February 28, 2011

(Water) color my world!

I was going to do an "I Spy..." post today, but found myself loving these cute watercolor renderings by Inslee and Caitlin!

Just wanted to share, not a whole lot of words needed......

These bathing beauties are so wonderful, simple and stylish :)

Are you ready for a camel ride? I actually did this with my mother and sister one summer while on vacation...

And in the spirit of the Oscars, a little bling!

Tea canisters can be so pretty, why not line 'em up?
That's all for today folks, hope you have a wonderful start to your week!!


Image #1 - #3 Inslee, Image #4 - #6 Caitlin.

February 27, 2011

It's funny...

It's funny how one image can bring back memories!

I recently came across this bedroom, designed by John Robshaw, while looking through the Lonny website. What first drew me in was the navy, white and chocolate pillow cover, a very interesting and classic combo, but what really got me was the stool!

I remember growing up with a house full of these, or at least that's what I think I remember, there may actually just have been two... :) I remember one in the bathroom, and one or more in a bed room...
Haven't seen them since & just happened to stumble upon one over at "Lonny's house"!


Image via Lonny

February 25, 2011

Happy Weekend!

Just sharing a great out door space with you, just in time for a great weekend!!
Want to take a full tour of Sharnel's cheerful house, head on over here.

The touch of Anna Spiro is all over the house.... Who other than her could do this Blue & White + Pink theme so well??? SO PRETTY, wouldn't you just be so happy coming home to this in your foyer?

If you - like me - like LOVE this chair, it can be yours through Veranda House.

Hope you have a FUN and HAPPY weekend, any plans you want to share?
I'll be at the beach for a few hours, at the green market and helping a friend style up a new apartment, should be so much fun!!!!


Image #1 via MyLife - MyLoves, Image #2 via In My House Design, Image #3 via Veranda House

February 24, 2011

Am I dreaming?

... as I matter of fact I am! I am dreaming of St. Barth, and after seeing these images, so will you.... :) Imagine standing here with your morning coffee, how super great would that be?
Notice how every little nook is used thoughtfully; glassware is lined up above the window.

Why not take a clue from the surrounding landscape and bring in the bright colors of the Caribbean! Since all you will need are bikinis, board shorts, a cover up or two and lots of towels, this is the perfect amount of storage. LOVE the color in the all white space!!!!

GREAT, just great!
Imaging laying here listening to the wind playing with the palms, the sound of the water.....

Fresh fruit, green palms, in door / out door living at it's best! Lot's of light, easy to maintain surfaces. Notice the tall vaulted ceiling, a traditional way to keep cool, as heat rises.. I like how the boards are kept natural, and beams white.

Hmmm... trying not to say "cute", but what a great way to make the loo look like you want to go in there.

Extending the living space with a nice shaded patio, colorful pillows and soft blue table and bench. Great place for a hammock!!

I think I need a tropical vacation! :) Want to come along?


Images via Vaart Nye Hem

February 23, 2011

Queen of Ginger Jars...

I have always loved the Blue and White color combination, it's fresh and pretty! As many of you are aware, the Queen of Ginger Jars - Anna Spiro - use them in her store, in her house, in client's houses, for flowers, for display, for lamps and the list goes on and on...


So I figured I would share a few with you, hoping to bring a little inspiration you way!  
(OK, so I am aware that the image above is not a Ginger Jar, but it was so pretty I had to include it :)! )

Why just put the jars on a shelf, why not fill them with pretty flowers? Often at flea markets you can find versions that have lost their lids (and are inexpensive) pick them up anyway, and use them for flowers! Notice those little boxes on the tray? Pretty!

See what I mean? And Anna's trademark pink sneaks in everywhere....

I love this image of her new kitchen. The Blue and White is soooo great displayed all together, great impact!!

Black & Spiro window display, ginger jars used as lamps...  also, I LOVE the color of the big green ones on the floor!

The current window, just featured on Anna's blog Absolutely Beautiful Things, show not only lamps, but also a FAN.TAS.TIC fabric backdrop featuring the blue and white Ginger Jars.

And this is the image that started the whole thing for me; the white cabinet with the collection of Ginger Jars on top! In fact, after seeing this image a long time ago, I was inspired to start my own little collection.
Perhaps I will share tomorrow....

Do you have a Ginger Jar collection? How does the look fit your decorating style? Any tips for finding them??


All images via ABT

February 21, 2011

New Blog Love

For all you lovers of beautiful flowers, DIY projects and fantastic styling,
check out A Creative Mint!

I bet this the cutest little desk "get-up" you have seen in a while!

Dreamy photography, fantastic detail, fresh and spring-y colors...
Imagine this blown up and framed!

Don't you just want to "Stop and smell the Roses?"

My favorite!!!

I can even smell the geranium leaves... The colors and the layers & layers of petals.. Yummy!!

I am new to Leslie's blog, but can't wait to see what she posts tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after that... Flowers make me so HAPPY!!!!


All images via A Creative Mint

Start creating...

 Is it really that simple.... ?


Image via tumblr

February 17, 2011

King's Treat!!

The Bahamas have been on my mind lately, wanting to make the short trip so bad.....
A friend of mine is getting married (Fall 2012), and since "the other half" is Bahamian, perhaps the event will take place there, but it has not been decided yet, guess what my vote would be!

Please join me for a little tour of King's Treat, an India Hicks property. All these directors chairs are lined up like soldiers, ready to welcome you, easy to pick up and move to where ever you would like to spend a little time....
You know I am good for a Black & White themed photo, don't you?


A newly renovated, simple kitchen. Sustainable surfaces, easy to maintain and finishes that will stand up to the sea air, which is an absolute must in Island Living!! (Pun intended!! ;) ) Love artwork in a kitchen, and why not bring in some of the foliage... It's all about indoor / outdoor living anyhow, right?

Doubling the living space; Wide porches surround the house, and lounge-y seating areas make for comfortable living! Keeping all the woodwork white and cool, keeps your senses calm; quiet textures and interesting shadow patterns!! Love the graphic lines of the floorboards, the siding on the house, the Bahamian shutters, the trellis and the ceiling. Perrrfect for drinks; It's five o'clock somewhere, right?

Can you feel the breeze?
Such a pretty space!!
I am envisioning flip-flops and bathing suits.

Breakfast is served!
Not a bad way to start the day.....

A small bedroom shows much bigger than it is... Beautiful mix of Caribbean decor, quiet luxury, fresh flowers and clean fluffy towels! Yes, please! ... Love all the frames with local birds!

Sit here to write your travel notes, your postcards or a blog post, perhaps??

This beautiful estate is named Kings Treat, it's on Kings Street in Dunmore Town on Harbour Island, Bahamas. It's owned by India Hicks, and along with several different properties it is yours to rent for a week or more here.

Day dreaming at it's best :)


Images via India Hicks

February 15, 2011

The evolution of a room.

I was first introduced to designer Tia Zoldan a few years back, via a feature by Cottage Living...

...Who can forget that turquoise tufted ottoman, the striking artwork, the girl in the orange pants...?

Well, it seems she has re-decorated her place, and we are all lucky to be invited to view the redo... Notice how certain colors have been brought out with placement of accessories in these two images (above and below), and see it change the mood of the room further down this page. Take her clue, pull accent colors from artwork and rugs...

I love this image... the black upholstery, the color of the glazed pottery, the pop of color in the silk pillow, how the books have been stacked deep on the table...

This image shows more of the earthy tones, the oranges and golden colors come through. The room has a different vibe just by changing out the fuchsia pillow and adding gold embroidery pillows + metallic accessories, such as the votive on the white side table, the brass sculpture on the books etc, as well as highlighting the wood demi lune table.

I, for one, love to see the evolution of a space through a designer eye, especially when it comes to such a personal space, as her own home!! Notice how the main furniture pieces are the same, they have just been reupholstered... And then the focal point, the artwork, has been changed up, and totally softened the space! A mix of textures, fabrics, pattern and colors make this space uniquely personal...
Thank you, High Gloss, for the sneak peak!


Image #1-2 Via Country Living, Image #3-4 via Viva Full House Blog, Image #5-6 via High Gloss

February 14, 2011

Guess what..?

While everyone celebrates Valentine's Day, I also celebrate...  MY BIRTHDAY !!

I was lucky to start the celebration with girlfriends over brunch yesterday.... and celebrating with Mr. Wonderful today! Phone started ringing early this morning, and friends on FB have already sent wishes!

What more to ask for, than friends and family remembering "my day"?
... perhaps, that you sign up as a follower, if you are not one already?? :)

Have a wonderful day everyone.


Image via tumblr

February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day

Just a sweet little wish for all of you;
Hope your wake up to flowers and kisses!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Image via Style Me Pretty

February 10, 2011

Everything pink...

Seems everything is PINK these days! Just got my subscriptions in the door the other day, and while stacking them on the coffee table, it became quite clear that all the editors were thinking Spring Pink...
NO complaints from me :)

Check it out, even Lucky with the beautiful Heidi Klum on the cover was in Spring Pink....

On a side note; LOVED the House Beautiful this month, and congrats to Margaret Russell for a job well done on Architectural Digest, love what you have done (call it a face-lift or call it a renovation)! ... I SO enjoyed the lazy time spent reading these glossy mag's!!!

Which was your favorite??


Images NHH for Northern Light Blog


As Copenhagen Fashion Week has just come to a close, I have had a blast looking through all the runway images of the Fall 2011 collections. There are so many great collections, and if you want to see more, check out the website, and search by designer...

Benedikte Utzon

This gown is by Benedikte Utzon, and I encourage you to click on the image for a larger version... The neck piece is FAN.TAS.TIC, as is the models subtle make-up and long lashes!
Not a detail left out!

Suzanne Rutzou

Just love the navy with the luggage colored leather; classic, yet so fresh!
And of cause the feather collar is pretty and fun :) 

Kopenhagen Fur

Layers and layers of tulle... sweet and very glamourous, very "Old Hollywood"!

Have fun dressing up!


Images via Copenhagen Fashion Week
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