June 30, 2011

New on the virtual newsstand...

Why don't you sit down with a lovely Cafe au Lait, Latte or Cappuchino (or whatever comfort drink you like) and enjoy this new issue of Dabble Magazine? I am sure you will enjoy their travel section - I did - and their food section made me seriously hungry!!

My favorite feature was this article on Masterful Mixing where "nothing matches but it all goes together", which is my kind of decorating anyhow.

I pulled this image (above) as my favorite, not just because of the wonderful blues, but the layering of colors, textures and objects, makes for an interesting tableau. I like the leaning framed poster, against the mirror, makes everything a little less formal!

GREAT use of a small balcony, what more do you need?? A comfy chair, a plush pillow, somewhere to put up you feet. I like the stripe fabric; Not to cabana-ish, more in the direction of men's inspired fabric.

The framed artwork made me take a second look, perhaps they are Kerrie's? If you would like something similar for your walls, check out Driftwood Interior's Etsy shop.

I find all the blue and all the texture in this article just yummy, keeping the eye moving from item to item. One might argue not to use all these different shades, but for me it works, and it's exactly what makes it interesting; Masterful Mixing indeed.


All images via Dabble

June 29, 2011

Snow in a box...

... or a box of Snow? That's the question!

Just absolutely had to share with all of you! This is Snow (you may have seen him here), and he is a rescue cat!
I know, can you believe that??

Well... he is the most laid back, cuddly cat you can imagine, LOVES to cuddle, shreds like there is no tomorrow, and he loves a good box... He's in, he's out, he's sniffing it, he's curled up in it, he just can't help it... how about that face in the bottom image? Wanna play?


All images NHH for Northern Light Blog. If you borrow, please link back!!

June 28, 2011


I just found the website of Aran Goyoaga, a food stylist and photographer, and I can not get enough!! I am told it is difficult to photograph food, but by the looks of these images I'd say they had me at the first bite :)

WOW, such fantastic color and they make me want to start baking and serving up some of these delicious treats!!!

If you would like to see more, check out the website here, and the blog here! There are recipes to be discovered and many, many wonderful images of the most mouthwatering dishes you have ever seen!!


All images Canelle et Vanille

June 27, 2011

Happy Monday!

I am happy to say I have the morning off today.... and I wish I could spend the afternoon lounging in a perfect shaded area like this!!

BUT, I will be finishing selecting accessories for a clients home this afternoon, so technically it's not an entirely "free" day :)

Hope you have a wonderful start to your week!

Happy Monday everyone,

Image Kathryn M. Ireland & House Beautiful

June 25, 2011

It's the Weekend!

Spent some time with wonderful friends last night!
Dinner at an amazing restaurant in town, drinks that kept coming...

What do you have planned for this weekend?


Image via House Doctor

June 23, 2011

Out of the Blue...

... nothing much to say today, but WOW!
This image is by photographer Ashlee Raubach, and I just had to share...


June 22, 2011

I spy...

... Daybeds!!
Done up as wonderful and inviting spaces to spend an afternoon reading, sleeping or just hanging out chatting with a friend! Isn't this a beautiful version? So girly and pretty with the floral fabric, the hot pink and the ticking.. I think the black lamp shades really ground the space; had they been white, it would have had much lighter look, Scandinavian almost, this makes the look more French... to me anyway :)

...and this daybed with all it's pillows and fantastic Funny Girl poster, makes for a great hangout space for a young girl! How about that rug...

In a guestroom the daybed is the perfect solution... Here a touch of pink, in a sea of white, and lots of international touches.... Imagine that Moroccan light fixture light at night, the wonderful pattern on the walls!!

When space is at a premium a daybed can be just what you are looking for, as it can double as a sofa :)

... and a dark version, very dramatic and super chic!!

Happy daydreaming :)


Image #1 Nora Sheehan, Image #2 Nathan Turner, Image #3 M. Luetkemeyer Design, Image #4 ?, Image #5 Photographer Robin Stubbert

June 20, 2011

Summers In France

Wouldn't you like to spend the summer in France? Well, I would, but that's not in the cards this year.... I ordered this book, it arrived just in time for the weekend, how lucky!! It was such fun to read, I didn't put it down, finishing it in one day; Day dreaming and laughing my way through it! Some of that British, dry sarcastic humor show through, making for delightful reading :)!!!!

Author, Interior and Textile Designer Kathryn M. Ireland invites you come visit her retreat, La Castellane, in South West France, off the beaten path. The Million Dollar Decorator shares her passion for the french countryside, and takes us along for the ride.

Not only is the book filled with wonderful images of her summers there, spent with family and children + what seem like a steady stream of friends and their children... Apparently there have been so many visitors, Kathryn has written down a few house rules, compiled a wonderful list of House guest Do's and Don'ts, even tips on what to bring if you are lucky enough to be invited!

I absolutely feel that I can abide by these rules, and yes, I'll bring wine!! (hint, hint)

While none of these two (above and below) images are from that book, I felt a need to include them, as they so perfectly reflect the easy and comfortable style of Kathryn M. Ireland.

In the homes she decorate, it's all about texture, warmth and lived in spaces, no museum-like homes...

... ahhhh, the Blue Room at La Castellane. A wonderful mix of toile and gingham, of beds made from bamboo cane and fresh lavender on the bedside table... Mosquito netting ads a little extra summerhouse feel, especially when sleeping with the doors and windows wide open during the summer!

Now, there's a fun DIY project for the summerhouse; What a great way to spruce up a standard net!!!!

The Owl Room... An old hayloft, quite a large space, functioning as both an office, a guestroom and "get-away-room" ... Lovely! Red is typically not my color, but I really love the cozyness of this space! Great conversation area.

Fabrics, fabrics, fabrics...  This book is chock full of wonderful fabrics; all colors and patterns! It's no wonder KMI is requesting "No fabric items..." from her house guests. Who would bring fabric (unless it's vintage) to a textile designers house as a gift, anyhow? I'm just asking...?

I thoroughly enjoyed this book; finding it beautifully photographed, written with wit and very interesting as a tale of a restoration of an old vineyard! (Remind me a little of this book) I am sure Kathryn's friends and family + neighbors are happy she took on this project!! Such a wonderful place to gather for the summer and collect memories!

I was inspired to look up Kathryn's website to view more of her wonderful fabric collection, you can too, here. I also signed up for her newsletter, didn't get one yet, but did received a welcoming email with a discount code (!) for my first purchase!!
How wonderful is that! :)

I hope you enjoy the book!
Happy summer reading,


All images via Google search for Kathryn M. Ireland Interiors

Happy Monday!

What inspires me today, is a fantastic book I have just finished... in one sitting!!

This image has one small hint* as to what the book was about, perhaps you care to guess?
I will be writing a small review in the next day or so, I can't wait to share with you.
Stay tuned! :)



Image via Google Search

June 18, 2011

Incredible Beauty!!

A little while ago I received the (then) new West Elm catalog, and I must say it was just so incredibly beautiful and made me wish I had places for all these things.... Pillows, glasses, plates.... I wanted them all!


... and then it happened, I spotted this FANTASTIC little "short film" by the Danish Photographer Ditte Isager.... WOW! 

I truly hope you will take a peek, it will start your weekend of sooooo beautifully!!!



Video by Ditte Isager via YouTube

June 17, 2011

(Summer) House Love

OK, so in my book, this is EXACTLY what a summer house should look like!!!!
Large comfy furniture, white painted everything, a view that you can just sit and watch all day long... Imagine the long, light filled Scandinavian evenings, candlelight, family and friends.

Happy Summer!


Image via Skona Hem

June 16, 2011


... little hands in the Cookie Jar!

I just found Graham & Green, via Tracy, and I just love the color of this Portobello Cabinet!
... and really, you can't go wrong with the white Tolix chair either!!

Cute, no?

The cabinet also comes in a pink and girly version, and looks great on the wall! I see a million ways to style this cabinet, depending on it's placement; kitchen, bath, living room perhaps even on a covered porch.

Which is your favorite version?? I am definitely liking the Sea Green!
... By the way; either cabinet would make a beautiful addition to the house in the post below, don't you think? Not that it's not great the way it is.... I'm just saying... :)


Images via Graham & Green

June 15, 2011

The Doctor is in...

... make that The House Doctor!

Welcome to the home of Rikke Juhl Jensen, designer for the Danish brand House Doctor. Rikke founded the company with her sister and brother. They have taken their ideas, developed an accessory line for the Scandinavian household, and have started to expand... This beautiful, light filled home is a wonderful space to showcase proto types for design, as well as travel finds and artwork.

Now, I know all you design lovers out there are swooning over the high gloss black door, am I right??

The two tall cabinets were designed by Rikke, a take on the iconic American Metal locker, only these are made from wood, and painted the palest sage green. The bench and the runner are both from House Doctor.

White done right! I have previously done a few post with that title, and this home would also fall in that category for me!! It's so much fun to play with color in rooms that are as bright as these, don't you think?

A closeup of the small dividing shelves, seen above. The lamp base is so unobtrusive with its clear glass, that ones eye falls on the box and pretty little vase and flowers. Also.... the black lampshade help draw your eye to the painting on the wall. Rikke designed the brown box, originally a small cabinet for the wall, now filled with wonderful treasures from afar.

I LOVE this fun and colorful horse! It was a travel find from India brought back home in a suitcase.... notice the color coordinated books in the cabinet, something I would do!
Wait... I did do that :)!!! And how about that beautiful distressed trunk? Love the color and the patina.

Oh yes, I could live here!!

On the other side of the living room, an old console table has been pained a pale gray, propped up with a mirror, plants, basket, books and candles! Do you see what I see??? A clear Bourgie Kartell lamp.... What a great mix!!! Imagine this lamp lit up in the evening....

Oh, and notice the transom... no wonder the natural light is so fantastic!!

The End! :)

Well, almost, because there is more if you want? Check out this link for the House Doctor website. Check out this link for the House Doctor Blog, yep, that's right, they have started a blog not long ago.... And if you would like a peak at the kitchen in this home, here you go.

Hope you enjoyed this house tour, I loved showing you around!


All images photographed by Frederikke Heiberg for Bolig Magasinet

June 11, 2011

It's the weekend...

... and I do not have any specific plans!

It's been a long while since that has happened, so I will be happy to relax and enjoy my house, perhaps redecorate a little... I few new magazines have shown up on my mailbox this week, so a little snuggling up with a few glossies will happen for sure!! :)

Monday I will be heading to IKEA, I have a small framing project to finish; there is NO WAY I will be battling the crowds during the weekend! Not in a million years :).

What do you have planned? Anything exciting??


Image via Lonny

June 10, 2011

I spy...

Lately my eyes have been drawn to these huge, over sized sea grass baskets. They seem to be popping up everywhere, storing everything from magazines and books to blankets. They provide a wonderful element of texture in an otherwise formal room, as above.

Here, filled with logs, it provides stylish storage for firewood, in a master bedroom. The texture and color of the woven sea grass, keeps the eye traveling to the other few warm colors and textures (mirror, woven leather bench, frame of the painting) in the otherwise cool color pallet.

In this foyer, wonderful throws are displayed. I like the cool colors mixed with the braided sea grass.

If I have now convinced you that you need one of these baskets, this is a selection of very well priced options, that are ready to ship asap.

... and then there is this little guy. A little darker, a little more rigid in its lines, but still a wonderful way to introduce texture. This basket would do well next to an entrance, perhaps to store all that extra mail you want to throw out right away, and that you are planning to dump in the recycling bin.... :)

LOVE the green, distressed chest as well!


Image #1 via Daily Crush, Image #2 via Elle DECOR, Image #3 ?, Image #4 Pottery Barn, Image #5 via tumblr.

June 8, 2011

So, I was thinking...

... that I needed to Welcome new followers of Northern Light, and what prettier way than to send you flowers!

Also, I would like to direct your eye to the top right corner (right up there --- > ... just below the header); Now you can sign up for Northern Light posts to arrive straight to your email account, how cool is that! Of course I would love for you to visit here, but nothing beats the convenience of a hot-of-the-press post! Be the first to know!!

And there is even more good news :)

I have updated my Interview page (also located to your right). Just in case you missed it the first time around... but then again, if you sign up for emails, then you will be sure to receive the next one, and I can promise that it will be a good one!!
Might even be coupled with a give-away, ... hmmm   :) It will be ready in a weeks time or so, just polishing it up...

So, with all this good news, I would love to hear what you have to say!


Image via Sia

June 7, 2011

Toros en Sevilla

Just LOVE the color of this poster, found via Sacramento Street. And I was thinking this Spanish poster would go well with this pretty hairstyle...

Why (k)not?    :)

... that's all for today, folks! Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Image #2 Unknown

June 4, 2011

Kitchen Confindetial

I totally adore this kitchen!

The subway tiles in their soothing colors are fantastic and obviously set the tone for the rest of the design, selections of finishes etc. I can only guess that they are handmade, hence the different shades in the glaze.

This weekend I am actually working with two clients, selecting counter top materials for their kitchens. One will be Absolute Black Granite - and nothing like this - we are just selecting sink, faucets and hardware.

The other client.... I'm not sure yet, perhaps a marble, time will tell.
Sometimes it's hard to commit to a counter :)

Both kitchens are much smaller than this, no room for an island in either, but that's all right.

What kind of counter surface do you have in your kitchen?? Do you have an island? Does the island have the same material on top as your other counters?  I have a very small kitchen, no room for an island. My counters are black granite, very shiny and totally cool!! LOVE them!
... even if their are kitty paw prints on them constantly :)


Images via tumblr.
(Sorry, I failed to write down the designers name! If you know, please let me know and I will give credit where credit is due!)

June 3, 2011

Friday blues...

Today I am dreaming of vacation time... So many things are happening, that I have not scheduled a vacation for this summer yet! This image remind me of a vacation I took many years ago with two girlfriends. We went to Croatia, and I swear the water was this dark turquoise, and the beach was all rocks, it was FAN.TAS.TIC!!!

So... I guess if I am not able to get away just yet, with my Mr. Wonderful, at least I can pretend that summer is coming to me every time I open the closet!

Do you love this idea, or what? I know painting the inside of a closet is not a new idea, but this just makes me smile... so glossy and pretty!



Image #1 via Bo Bedre, Image #2 ?
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