July 31, 2011

N is for...

... well the obvious answer would be Northern Light :) but it also happens to be my first initial.

Further more, I got up SUPER early (read: pre-sunrise) to take a friend to the airport so she could go to New York City for work. So as you can see, this image is perfect for all the right reasons today!


Image via Room of Karma

July 30, 2011

Dark mood

Dramatic and pretty at the same time!
Loving the dark and mysterious feel, tons of texture, soft lighting.... and a few touches of pink ;)

Have a fun weekend!


Image via Skona Hem

July 29, 2011

Mulberry love...

Have you noticed?  The Fall catalogs have started to arrive in the mail...
A couple of days ago I received the new West Elm and dove in right away!! While there were so many pretty new things to look at, I fell in love with this beautiful new Empire Kilim in Mulberry.

I just adore the dark yummy colors, non of which really go in my house, but who cares.... The rug remind me of fall and winter, of cozy times had inside, cold weather outside, not exactly the 90+ degrees in the shade we are currently dealing with. However, a long while ago I was on a wonderful vacation in Tunisia, and on a side trip we were visiting the Bedouins. I remember that their tents were dark and so was their clothes, and they were living in the Sahara.... hmmmmm ;)

Enjoy looking through your new fall catalogs, you might just find that something you didn't know you needed.... 


Images via West Elm

July 27, 2011

Good Things come in small packages!

It's almost time! I, for one, am super excited to see what designer, store owner and super blogger Anna Spiro has up her sleeve when she launches her net shop tomorrow!

If you can't wait either, head on over here, Anna has posted a little tutorial as to the concept and how it will actually work...

You can even sign up - perhaps you already did - to her mailing list, and you will be notified immediately when the site goes live!

HAPPY SHOPPING everyone, leave something for me :)


All images via ABT

New on the virtual newsstand...

If you are not able to travel this summer, check out the new rue magazine, it's full of international delight!! Homes from all over the world, non from the US, so it should all be brand new inspiration.

Mexico, Sweden, Singapore, Rio and many more, go explore! 

Image via rue magazine

July 26, 2011

Where did the weekend go?

... what happened to the weekend?

I feel like this last week was so rushed, had time for nothing, and now it's already Tuesday...

Guess what happened to me on Thursday evening? Hit and run! Yes, that's right, some STUPID LADY person hit my car from behind, and TOOK OFF! Yep, she took off, can you believe that?? Karma, that's all I have to say about that! I'm OK, the truck will need a new bumper and she will get what's coming to her, right? Right??

Saturday evening Mr. Wonderful and I were invited to a dinner party, Italian themed food (very light and summery, it was great!) and I brought the best Tieramisu.... if I must say so myself :)

Spent Monday with a client and my sidekick (hi C!) selecting fabrics for a ton of pillows, an ottoman and dining room chairs. Looking forward to seeing it all come together!!!

So it's been busy, didn't have much time to relax, did manage to have a pedicure though...
A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do!!

Have a fun week!


Image source unknown, sorry!

July 23, 2011

Cozy Balcony

Came across this pretty city balcony the other day... What caught my eye are the two pained cafe chairs, love the blue-ish color. Looking thoroughly at the space, it really is the perfect extra summer "room".

I like how the weathered teak bench and the painted walls are very neutral, not taking a way from the view, and leaving the greenery and the fresh herbs be the pop of color....

Want to join me for coffee tomorrow morning?
Enjoy your weekend :)


Images via Canadian House and Home

July 21, 2011

Raw space, raw grace...

Kind of a cool space, no?

I am liking the simplicity a lot!! The clean white walls and painted rafters vs the raw unfinished look of the cement floor and unfinished wall. The large console table in the back with its asymmetric base, is just perfect and visually light enough for the space. The old beat up table and chairs lend just enough patina to the space, and the teal adds just the right amount of cool color to the otherwise monochromatic space... Do you like the lighting? I'm not sure I would have chosen all these different shapes and sizes, but I guess as a whole it works.

Have a wonderful day today!!

Image via A Beautiful Life

July 20, 2011

White done right!

Today I am in need of a quiet space, and this fantastic space qualifies!!

... and speaking of Pinterest in the last post; this image was found via Jackie Brian's Pinterest page, and came to her via Brabourne Farm, a blog I often look at.

What do you all think? White done right??


July 16, 2011

Do you use tumblr? Pinterest?

... Well, so I don't "get out much" and I always love when I stumble upon a new blog or tumblr page! Yesterday I found the tumblr page brown dress with white dots via Little Blue Deer. What I found was a wonderful moody world of dark images, food and coffee to make your mouth drool.

The chocolate pup above was one of a handful of cute images, and I knew it would get your attention... ;)

What about Pinterest? I have a page, and apparently I had a page even before I signed up.... How does that work exactly you might ask... As it turns out, Pinterest is the only image sharing site (that I know of) that will actually give credit where credit is due! First I was taken back a little when stumbling upon "my images" (some are mine, but most is from Northern Light), but once I looked into the matter, signed up and figured out how to use Pinterest, I am happy to say they get my vote!!! Too often do I see images that do not have the proper credits. I believe that we should all support the people who take these wonderful images that make up most of our blog content!!

Hope I didn't loose you? Too much for a Saturday morning??
So... do you use any of these other sites, or is it simply too much to keep up with??


Image via brown dress with white dots on tumblr

July 15, 2011

Weekend perfection!

Any plans this weekend?
I am in a serious need of a cleaning up and making pretty weekend... but I will be working Saturday, so that leaves Sunday for fun and games :)

If I had a wonderful, bright and light filled kitchen like this, then I think I would be hanging out here, what about you? Not ofthen does one see a dutch door, not around here at least, I really like how it's almost like opening up a window!! This little banquet is designed by Kathryn M. Ireland, using her own fabrics. Great mixture of sunny yellow, stripes, florals and good thinking with the denim on the bench cover!!

What a happy place to start the day!
Happy Weekend to you all :)


Images via KMI website

July 14, 2011

New Blog Love

This is not just a new-to-me-blog, this is one of those BRAND NEW blogs, that I already expect SO MUCH from it's scary :)

The Danish super brand Tine K Home, has redone their website and added a blog! YEAH!! 
This will let us get a sneak peak behind the scenes, and I for one will be checking back often as I just LOVE most things TKH!!!!!! (I am even lucky enough to have a few of her things, fortunately they have made the trip across the Atlantic in one piece.)

Products from the new season; leather keyring (I must have one of these), small decorative handmade jars and tagines....

That tray... I can just imagine how "soft" that dark phantom glaze is! L.O.V.E.!

While the novelty of these Chinese brushes have worn off a little, I still think they make for a wonderful textural element. All grouped together like this, they look fantastic, I want to pick one up and feel the bristles, especially the white one....

In 2010 I featured the home of Tine K, you can re-visit here. Her home is so perfectly done, kept to a very strict color scheme. I like that she is so true to the Nordic taste and her home reflect what she "preaches", but then again, she IS the trend setter of home decor in Scandinavia! 

Mixing the cool vibe of the north with tons of exotic texture and making it all work so interestingly. Excited to see what she will feature next in her decor line, as well as on her blog! Stay tuned :)


Images via Tine K Home Blog & Website

July 12, 2011

New on the virtual newsstand.

While the rest of you probably already read the new Lonny Magazine, I just now had a little time to fan through. I am looking forward to getting lost in the travel section and Ruthie Summers home.. I can't wait to really dive in!

I am having some slight computer problems, which will explain my absence this past week, but hopefully I will be up and running in no time.... (this post via a friends computer, TX)

Have a wonderful week :)


Image via Lonny Magazine, photo by Patrick Cline

July 9, 2011


Congratulations to my friends Isabelle & Luke on the birth of their beautiful daughter, Ashley!
Wishing you all good things, lots of happy times, we can't wait to meet her! :)

BIG hug to big sister Alicia!!


Image MSL

July 8, 2011

(Summer) House Love

Just a quick image of a wonderful pool area! Liking the pop of orange from the pillows...
It's been quite hectic the last couple of days, so I can only dream of relaxing in a space like this!!

Have a beautiful day,

Image via Skona Hem

July 6, 2011

Surf's up...

Alfresco showers have always been associated with summer fun, and by the looks of these two surfboard versions, I'd have to agree.
The deep saturated colors of the first image makes me want to "jump right in"!

... it's never been a secret that old boards makes wonderful display items. They lend texture, color and an element of surprise. While a surfboard in a beach house should not really surprise anyone, a board leaning against a wall in a city apartment, that's a different story.

I have been trying to come up with how this board ended up there? Perhaps it was a gift? Perhaps it's the owners passion? Perhaps this is not a city apartment, but a home in the hills overlooking the coastline somewhere exotic? What is your take on this blue board in he corner??


Image #1 & #4 via Life of Style, Image #2 via Ecoluioni, Image #3 via GAP Interiors

July 2, 2011

Red, White & Blue

... really, will you look at this cutie!!
About a month and a half ago I picked up the UK magazine Tatler at the bookstore, just to browse through. I immediately went home to save a few of these Red, White and Blue images of Lily Collins, the daughter of Phil Collins... Just so I could share them here, on this 4th of July Weekend!

Does she remind you of anyone?? This little photo shoot is a play on Audrey Hepburn, but of course you already figured that out, no?

Happy Fourth Of July Weekend!

All images by Robert Erdmann for Tatler

July 1, 2011

Happy 4th of July Weekend!

Wishing all in the US a very Happy 4th of July weekend!
(Check out the nail polish....)

May you have lots of fun and fireworks :)

Image by Jamie Beck

New on the virtual newsstand...

I know, I know... it's hard to keep up! I have only had a minute to click through the new Matchbook magazine, but it looks promising!
I find this magazine to be more about good articles, than just pretty pictures, so it requires that I take some more time, which of cause I will do this evening....

Enjoy your day, have a fun Fourth of July Weekend (if you are in The States and celebrating).
PS. How happy and radiant does Rebecca Minkoff look? Wait to you see the images of her in the mag, just a stunning!!


Images via Matchbook Magazine
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