March 31, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Kaere Niels,

Du oenskes en dejlig dag, god mad og en god drink ;)! Haaber at du bliver fejret paa bedste maner... Tillykke paa dagen! (A Happy Birthday wish to my dad)


Image via Quatre Coeur

March 30, 2011

Pastel love

Yesterday I received the new Coastal Living magazine in the mail. Despite the bright and cheerful cover, this guest bedroom by designer Tim Clarke is what "had me at hello" :) !!
As a Northern Light reader, I am sure you are aware, that I do not often post pastel-y images, not really my thing.... BUT, I LOVE THIS ROOM!   - can't help it....

... and so I figured I would follow it up with an equally pretty powder room...

... and then there was this beautiful image of lavender fragrance and cleaning products, that has been in my file for a little while, now spring cleaning doesn't look so bad, huh?

Hope you have a wonderful day,

Images #1 & #2 via Coastal Living, Image #3 unknown

March 29, 2011

What's not to like?

This little image I found over at the Dreamhouse Blog, the first blog I ever visited, seems like a million years ago...

But really, what's not to like?
It fits so many criteria of mine; White, Coral, Shell, Butterfly, Candle, Painted wood, Grey, Gleaming glass and Bead board (in the background).
I don't know about you, but I think this little display is so sweet!

Happy Tuesday,

March 28, 2011

Sunday Afternoon in Palm Beach

A favorite pass time of mine, that I only get to do every once in a while, is spending the afternoon on the North End of Palm Beach! Just sharing a few quick images, as a little teaser, as I have an other post on the subject planned, so stay tuned ;) !

 As I might have mentioned before, the landscaping is impeccable....

... Don't you want to take a sneak peek at the pool area, just beyond the privacy hedge?

... and delivering mail to a mail box surrounded in pretty flowers, not too shabby :) ...

Stay tuned for more beautiful gardens in Palm Beach!

All image by moi

Quiet Monday moment.

I have no intention of writing a lot during this post, just wanted to share a few light filled rooms with you! Very Scandinavian mixed with French, lots of natural light and interesting objects making the whole house come together beautifully...

A little different than what I typically post, I know, hope you enjoy the slightly tattered look for a change :)

How pretty is this little, old mirror? LOVE the delicately edged flowers and the antique look, it is from Belgium....


Images via Skona Hem

March 25, 2011

A green swan!

... see, I wasn't kidding!!

I could just see myself sitting here, writing a blog post, paying the bills, looking out the window, day dreaming.......

LOVE this light filled little nook, and I really like the idea of the mirror. I know it's not a new trick, but this is the perfect illustration of how to bounce light (and the view) around!

Before I sign off for the weekend I want to welcome all my new readers and followers!
I love that so many of you have left me a comment, so that I have been able to locate you and your blogs, it's been a week of new discoveries for me, so Thank You!

Have a wonderful, calm and beautiful weekend, y'all...


Image via Southern Living

March 24, 2011

Kelly Green

I have been sitting on this image for a little while now, but with spring (cleaning?) just around the corner, I figured I would share this simple DIY idea!

Sprucing up your hallway console table has never been easier, and a pop of color goes a
L O N G  way!! This Kelly Green lamp is a perfect accent and with its glossy finish, brightens up the space so well, don't you think? The shade has been modified ever so slightly with a green ribbon, so easy to do! All you need is ribbon, glue gun / tape, a steady hand and voila, the shade has been customized to your space! Great and easy project for the weekend!!

This is the lamp used in the above image, in it's original state, with a smaller shade. You could buy a separate and larger shade, depending on the space you are working with, this shade might be a little too narrow, but if it fits, just work with it the same way.

This vibrant lamp is from Crate & Barrel, the name on of the lamp is Kelly (how appropriate!), you can buy it here, it's even ON SALE at the moment...

Happy spring!


Image #1 via House & Home, Image #2 via Crate & Barrel

March 23, 2011

Arabian Nights

Come on in....
Let's explore this wonderful space in Dubai together. The promise of the beauty that is to come is evident in the beautifully carved door jamb, the plasterwork and the wonderful lanterns! (Expect a modern place, not the typical ornate version!)

A large open courtyard greats you; there is a dining space.....

... and a tiny, tiny little lawn, probably the smallest I have ever seen! I can just envision sitting on the low Moroccan stools with your feet in the cool grass! Well aware that the climate makes it difficult to actually have a lawn in Dubai, I am just wondering out loud how to maintain it...
I mean, do you cut it with clippers, or....? Surely not a lawnmower :)

Wonderful, large terrace extends the living space, and with the daybeds covered, this could indeed be a very cool hangout space! LOVE the pops of orange, it seem to lend itself very well to the desert location!

Perfect way to make your indoor and out door space work together; carry the accent color with you "where ever you go", here the burnt orange has been brought inside.

Full shot of the living area. The black and white artwork on the walls are actually speakers, so surround sound is at it's best visually, don't you think??

Living in the shadow of the Burj Khalifa (worlds tallest building) does not seem too shabby to me, actualy, it's kind of cool :) !

This courtyard is so well designed with lounging and eating areas, with a little greenery to break up the stonework, fantastic lighting! If living in an apartment, what more can you really ask for??

Looks like a totally modern space to me with nods to both local architecture and design, as well as traditional plaster and wood work.

How cool is the dining table, the textured carvings are wonderful! Looks like the top is actually a re-purposed door... Either way, it highlights the Arabian / Moroccan "theme" that's going on in this space... the lanterns, the pipe, the urns, the desert colors.

How can I get to visit?


All images by Gert Skaerlund Andersen via Bo Bedre

March 22, 2011

New on the virtual newsstand...

- come check out the new rue magazine, just fresh from the "cutting floor"!
The fourth issue looks very pretty, organic, natural and bohemian, lots of good stuff to read!

AND this is my favorite image from the issue, so fresh and spring-y :)


March 21, 2011

Happy Monday!

Ohhhhh, how I totally did not want to get out of bed today!! I was hoping the weekend could last a little longer, if not a few hours more.... and if only my bedroom only looked this good and pulled together...

I L.O.V.E the color of the upholstered bed and the duvet cover is fantastic! A little traditional, but it's really a nice mix I think, you? And you can't beat the fresh flowers on the nightstand. Notice how the edge of the skirt on the nightstand picks up the teal color in the headboard and also makes the accent in the duvet pop!



Image via Lonny

March 19, 2011

Congratulations to...

The winner of the first Northern Light Giveaway is..... JANE
from Life on Planet Baby in Australia!
Congratulations Jane, email me your address, and the book will be on its way!
HOW EXCITING!!! (Winner found with the help of

Thank you to all who participated & welcome to new followers, I am looking forward to sharing more fantastic interior images, more vibrant flowers, good vibes (don't we all need those right about now!?) and so much more! Please join me while I search for inspiration, leave me comments whenever you feel like it (often, I hope!) and I, too, look forward to visiting all your blogs and see what you all have in store :)!

Have a wonderful weekend!!


March 17, 2011

In the mood!

Well.... This is the mood board I did for my thesis project almost two years back.
I came across it the other day, and felt it was time to share with you all!
I love how it turned out; Vibrant and strong! (Click on the image to view in full size, it's quite cool ;)  )

... and there is a lot of fresh green color, so what better day to share it on?
Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone,


PS. If you didn't sign up to win the giveaway book yet, what are you waiting for??
Not only is the book SIGNED (!) but it's a fantastic sneak peak into the Scandinavian design world that we all love!!

Technical expertise for mood board assembly via Izzy-Design

March 16, 2011

Peacefull vignette.

Is this not a great art wall? As much as I love color, this is a very soothing combo...
What initially got me, was the silver punch-bowl filled to the brim with orchids! It reminded me of the one Anne Fabricius-Bjerre had on her grand piano (here).  Notice how all the frames are different materials, thickness and colors, yet it is a very cohesive look! There is everything framed here; a beautiful kimono (how appropriate), a cartoon character and even a child's drawing, this is definitely an evolving art wall, but when do you stop adding? Do you stop?
Do you have an evolving art wall like this?


PS. Just 3 more days to sign up to win the give-away! :)

Image via Skona Hem (I think....)

March 14, 2011


... reflecting on the news of the day!
See you tomorrow, or the next day...


ONLY 5 more days to sign up for the Book giveaway

Image via House of Turquoise

March 12, 2011

Why (K) not?

Just a fun post with a little flair :)

Work-week hair...

Saturday night hair...

Sunday hair...
Finding that I am fixing my hair in a knot more often, I guess it's getting long again!
Oh... and why (k)not sign up for the Design Book give-away here, you could be the winner!!!


All images via tumblr

March 10, 2011

Home is where the heart is! (Give-away)

... well, loosely translated anyway...

This fantastic book is what is up for grabs!!

I purchased two while on vacation in the fall, and had BOTH signed by the author, Anne Fabricius-Bjerre, anticipating to present this book to the winner of my first ever give-away!
SO, lucky you, for having the chance to win a signed copy!!!

As it turns out, I could live in her little store, everything is SOOOO pretty. The style is very Scandinavain / Danish mixed with French goodies, all antiques and lust worthy.

A peak inside Anne's own home, show her wonderful taste, mixing old with new, a completely personal mix!

Heigh ceilings and great natural light, a comfy spot to relax, a classic Arne Jacobsen Swan chair, calm colors and with an eye for art, Anne lives in a beautifully edited home!

If you have the room, why not? Love the high gloss black grand piano in the all white space, modern art on the wall and designer lamp, all the while she mixes in the "family silver". Looking for a large punch bowl like that? Try the flea markets! ... And good luck polishing it :)

Notice how the built in book case is left "short" so not to ruin the view of the beautiful stucco ceilings! An antique chandelier lends a little period detail to the space, and mixes wonderfully with the modern art....

Isn't it true... people always end up in the kitchen. Here there is absolutely no reason to leave the kitchen, sit down and stay for a while, very welcoming, no? I really like the mix of the modern with the antique, the light but comfy chairs, stripe cushions and tons of white paint!

Simple, pretty, no-fuss.... wouldn't you like to have your home designed by this wonderful lady?? Well, if that's a little out of reach, check out this video clip (in danish) from her store, where she is giving a tour. You will be longing for more, I PROMISE!!!

And now - drum roll, please - if you would like to be considered for the SIGNED BOOK, these are the very simple rules;

1. Sign on as a Northern Light Blog follower. (1 chance)
2. "Like" Northern Light Blog on FB. (1 chance)
3. Help me spread the word (link) on your blog! (1 chance)

AND don't forget to let me a know, so I can pick a winner!
I am so excited for one of you to win!! The winner will be selected on Saturday March 19.

What are you waiting for??? Ready, on your marks, GO!


Images via Billedbladet & Fyens

March 9, 2011

Give-away HINT...

... is this book shelf big enough for you?

VERY COOL, don't you think? Can you guess what the give away is? ... and don't be shy, I will gladly ship anywhere in the world, so if you are in South America, Scandinavia, Japan or Australia, don't be shy!!!

Stay tuned, let the excitement build :)

Image via tumblr

March 8, 2011

Spring (is almost here)

Just like I imagined....

Nothing too precious, white slipcovers, comfy cushions, painted furniture, pops of color, kick your feet up and RELAX! Looks like spring to me :)



Image via Style at Home

Un-related beauty

... does that even make sense?
Anyhoooo, just sharing two super pretty detailed shots, hope you think they are as pretty as I do?!

Do you recall this post? Well, as a reader of Northern Light, I am sure you are aware that I have a new found love for Sea Fans! This little saltwater display just made me smile :) The sea urchin and the sand dollar are so pretty, love all the texture and different whites!

Speaking of texture...
Nothing like an old french church candelabra, though I am not sure if they are a little passe or not? That's it for today folks, super busy week, please be patient...

Welcome to new readers, and if you didn't "Like" Northern Light on FB, what are you waiting for? Click on the link to the right, and voila :) 


Image #1 via Rue, Image #2 unknown
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