January 31, 2012

New on the Virtual Newsstand...

... how charming!

The new Dabble is out, and I particularly enjoyed the Charleston Travel feature. I spent time in Charelston a few years back, beautiful city, we had a wonderful time :)!


Image via Dabble Magazine

January 26, 2012

One of those days...

... just need a little space...
I'll be back in a few days :)


Image via Table Tonic

January 25, 2012

New on the Virtual Newsstand...

Finally.... it's here, the new House of Fifty :)
At first glance it looks great, lot's of interesting stuff to read, and with a promise of Spring right around the corner!


Image by Mo Hines Photography for HOF

January 23, 2012

It's a Nice Day for a White...

... Wedding (Shower)! (Love that Billy Idol song, remember?)

As promised, here are a few images from this weekends Wedding Shower! It was SO MUCH FUN to plan, and I am very pleased about the outcome as well, but you be the judge....

The setting was spectacular; We set up the table at the end of the garden, under a large tree with the lake as a backdrop. The weather was wonderful, warm and with a slight breeze in the early hours, and a little windy in the afternoon.... We used two huge white damask tablecloths, white (rented) chairs, turquoise plates*, turquoise linen napkins with white embroidery and the decoration down the middle of the table were tiny white orchids in clay pots. (I covered the clay pots in plain white tissue paper and tied a bow with a thin turquoise ribbon).

A work in progress... In the large tree shading the table, we hung white paper lanterns. This idea proved to be far more encompassing than anticipated, as the lawn slopes towards the lake, so... scaling the tree was the only option!

Almost there.... we used five different size lanterns, and when we were done with all eighteen of them it looked really pretty!! .... this is about half way through :)

Closer to the house, in the shade, we set up the food table, complete with this little swan, dutifully holding up three more small white orchids. Some may recognize this planter from Anthropology a while back...

The beautiful and sweet Bride-to-be, looking stunning in her coral and white. Everyone else were wearing white from head to toe, and she was asked to wear coral...

... more white orchids :) They were given out as party favors, so everyone could be reminded of what a beautiful day it had been!! The colorful painting is an original, painted by the owner of the house, and a perfect pop of color to an otherwise all white party!

We did have just a little color, but it all came from the food... in this case the colorful macaroons, perched high on the most gorgeous, white, milk-glass, pedestal cake stand. They tasted as good as they look, and were quickly gone :)

And by now you know I just can not walk by a hibiscus flower without snapping a picture...

Hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek, we had a wonderful day! We couldn't have asked for better weather, better company or a sweeter person to honor! 

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, Christie, you and Nathan are perfect for each other!!!!


All images NHH for the Northern Light Blog

*(I picked those (the plates) up at Pottery Barn a few summers back, and when they went on clearance, I picked up a bunch more... 16 in total to be exact)

January 19, 2012

Wedding Shower Countdown

Just a few more days to the Wedding Shower...
Invitations have been sent, RSVP's have been received for the most part... (why is it that people do not have the courtesy to let you know if they will attend or not? Bad manners or simply forgetfulness??), flowers have been ordered, desserts planned, decorations almost done :)

Drinks will be poured, but the color theme will be a secret for now as the bride reads this blog from time to time (hi CR!).

I am looking forward to seeing it all come together! ... and to show you a few images as well :)


Images via Martha Stewart Weddings

January 18, 2012

Pattern Mix

So... what do you think? Ikat, Floral, Raw Linen... Does it all work??

I was drawn to this image today. I like a good bedside image, you know, one of those where everything is in its place, fresh flowers on the table, artwork and good reading light... To me this TOTALLY WORKS!
... I'm just not sure I would have dressed the bed in those sheets, considering the headboard, but that's just me :)

What is the verdict?
Go or NO-go??


Image via Lonny Blog

January 17, 2012

New on the Virtual Newsstand...

Hi there...

The new rue magazine is out, and I just had to thumb through, looking forward to really diving in tonight!!

I was surprised by Winters Embrace... cool fashion shoot, and the wall mural on page 96 is AMAZING!! Super cool :)

The interior space that I was drawn to, at first glance, belong to Danielle Moss. Her Chicago apartment is full of natural light, a beautiful white space with lots of personality. I can't wait to study the images :) ... there is even a blog to check out as well. And soon The Everygirl will launch, should be exciting for sure!!


Image via rue

January 16, 2012

Happy Monday!

A BIG welcome to the Northern Light Blog to my new followers...
Doesn't get any better than this!!

Image unknown, sorry

January 15, 2012

Brilliant White

I picked up this book a few weeks ago, but haven't really had the time to study it until today.
It is chock full of fantastic interiors in ALL WHITE, design solutions, details and lots of texture!

So inspired by what I have seen, here are a few spaces, all different, but all with the same white look. Enjoy :)

Clean, minimal, open plan living in all white...

Cozy all white space by IKEA, complete with sheepskin and lots of natural light.

I have had this kitchen image in my files for a long while, it has everything I would love in my own kitchen!
(If only I had the room :)  )

... and last but not least; a soothing, all white bedroom! While lots of people I know would prefer a darker bedroom, I am all about the white and bright room. To me this is PERFECT, down to the pale aqua basket and the soft aqua coral pattern on the pillows!

Which is your favorite?

Image #3 via IKEA, all other images via google search

January 12, 2012


Today is the MOST beautiful, sunny, cool day (for Florida), with no humidity and a slight breeze...
Let me tell you how much I wanted to go to the beach today, such a shame my car knows the way to work... ;)

Enjoy this fantastic day!!!

Image via thesethingtaketime on Pinterest

January 10, 2012

One word; Dior

Check out this Dior Cruise 2012 campaign spotted at Dustjacket Attic, it's amazing!!!!!


Image via here

January 9, 2012

California Modern

... with an entrance like this, don't you just just want to peak behind that gate??
You are in luck... follow me on a quick home tour!

 Great outdoor space, makes inside / outside living easy... and with a facade of glass, lots of natural light gets in, making the home bright and cheerful.

The home is full of wonderful modern furniture classics and pops of color here and there to breaking up the all white space.

Stone floors and heigh ceilings keep the home cool, open plan living keeps the eye moving and opens the space, blurring the fine line between the inside and outside, visually extending the living space.

What is your thought on the multi colored chairs?? How fun is that... !

Check out this bathroom... LOVE all the light bouncing around! Waking up in the morning would be a delight... :) Pretty cool natural elements, and that picture window is not too shabby either.

Why not hang artwork outside?? I am not totally sold on the bright green color chosen for the upholstery here, but in keeping with the rest of the home, I guess it works... Your thoughts?

On the other hand; LOVE the color of the pool!! A cross between emerald green and turquoise makes it really "fit in". I am so used to seeing light turquoise pools here in Florida, this is more my style... and I don't even have my own pool...

So, did you like this home? I would love to live there, looks like a great home!! I would probably be spending most of the time outside, what about you??


Images via ALT

January 6, 2012


Tranquil weekend ahead!
Loving the cool weather, I have been wearing my sweaters all week long and LOVING it :)


Image via Northern Light Blog on Pinterest

January 4, 2012

New on the Virtual Newsstand...

OK, I might be a day late or so, but that is just because I was looking for the perfect photo to go with the rest of this years soft and sparkly images... :) Did you buy that line??

Non the less, you should check out the new Matchbook Magazine, it's full of party "goodness", travel stories, art and a little fashion!


Image via Matchbook

January 3, 2012

Pretty little things...

Considering the beauty of candlelight, I am one to to have tea lights sprinkled all over the house...
I love the soft glow in the late afternoon, and the warmth of the flame against the darkness in the early evening.

But what about candlelight in the daytime??  Look how pretty and soft this image is...
Those faceted glass votives are from Tine K. While in Denmark this past fall, I thought about picking up a few, couldn't decide on a color and now I am regretting - a little bit - not having decided on a hue!!

Oh well, such is life :)

Image Tine K

January 2, 2012


Just a pretty picture today!
Do you stack up the jewels like this??? Is more really better?? 


Image via Pinterest 

January 1, 2012

Two Year Blog Anniversary!!

Cupcakes for everyone!!!! 

Today marks the second blog anniversary for Northern Light, YEAH! 
... and what better way than to celebrate with a little girl-y fun, mixed with some sparkles ?!

As we all know, everyone deserves a little sparkle, so why not start with a new pair of sassy high heels?

Let's dress up and celebrate....

Cheers my friends!!

I hope you made it into 2012 with a smile on your face!
Looking forward to continuing the Northern Light Blog; a small face lift is on the way, I hope you check back in and follow along! The Northern Light Blog can also be found on FB and Pinterest. Why don't you check out what is going on over there...? It's not always the same as on the blog, so "Like" Northern Light while you are there... or not, that's up to you :)


Images via Northern Light Blog on Pinterest

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