks great as does the library wall, what if it all got ruined before we could get to enjoy it??? OMG, what a mess!!!!!!! ..... do you know how and where to turn off / drain your washer in a second.... well, I suggest you go look at the darn thing, all of a sudden you need a licence to operate, too many knobs ;(

....just breathe.... it will get fixed..........

Thank you for "listening"!


Image via Beach Bungalow

June 6, 2010

I spy....

.... Buttons, lots of buttons!

In fact buttons have been used for this work of art, by the British artist and sculptor Ann Carrington.

A few days ago, the striking image below appeared on Shelter , and suddenly I remembered the image above.... (It had been tucked away in one of my files; I think originally be cause of the cymbidium orchids in the glass cylinder).

Then, re-reading the Shelter post, I came across the Bungalow Hotel, and here is a wide shot of that same room, with The Pearly Queen Bow artwork by Ann Carrington, commanding your attention on the back wall.

Below, yet another image, via Brown Button.

Ann Carrington was commissioned to do this piece of artwork for Queen Elizabeth of England's 80th Birthday. The original work is made from pearls, troca and abalone shell buttons.

If you are interested, Ann sells prints from her website, exclusively, the prints are signed and numbered.

... one last, fantastic piece of work from her, hope you are inspired. Try clicking on the image to enlarge, then you really get the full effect. Amazing work!!!
Check out the other pieces of artwork she has done, they are very cool!!


Image #1 Decorno, Image #2 here, Image #3 here, Image #4 here, Image #5 here.

June 5, 2010

It's the weekend...

... and I just received a teaser email from Lonny magazine!
Oh, how I wish the issue was out already, so I could really dive in this weekend.... I guess I will just have to sit tight ;)

Just a few smart a.. comments on the cover;

Outdoor entertaining;
Well, here in Florida it was 96 degrees F yesterday, so that idea goes straight out the window (will have to save for the cooler months)!

Sell that house;
Are you kidding me? I just lived thru a kitchen renovation, and a Library wall installation, I am not going anywhere..... But there is always dreaming! (I am dreaming of a clean office and bedroom, now that things are, for the most part, in order downstairs...)

Summer at last;
OH YES!!! Not only is it super hot and humid, but I can't wait to go to the beach, have not been there for 117 years, which is really sad, considering people come from all over the world to enjoy what I live only 10 minutes from..... shame on me.

How fresh and pretty, so Summer and Crisp! Really looking forward to reading this issue in my newly, cleaned up office..... a girl can dream, can't she?

Have a fun weekend!


Image via Lonny

June 3, 2010


Gives new meaning to horsing around, no?.............


Image #1 via Flourish Design & Style, Image #2 Via Lilienhoff

June 2, 2010

House Love

Look what I found!

I finally had some time to read a few of my favorite interior design magazines on-line this evening, and just could not wait to share this beautiful store and home with you!
Love the brown stripe awning, logo etc, very warm and chic!!

Designer and owner Christine Callsen.

Interior shot(s) from the showroom floor.

And now...... a sneak peak inside the home Christine shares with her husband and business partner Thomas Schei.

It is easy to see that Christine has a great eye for proportion, and the color choices are kept very monochromatic, but not at all sterile! Great texture and fantastic light.
How cool is that trunk??

The generous size of the lacquer coffee table, gives enough room to display several stacks of books without looking cramped and cluttered.

The inspiration for the bedroom came from the world of fancy hotels..... want to check in?

What a pretty little, feminine nook.... would love to start my morning ritual here!!

OK, so what do you think? I think this is my new House Love!
I am ready to check in, spend the weekend on the terrace, sleep in a beautiful suite, and shop in one of the chicest interior show rooms around. Want to join me?

I'll be visiting Christine Callsen Interieur on my next trip back home for sure!!!


Image # 1, 2, 3 & 4 CC-Interieur
Image # 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 Bo Bedre
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