July 30, 2010

It's Time...

... it's time for vacation!!

I am SO READY for this vacation, leaving bright and early tomorrow morning. Looking forward to new places and old faces....

Ciao, Ciao Bella!


Image via Bottom of the Ironing Basket.

July 29, 2010

Brownie points!

How to do Brown in your home without it looking heavy and old....
Here are a few suggestions for different rooms in your home, let me know which one is your favorite!

Entryway; Some hallway table.... plenty of room for the keys and the mail! Check out the beautifully carved legs, they give life to the table, and moves your eye from the floor to the top of the ornate mirror. You do not even notice that there is a lot "going on"....

Bedroom; Tufting the headboard adds visual interest to the bed. A plain brown headboard would have been borring!! The openwork in the nightstand and the delicate print on the awning, keeps the feeling light. This is layering at it's best, from the wood floor, to the rug, the bed linens...
This bedroom reads cozy to me, and not at all heavy!!

Is this one of the fanciest dog beds you have ever seen?
I say "go for it" if you have the space!!


Bathroom; What initially got me to look at this image was the floor tiles! So interesting!! (I am not familiar with the rest of the property, where this image came from, so I don't know if they are original to the house.... They could be, I guess!) The vanity is quite a heavy piece of furniture, and the thickness of the mirror frame suggests that this is a large room. I think the vanity balances out the pattern in the tile, and neither element takes over the room.
Kitchen: Earthy tones in an otherwise white kitchen, looks great to me! Love the texture of the chairs, and also the pendant lamp.... The darker brown color grounds this light and airy kitchen very well!!

Food: And while we are in the kitchen, why not stick to the theme? How absolutely delicious does this espresso and ice cream dessert look? Heck, I would have it for breakfast....

So tell me, is Brown a Go, or a No-Go?
Have a yummy day,


Image #1 & #3 via Flourish Design+Style, Image #2 ?, Image #4 via Flickr, Image #5 here, Image #6 Karen Modechai for MSL

Door # 330

What is behind door number 3? (ok, 330)?

This modern looking facade, clad in steel, is designed by architect Brian Murphy..... and now it's for sale. The house belong(ed?) to the recently deceased actor, Dennis Hopper.

It can be yours for a cool $6.245 million (That is in US Dollars my friends!!), but before you buy, check out the grounds and the interiors. You wont be disappointed, it's a very cool house; fantastic lighting throughout, great space for Hoppers large collection of art, as well as his choppers....

Gotta love all the cool surfaces, warmed up with the high wood beams and the oriental rugs throughout the house.... Check out the bath tub!

The property is in Venice, California, and on the grounds there are three guest houses, drawn up by non other than Frank Gehry.

I highly recommend taking a full tour of the house, as there are MANY more great images of this property! Check it out here. My suggestion; view in Full Screen mode!!

Have a dreamy day,

Image #2 here, All other Images here

July 28, 2010

Neutral kind of day

If you are a regular reader of Northern Light, you would know I like white interiors, with black, and often also a pop of color.... I have assembled a few beautiful images in neutral tones, non of them have any real relation to each other, I just felt they went well together for this post!

What caught my eye in this first image, besides the pretty wall color, was the Suzani. I think it might just be the only image I have seen of a neutral Suzani, and I really like it!! Very tasteful, and a wonderful way to infuse a bedroom with texture and interest. 

You have probably seen this image before, I am sure, but I think it is the cutest little nook! The round porthole window is so pretty... The bench cushion, the blanket, even a pair of binoculars for birdwatching, could you not spend a good long afternoon there?

... So serene ...

I have spent sometime studying this very clean image, and I think nothing has been left to chance. Of course you have to start with good bones (the floor and the vaulted cove), then echo the arch with the demi lune old wooden table, and the round base of the lamp. Continue the natural theme with the linen shade, the carved woodwork to the right and the olive branch in the glass cylinder...

Heather, Habitually Chic, posted on a few new books coming out for release this fall, and I am looking forward to this one, but I am sure I will have to save up for a few more....

What is your take on the neutral Suzani? And do you think that hallway just happened to work out so great?


Image #1 House Beautiful, Image #2 & #3 Hjemmets Gleder, Image #4 HC

July 27, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Wishing my sister (hi Gugge!) a very Happy Birthday!! Looking forward to spending some time, later this summer...

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Tillykke paa Foedselsdagen.


Image via High Street Market

July 26, 2010

Please join me!

Thank you for visiting Northern Light, I truly hope you will stay a while, and perhaps even return from time to time....              The award has been passed on, let's toast the new recipients! (below)



Image Via Snippet & Ink

July 25, 2010

An Award!!

I have received an award for blogging!! YEAH!

I am totally excited about this recognition, I knew about it last week, but needed to "sit on it" for a few days, so to weigh my selections and not make a total fool of myself when announcing this exciting award.

So here goes:

A huge THANK YOU to Nellie for all the support you have shown me, leaving me some of the earliest comments, cheering me on. I truly appreciate your comments and hope to build on this great blogging friendship!


This award comes with a few strings attached; I am to list 7 things about me not previously blogged on, as well as select 5 other bloggers to pass the Versatile Blogger Award on to.... are you ready?

  • To start where Nellie left off... Ironing! I actually like to iron, it must be something to do with the crispness of all things ironed. If you iron your bedding, you know what I am talking about!
  • Cooking; not good at cooking for two, but I can cook for 10....
  • Black Licorice... The saltier the better! Even receive "The real stuff" sent to me from home (hint, hint)!
  • Don't really watch much TV; catch the news, but NEVER reality shows....Tell me why they need writers if it's "reality"?
  • Glossy magazines (I might have mentioned this before); nothing better than curling up with a cup of tea, reading a stack of interior and fashion magazines!!
  • I am a Gold Medal Winner in women's ice hockey. Played while in college... played co-ed here in the states, that's how I met Mr. Wonderful!
  • I tutor design students from time to time. I feel it's important to give back, and students often do not have a lot of money, so I tutor for free.
And now, on to the hardest part (drum roll, please); how to just choose five bloggers to pass this award on to.... In no particular order:


This blog is from Argentina. Caroline offers up the best Friday images ever, along with clever headlines!
I encourage you to search her blog with the word "Friday", I promise it will be worth your while!!


Kerri from Brisbane, Australia... an artist and designer, her blog keeps me coming back for more! Great selection of images! Oh, and by the way, I love the Driftwood Interior header, very chic!!


An other Aussie.. Louise from Table Tonic rocks! The sheer amount of energy that I get from reading this hip blog is amazing! Louise has such a great eye for colo(u)r, and her witty comments have me on the floor laughing at times. Many of you probably know of her and the Table Tonic store, but if not... check her out!


Helena from Sweden! (sorry, Helena, I was unable to grab your blog header) Trivsamt Hem / Paa Vaar Udde. A healthy dose of Scandinavian chic. Beautiful images, fun writing (if you can read Swedish) and a cool fashion vibe! Helena has a huge following in Sweden, and if you take a look at her blog you will see why! (Helena; thank you for your comments and blog support!)


Coming to you from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Caitlin is a designer who shares her interiors with us on the Style Files blog. Caitlin is in my opinion the one to look out for; her designs are fresh, cool, crisp, pretty and her eye for detail is impeccable! She is my new design hero!!  Along with beautifully photographed interiors (check out her photographer's site here), Caitlin also shares her travels with us....

Are you still with me??

I would like to also mention Reggie Darling, who is a constant "good read"; I aspire to be as well written as he is!
(look to the right, you will find a link to his blog there)

And that's it!
I hope you; Caroline, Kerri, Louise, Helena and Caitlin, will pass on the torch, but remember that you are not obligated to do so. However.... it's in good blogging spirit to "thank the giver", as Nellie said to do ;)

Thank you Nellie!!


July 24, 2010

It's the Weekend...

... been a super busy week, and I am looking forward to a few calm days, time to catch up.
I want to "pretty up" my house, and get ready for my first vacation in over a year! One more week to go, and we are off to New England, YEAH!

Hope your weekend is a fun one!


Image here

July 22, 2010

I want to live here...

... in fact, I would be very happy in this room!! I am convinced the pink sofa would cheer me up on any given day (though I am not sure Mr. Wonderful would be happy with a hot pink sofa...). The coffee table is light and evoke feelings of the beach (the base remind me of the piers), the white floors are fantastic. Stuart Membery white cane chairs scream summer house to me, and we all know how I love that light, casual and airy feeling!! Garden stools in bright blue, fantastic pop of color...
And take a look at all the different textiles used; anything from Suzani's (from Mexico and Uzbekistan) to bright floral, and graphic prints!

SO MUCH COLOR can be a little scary... but, I think this is just so much fun!!

Now, for those of you who follow Anna Spiro, you will know this interior from her newly re-modeled store; Black & Spiro. All I can say is GREAT JOB! I wish I could stop in, say hi, and stay a while to take it all in. I truly think this is a fun place to work (Is there such a thing?), how can you have a bad day in such an inspiring place? Oh, of cause, I know; when the furniture you love so much, and have worked hard to assemble, leaves with someone else....

Check it out!!
Let me know what you think. Would you do a hot pink sofa? Could you get away with that? (and don't you just love that bright orange table?)


absolutely beautiful things: Black & Spiro Unveiled

July 21, 2010

Just Because...

I can almost smell the sweet fragrance of the Lilacs...
Taking a blogging break today!


PS. I have something exciting to share in the next day or two.... Hang tight!

Image via The Buzz

July 20, 2010

Why don't you?

Why don't you send someone a love letter?

I am loving these pretty, pretty images by artist Deborah Schenck!
And since we all spend so much time on the computer, it would be real nice to write a pretty card to someone you know, I am sure they would appreciate the gesture, I know I would!

Which is your favorite?? I think the colors in the image to the right are the best.... But I would be happy to receive any (and all) of them!

Happy writing,


Image via here

July 19, 2010

I spy....


It's been a while since I have done an "I spy..." post, so today it's about yellow! This is just a small, random collection, of yellow inspired images, they are as pretty as the are cheerful, don't you think?

I really like the bow detail on the dress....

... and the bride wore yellow shoes as well, how fun!!


And who better than Snippet & Ink to tie it all together for us!

Have a refreshing day!


Image #1 Vanjean, Image #2 Brown Button, Image #3 MSL, Image #4 MT, Image #5 Snippet & Ink, Image #6 ?

(Summer) House Love

On the north coast of Sealand, in Denmark, you will find this quaint summer house. Originally an overgrown lot, with an old train cart, this spot has now been turned in to something of a wonderful summer retreat, complete with an out door kitchen, large deck for sunbathing and outdoor entertaining.... extending the living area of the house.

The homeowners have been thrifty when furnishing their little house. Some furniture has been inherited, other items are new, and yet others have found their way there via the curbside..... Pretty little nook by the kitchen for having your morning coffee.

Windows all around the dining area, lets the beautiful light come in. I am sure great conversations have been had here, long into the summer evenings!

Old bamboo chair with cushions make for a comfy reading spot! Love the old frames with botanical prints on the wall. So easy to do, and it keeps the place from looking too white (is there such a thing?).....

Full view of the living room. Couch is from Ikea, and covered with a floral blanket, and a lot of cushions.
Notice how the ceiling and the beams have been painted white, keeps the whole place light and airy, even considering the modest size of the summerhouse.

Clever way to display art, a vase or perhaps a beautiful rock from the beach.... the small ledge atop of the beadbord, that you see through out the whole house!

The main bedroom is facing north, keeping it cool in the summer heat! The light is slightly more blue.... Check out that pretty gilded mirror!

If you would like to view other Scandinavian summer houses, in remote locations, check out the My Scandinavian Retreat blog (here), I am sure you will enjoy the many different styles.

Is it vacation time soon.....? Feels like a long time ago when I was last away!!
What have you been doing this summer? Staycation or vacation? If you would like to win a little something, head on over to here, tell her all about it, and perhaps you could win!

Good Luck!


All images via here

July 18, 2010

Floral Shops

One of the stops I always do when traveling, be it in the US (Boston has great floral shops) or somewhere in Europe, is stopping at all the floral shops! I know it drives my relatives crazy; from time to time I even ask shop keepers if I can photograph in the store, and I know my sister (Hi Gugge!) gets embarrassed..... sorry!

But why let such beauty go un-noticed?

Lately I have been picking up roses in orange, but I have always loved the pink ones, and the white and cream ones, and.....

Look at all these beautiful shades of pink, how can you go wrong? Does it not just screem PARTY?
I would so love to have a reason to pick up this many roses at one time, but I am affraid in my little house it would be total overkill..........

And what about the drama here... all those tall black vases lets you concentrate on the beautiful blooms... which flower to pick?

I am not discriminating when it comes to flowers, even just one flower in a small bud vase makes my day!!
When in season, I tend to pick up hydrengas, but for everyday, I usually have a few orchids around the house. Not only is that the only plant my cats will not either dig up, or take bites of. And it seem to be the only "flavor" I don't kill right away! Actually.... They grow very happily here, and re-bloom often :)
What is your go-to flower? What do you often come home with from the market? Or if you have your own cutting garden, what do you grow? Do tell!!


Image #1 Windlost, Image #2 & #5 Housemartin, Image #3 Mimi Charmante, Image #4 Reggie Darling

July 17, 2010

Etsy love

Somehow I ended up on Etsy....
Rusty Cricket to be exact, and these were just too cute to pass up!

Unfortunately I have no room for them, but I just love the color of the background, and the slightly weathered look.


Would be super cute in a beach house, or in a children's room.


... and this last one is for N & P; remembering Theodor....

Just thinking out loud; how to frame these? In black frames? In wood frames? In white? Not at all??
I guess, when it really comes down to it, it totally depends on the interior. How would you tackle this project?

Have fun this weekend!


Images via Rusty Cricket on Etsy
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