June 24, 2013

Sunday Reading...(on a Monday)

SO... there is a new & fantastic e-book out there, just waiting for you to discover...
I have been drooling over the images for a few weeks, read the book, been back to revisit the images and inspiration a few more times, and I'm almost ready to share with all of you!

ALSO, I will be holding a little contest here on the Northern Light Blog, 
you could WIN THIS BOOK!!  ... actually THREE of you can win this book, so help me spread the word! Leave me a comment that you are on it, and come back to check out the full review in a day or so... 

Let the excitement begin!

Image courtesy Iben & Niels Ahlberg

June 16, 2013

Seeing Red...

Admittedly I am not a "red person", don't really use this color in any of my work, I think it's a love / hate relationship... Then I came across this image, and with all that white and beautiful natural light, I actually really like how this looks! Surprise!! 
(The red lamp has to go though, but that's a minor detail :)  )

Window seats are such a great way to carve out a little space, where there really is no room for furniture, and again, lot's of white to balance the brightness of the red... I like!

... This is the best kind of red in my book! Yummy!!
Happy Fathers Day to all who celebrate today.

Hope your Sunday is amazing! 

All images via tumblr

June 14, 2013

Designer at home.

First of all... let's just establish the fact that I am incredibly nosy when it comes to the way designers live at home, I just have to see! However, I am not so sure I would be equally as excited if someone was to look into my own digs.... :) That would just be intimidating!!

Well, I came across these images of tableware designer Peri Wolfman and her husband, still life photographer, Charles Gold's home in Southampton. Peri has just finished designing the brand new tableware collection for RH. Classic design, beautifully finished, cool colors (besides the all white she is known for). Sneak a peek here.

Nothing like open shelves to force you to be organized, it just does not work if you are not into the art of beautiful displays, even when it comes to every day objects!!

Besides the interesting light fixture above the island, I am all for maximizing storage, and by doubling up the cabinets below, there is a place for everything, and everything in it's place...

When your home looks like this, downsizing does not feel so bad, right?? Both the camel back sofa and the wingback chairs can be found at RH.

Flea market finds mingle well! When color and texture is considered, this vintage miniature church becomes a sculpture. 

... you just know you are in a home of a very meticulous person, when even the matches are artfully displayed :)

In the all white guest bath, the straight lines are broken by the round iron mirror. The pale braided rope makes for a casual vibe and lends great texture. PS. I love this Kohler pedestal sink, it happens to be in my guest bath as well, can't go wrong with the clean lines!!

A slightly different look in the master bedroom... cool grey, reflective finishes, silk taffeta drapes, along with a cozy corner.

Keeping everyday objects on display, makes for easy access, and function becomes more than just that... here twine, rope and yarn fills a beautiful clean lined bowl.

Hope you enjoyed this peak into Tableware designer Peri Wolfman's new home.
She very much lives with the clean lines she designs, the natural tones she applies to the Dinnerware and has a wonderful eye for texture, selecting beautiful materials for the RH flatware collection!


All images via the New York Times, Great Homes and Destination Section.
First spotted here.

June 10, 2013

Wedding fit for a Princess!

This past weekend was a very special wedding weekend for the Swedish Royal family, as Princess Madeleine wed Chris O'Neill in Stockholm. The wedding dress was deigend by non other than Valentino, who by the way also attended the wedding. The tiara of choice was the Modern Fringe Tiara, complete with a row of orange blossoms at the hair line.

Crown Princess Victoria did not disappoint; Arriving in a fantastic gown (some sources say the gown was by Elie Saab, others that it was designed by Fadi El Khoury Couture), complete with her adorable little daughter, princess Estelle, on her arm... wearing her hair in a chic chignon, showing off the stunning Boucheron tiara and corsage, originally belonging to the late Princess Lilian, the aunt of King Carl Gustav. 

I know it might not be in everyones interest, but the heritage of these magnificent royal jewels is so interesting to me, and I have been lucky to view the British Crown Jewels as well as the Danish Crown Jewels in person. There are may books on the subject out there, I was given a beautiful and interesting book on the Danish Jewels, my next book would have to be The Queen's Diamonds. I had my hand on the book while at the MET last summer... Stunning!

While there were many royals attending this wedding, I just had to share an image of the Crown Prince and Princess of Denmark. Crown Princess Mary wore a beautiful coral red gown with chiffon overlay. Her tiara of choice was Midnats Diademet, which I did a post about here, complete with images of how it was made, from start to finish...

... and they lived Happily Ever After! :)

Images via Google search

June 5, 2013

Wedding News!

Today the very first rue wedding issue hit the virtual newsstand, and while I am not in the market for anything "wedding" at the moment, I still thought it was worth checking out! 
I am happy to report that the issue is not full of wedding gowns, but rather with very tastefully selected accessories for all your registry needs and wants. Party planner advise along with an invitation to view editor-in-chief, Crystal Gentilello, own bridal shower. Super issue!

If you are still looking for more Wedding inspiration, check out Lovely Wedding Magazine, published by Loni Parker of adore Home fame, with quite a few dedicated wedding issues under her belt, there is a lot to read and look at...

Enjoy the festivities!

Image #1 via rue on Instagram, Image #2 via rue magazine, Image #3 & #4 via Lovely Wedding Magazine Blog.

June 1, 2013

New on the Virtual Newsstand...


Here it is, the new Adore Home magazine, filled with lots of happy color...

This super pretty home in Sydney caught my eye, GREAT style in a small space! 
I guess size does not matter after all...? ;)

... this pretty vignette is also worth posting here on the blog, and as I have done before, I tracked down the vintage framed poster, get yours here
Great issue; lots of inspiration, good shopping tips and many, many ideas!

Have a fun weekend!

All images via Adore
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