March 27, 2012

Hi Beautiful!

Amazing & in my house :)
P.S. This image was shot with my phone... The camera is insane!!!!!!


Image NHH for Northern Light Blog

March 26, 2012

Happy Monday!

Color makes me happy! ... well, almost as happy as white :)

This little still life combines so many of my favorites;
White, pink, turquoise, hydrangea, sea shells, candle light, amethyst and lacquer. So pretty!!
Hope your Monday starts your week on a happy note :)


Image via Northern Light Blog on Pinterest

March 24, 2012

Happy Weekend!

WOW! What a fantastic pop of bright blue....
The patina of this bench is amazing, don't you think? Makes me think of summer :)

Just wanting to relax with a few glossy mags this weekend, but I also have to get a little freelance work done!! I am visiting a new clients home on Monday, and I think I am just as excited as she is! Time will tell if it's a match made in heaven...

Hope your weekend will be FUN!


Image via HomeLife

March 21, 2012

Mixing it up.

Is this a yea or a nay? Too much pattern? To many fabrics and colors??
I am totally undecided on this one.... Love the bright blue couch, and the suzani inspired pillows. Cool punch of color with the orange drapes. Gotta love the striped rug!!
BUT does it all work for you? So many styles mixed together... asian inspired coffee tables, chesterfield leather sofa, modern side chair, chaise and I could go on, and on...


Image source unknown, sorry!

March 19, 2012

Have you noticed??

How exciting is this :) !! (I know, I know, it's the little things...)
There is a new look for your Pinterest page... have you had a chance to check it out yet??

I couldn't help but to screen shoot a few of my boards for you, 
just in case you have not visited the Northern Light Blog on Pinterest.... what are you waiting for ;)

Check 'em out when you have time...

And let me know which board is your favorite! I know, it's hard to pick just one!
I really like the For the love of... board, and also the Curb Appeal board.

Have fun pinning :)

Images are screen shots of the Northern Light Blog boards on Pinterest.

March 15, 2012

Coffee table decorating.

Lately I have been looking at coffee tables. I am looking for a new one for my own house, but also for a client. We have yet to decide if it will be an ottoman type or a hard surface table, and that goes for both of us :)

In my research I have come across so many different versions and millions of ways to decorate them. In my own house I like things a little cleaner than this image, but the more I put things together for clients, the more I am leaning towards this look. It's interesting, personal, pretty and it just "feels good", which essentially is what I strive to do for my clients.

I came across this blog post from Canadian House and Home (MY favorite glossy mag, by the way), if you too, need a little inspiration. The image above is probably recognizable (if you are a blogger) as the work of Anna Spiro of ABT.

Have fun thinking about how to make your coffee table interesting.
Is yours "clean", filled with magazines, styled pretty, or???
Please do share :)


Image by ABT via Northern Light Blog on Pinterest.

March 13, 2012

I am just saying...

Today's pop of color...  

Image / artwork by Pip Boydell via Pinterest

March 11, 2012

New on the Virtual Newsstand...

Just having a single day off this week, I was looking for something to inspire me...

Guess who just published their March / April 2012 issue? LONNY!!
... and with Michelle Adams in her Editorial video, promising more issues to come (beautiful hair, by the way), I am one happy reader!!!!

I was just introduced to Jenna Snyder-Phillips, the artist behind this great Black and White artwork. While I am not particularly a skull person, I really like the dark / light composition of this little tableau. Check out her story, and pick up a cool piece of artwork while you are at it....

Happy Sunday, Happy Reading!

Image via

March 8, 2012

... are you done brushing?

Well, I just thought I would ask!

I spotted this image and immediately thought of the many Chinese brushed I have.
Perhaps I should gather them and display them like this...
While I think this trend is kinda over, I still like them! To me they are interesting and bring texture and beauty to a coffee table. Looking at my small collection, I am reminded of my trip to China; my husband carried a few (... too many :), if you ask him) around, so we could bring some authentic brushes home to family and friends.

I have brushes from China, from Denmark and some that I have picked up in interior shops here and there in the US, overall they are all unique and interesting. Do you own any of these? Are yours all the same color or material?

Which is your favorite??

Interior design by Melanie Turner, image via Cococozy

March 5, 2012

Stack 'em high!

Every once in a while you just need something new for the house, right?
Well, that time has come for me! I am on the lookout for new pillows...
They will go on our new sofa (that I have not purchased just yet ;) ) but I guess it never hurts to look!

I came across a beautiful advertisement in the new Ivy & Piper March / April issue for Heidi & Home, and just had to take a closer look.

Those cheerful blue and white zig zag pillows "had me at Hello", so summery and pretty!!

Turns out there are so many to choose from... take a look here!
And while you are on the Heidi & Home site, you should read the About section;
I want to be her "when I grow up" ;) !!

Happy shopping!

Images via Heidi&Home

Cartier Odyssey!



Did you get a glimpse of the long awaited Cartier "short film" / new commercial?
I admit, I was mesmerized... by the "cat", by the story, by the jewelry, by the music - just absolutely beautiful!!

"L'Odyssee de Cartier", directed by Bruno Aveillian, has been two years in the making.
Shot on location in Prague, in Spain & in Paris (at the famed Cartier store on 13 Rue de la Paix), but also with recreations of locations in India, Russia and China...

You must take three and a half minutes of your day - right here, right now - it's that beautiful! Enjoy!
... and remember, diamonds are a girls best friend ;)


P.S. .... here's how it all started!

Images via Cartier

March 2, 2012


Just a pretty picture today!

Perhaps I will visit the farmers market this weekend?
Perhaps I will do spring cleaning... or not!
Maybe a trip to the beach is in store for me, I live so close, and don't go nearly enough!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Image via Northern Light Blog on Pinterest.

March 1, 2012

Happy March!

Hi all...

Been looking for foyer inspiration for a client for the last couple of evenings, and came across this bright and cheerful space. Pretty, bright and clean, very spring-y and here's to hoping spring is right around the corner!!

Have fun today.

Image via Lonny.
Interior design by Michelle Adams.
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