August 28, 2010

Vacation time!!

Hi all, a quick note before I leave for a long vacation!
I have been looking forward to this trip for a while now, even counting down the days......

What more appropriate than a few globes, as I will be traveling from the US to Denmark. Love the old world feel of this globe, perhaps it's the color......

I guess the world is getting smaller, after all :)

I will be back in the end of September, wishing you all a wonderful early fall! Perhaps I will be checking in, perhaps I will post from my vacation, who knows... I have not seen my family in 2 1/2 years, so spending time doing nothing with them will be at the top of the list!! My Mr. Wonderful will be joining me at the end of the vacation, can't wait for that either :)!

Take care!


Image #1 Hus & Hjem, Image #2 Canadian House & Home

It's the Weekend...

Yeah! It's the weekend, and I will be packing for a LONG vacation.... What will you be doing?

Tall spool vase from Sia - Happy Fall!


Image via Sia

August 27, 2010



... Just this morning I received this pretty invitation.
It arrived in a parchment envelope, and I could hardly wait to open it and see the rest! Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the event, as I am away on vacation. "Judging the "book" by it's cover", I am sure this will be a fantastic event!!

The image is from the front of a pretty armoire, but no longer in production.


Image via Robb and Stucky

Exquisite Lace

I want to share these two white lace blouses with you, in the hopes that your day will be just as beautiful!  :)


Blouse by Stella McCartney. Notice the three dimensional quality of the lace... the applique is so pretty and feminine!

Love that this image is in black and white, you really get to appreciate the fine detail in this Grivinchy, flowery white lace blouse....

Pretty, huh?


Images via Hanneli Mistaparta

August 25, 2010


I can almost feel the softness of these polished and smooth shells.... finished with a tiny bit of gold at the "seam".
Are they not just the prettiest shells you have seen in a while?

Try filling a tall glass cylinder.....


Image Via Regina Andrews

Last Beach House of the season....

This wonderful little beach house belong to the creative director of West Elm, Alex Bates.

Peeking thru the open cabinet door are pale blue ice cream bowls, providing a hint of color (they are from Martha Stewart, but like ones can be found at Anthropology).


Love how the painted blue floors are dark enough to ground the room! Mixing new and old, and making it look flawless.... old farmhouse table with peeling paint, new West Elm chairs and a plate rack full of inherited plates.... notice the tiny blue pattern in the oyster plates, pretty!

In a guest room, Alex slip covered two headboards that were hers as a child. Very simple and just so pretty!! Wouldn't you just love to be a guest here??

In the main bedroom, West Elm is responsible for the headboard and the crisp sheets! Alex used texture to warm up the space a little; draping a vintage tablecloth over the wooden headboard. Also, notice how the painting and the greenery, is playing of off the book covers on the nightstand. Love the pretty, milk glass, shade on the table lamp!

The tiny washroom is kept in all white. Where is the shower, you ask? Well that's outside!! Welcome to summer house living :).

Group photos are hung as the only, but very effect full, decoration. Try looking for these types of photos at your local antiques store, or at flea markets, I have seen them around. This is such an inexpensive and super clever way to decorate a small, tight space, using very little money!!

This Fire Island, New York, summer house has just what you need... Lots of white paint, a fireplace for the occasional chilly evening, comfy chairs, in white slipcovers (SO easy to wash, and bleach if need be) an old sofa, also slip covered, with lots of comfy pillows! Notice how, in all the rooms, the ceiling has been painted high gloss white, so to reflect light! This is a great little trick, when you do not have a very tall ceiling, it creates the illusion of more space, and more air!

To extend the cottages small living space, the porch has been enclosed, floors painted a soft gray, and a wrap around bench installed. Having the bench build in, creates not only storage but also the illusion of more space. Notice how the cedar shingles have been carried around the space, above the windows, on the inside.... decorations are kept to a minimum, and very natural! Antlers on the woven sea grass coffee table, fresh flowers, and a small bowl of shells on the side table. The three turtle sheilds on the wall, have all come from antique stores.

.... Four days left before my late summer vacation!


All images by William Waldron, via Country Living

August 24, 2010

Happy Tuesday!


OK, so how cute is this little elephant, dutifully carrying his load of pretty flowers across the mantle piece? 

Hope your start to the week is going well!
I have started the countdown to my vacation..... 5 days to go :)


Image via House Beautiful

August 23, 2010

Sakonnet House

To me, this house is PURE New England style! Without giving too much away, it's located in little known Sakonnet, Rhode Island, a favorite spot of ours! I just L.O.V.E the whole vibe....

I thought this went so well with my Feeling Blue post (scroll down),
just had to share.....


Image NHH for Northern Light Blog

Feeling Blue

Inspired by my recent quick get-away, a few images evoking the atmosphere of New England...

..... imagine riding to the beach on this turquoise bike, the paths leading thru the dunes, the sand between your toes....

.... coming back from a long day at the beach to this "modest" cedar clad stunner.....

.... sandy feet, towels, wet bathing suites..... waiting for freshly carved watermelon slices.... yummy!

..... the place settings do not match, but it's a beach house, so who cares.....

.... ending the day with a refreshing drink (pick your favorite!), and please, use one of these cool Cape Cod Coasters from Etsy.

Now, I know it's Monday, but wasn't it fun just day dreaming for a moment?

Have a, not too blue, Monday :)


Image #1 Starfish & Sundresses, Image #2 Urban Grace, Image #3 Ella and Baba, Image #4 Apartment Therapy, Image #5 Etsy

August 21, 2010

It's the Weekend...

It's the last days of summer, enjoy them while you can!
Have a great weekend, everyone...


Image via Country Living

August 19, 2010

Ford... Brad Ford

A few days ago I received my September Canadian House & Home Magazine, and dove right in. I so look forward to view their features, and find this magazine has filled the void, left behind, after other magazines have folded... If you have not already, you should check them out!

Cathrine Mackintosh (of CH&H) has written a little interview with Interior Designer Brad Ford. I was not familiar with Brad before this article. After doing a little research, I am, as it turns out, familiar with his work. Undoubtedly some of you may have seen his work, but for the rest of us, here are a few gems!

While bathed in beautiful natural light this space reads very warm and organic!

Brad Ford has been featured in a diverse selection of shelter magazines, ranging from Traditional Home to Country Living to New York Times, and the newbie of them all Lonny Magazine.

Those of you who read this blog, would probably have guessed correctly, if I had asked you to identify which interior images I like the best....... yep, you guessed it; saving the best for last!!

This piece of artwork leaning against the wall, how FAN.TAS.TIC is that? Does anyone out there know who the artist is??

If you would like to know more about Brad Ford, I encourage you to go to his website; Brad Ford ID. You can view his entire portfolio there as well. Furthermore, Brad is the author of the Design Theraphy blog.

Last but not least, BF was interviewed on William Sonoma's Designer Marketplace feature, where he discusses the importance and relevance of social media, including blogging. Something we can all agree on, as contributors and consumers of all things design - blog - worthy!

Thank you for staying with me on this one! :)


Image #1 WS Home, All other images courtesy Brad Ford Interior Design

Did you get flowers today?

well..... you just did!

Have a beautiful day.


Image Michael Devine

August 18, 2010

Impossible task!

Sitting here, wanting to write a new post, and all of a sudden I am drawing a blank....
Has that happened to you? I have an on going list of subjects I want to write about; new ones are added, sometimes daily, other times not for days..... and then it hits me... how in the world do I top the image below? The colors are so vibrant and beautiful!! (scroll down)

Reading blogs from all over the world, gets the inspirational juices flowing, and I simply write a word or feeling down, then I return to my list from time to time and adjust as I go...... Do you keep a list?     I try for the most part to stay true to the season, but sometimes I find that difficult.

Please share how you keep track of your posts? Do you spend a lot of time on research? Or do you not take blogging that serious? Is blogging supposed to be serious or fun? Or both? Are there any rules?


Image via Table Tonic


Such a cool image. Amazing Masai tribal bead work from Kenya. I would love to see this image framed; thick, wide white mat and matte black thick gallery frame.... How about this for maxed out color?

Have a colorful day ;)


Image Ditte Isager

August 17, 2010

Too Pretty!

Too pretty not to re-blog!!
(First spotted over here and subsequently here.... )


All those punches of color in an all white space, is soooo me!! Notice the old milk bottle holder thing-y, keeping the bar essentials easy to move. Very stylish idea!!

Great contrast... the wall hanging and the coffee table provides great contrast, as well as the punches of color in the floor cushions and the orchids.

Imagine how well you will be sleeping in this beautiful space! Windows open, fresh air, crisp sheets, fresh flowers.... Sweet dreams ;)

I would not feel bad, at all, spending a few lazy afternoons here!!

A favourite Scandinavian summer pass time is outdoor eating! The minute the first sun rays come out, so does the patio furniture! ... and really, wouldn't you love to sit here with friends and family?


A little lavender helps set the late summer mood... wonderful stone work! I hope you enjoyed this beautiful Swedish home! I could move right in, no question about it!!!!!!


Images via Skona Hem (first discovered via Scandinavian Chic blog)

August 16, 2010

Not often...

... does it happen that a mailer is saved in my house!
Not often at all!!

So it's to the credit of the Cole Haan people, that their new Inspired Life mailer made it in the door, past the kitchen, up to the office and on to my desk! I think it's so "now", and if you have a moment in your busy day, check it out!

Of course I had to check out the cute grey booties, but really, all I want are these....

Question; Are you inclined to view a website based on a mailer?

click here

Happy shopping.......


Images via Cole Haan

August 14, 2010


How cool is the vibe of this image? Totally love the colors!!

The yellow in the foreground, picking up the tiny yellow squares in the patchwork jacket.... looks like a sneak peak, a quiet moment in time, a photo taken without the knowledge of the subject (which of course we know is not the case)! The Jacket is by danish designer Rikke Mai, from the label baring her name; Stories by Rikkemai.

Some story I could make up, just by looking at this image, what about you? What is the story behind the image???

Danish designer Rikke Mai. The brand is 4 years old, and in 2008 won the design prize "Guldknappen".

Enjoy your weekend!


Image #1 Stories by Rikkemai, Image #2 unknown

August 13, 2010


take a peek

It's been a while since I have done a fashion post, so what better timing than during Copenhagen Fashion Week, going on right now!
Funny how things work out sometimes... I had planned to be in attendance for a couple of days with a friend, but it was not to be....        so, I can only look from afar!

I am well aware, that what is being presented now is Spring/Summer 2011, but since we are slowly creeping closer to Fall 2010, I figured I would share a few Fall images.

Fur vests are everywhere this fall, only it will probably be too warm in South Florida to wear... I am sure some will try to get away with it anyhow, for the sake of Fashion :) !!

Strong shoulder, beautiful gray fabric!

Really like the layers, the texture and shine going on here!

And for all you fashion junkies with high tech phones; be the first to get the Copenhagen Fashion Week mobile Phone Application here.

Stay stylish, my friends!


All Images via Copenhagen Fashion Week.
Image #1 Benedikte Utzon, Image #2 Margit Brandt, Image #3 By Malene Birger

August 11, 2010

Moonbeams and diamonds

Admittedly, I have been sitting on this blog post for a while, not quite finding the right time to post it.
Since I posted on the Danish Royal Family expecting twins yesterday, I figured I would stay in those "circles"!

In June of 2009 Crown Princess Mary wore, for the first time, a tiara that most people had not seen before!  HKH Mary wore this beautiful piece of jewelry at the 70th birthday celebration for Prince Henrik (her father in-law).

The tiara is designed by danish jewelry designer Charlotte Lynggaard, and is part of a set that also include earrings and a brooch.

Charlotte Lynggaard is the daugther of famed danish jewelery designer Ole Lynggaard, and she has honed her craft in San Fransisco, Paris and in Switzerland.

The inspiration for this beautiful work of art lies in a delicate spring garden. Bulbs almost in bloom, leafs and twigs. As you can see the lover band has been covered in dark brown velvet (above) to match the dark hair color of Mary, and (below) is shown with a lighter velvet band.

The tiara is made from Silver, Oxidised Silver, 18K Pale Rose Gold, White Gold, Moonstone and Pave Diamonds.

HKH Mary first was introduced to the piece via an exhibit at Amalienborg Castle.

The Brooch; in this close-up, you can really appreciate all the work of Charlotte Lynggaard. Notice all the tiny little lines on the leaves, crating texture, as well as the realistic looking twig below, holding it all together.

If you would like a closer, behind the scenes look, at the creation of this set, please click here. It will be worth your while!!

You will be able to see the process from sketch to completed work.

HKH Mary wore the tiara, earrings and brooch again at a different galla, complimenting her chosen pale beige, chiffon gown.

What an honor for the Lynggard family, they could not have asked for a better "model"!!

One last, up close, look at the beautiful work!!

I am fascinated by how different the tiara looks on a white background, bathed in light......

The official name of the tiara is: Midnats Diademet.
(translates to Midnight Tirara)
Hope you enjoyed this little gem of a story!


Image #1 & #2 Photo Hanne Juul via Billed Bladet
Image #3 - #7 + #10 via Ole
Image #11 via Bodil
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