April 29, 2011

The making of a Princess

There is something so glamorous about a bride, with a veil over her face, never mind the beautiful 1936 Cartier tiara on her head.... This tiara belong to Queen Elizabeth, and looks absolutely stunning on Kate! The diamond drop earrings were a gift from her family on her wedding day.

UPDATE: I have come to find out that the diamond drop in the earring, is actually shaped as an Acorn. The new Middleton symbol from their crest.

On the way to becoming the Duchess of Cambridge.

The first full view of The Dress, designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. Beautiful Chantilly lace, trademark small waist and and eight foot train. Very sleek, modern and NOT over the top, I like it very much!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.




Getty images

April 28, 2011

Daily dose of flowers

I think it's impossible not to be inspired by the Royal Wedding....

Not only am I excited to see The Dress...
But also the florals, the guests, the fashion and the jewels.

Will you be watching?? I will get up an hour earlier to watch, but have to work, so I'll have to catch up over the weekend, and I am sure that wont be a problem! :)


Images via Quatre Coeur

April 27, 2011

Birds eye view

As a reader of Northern Light, you already know I love a well designed room! Lots of white, a little black, a pop of color and I am happy. This room fits all the criteria... Do you like??

What do you think of the wallpaper in the office upstairs? A little much or just right??


Image via Skona Hem

April 26, 2011

Come fly away with me

While catching up on a little blog reading this morning, I came across a pretty little post on the Bright, Bold and Beautiful blog...

I just thought I would share her pretty Etsy find, as butterflies have been part of the Northern Light Blog as well... :)

... how about this for a rainy day project? Requires a lot of patience, I am sure, but how interesting, don't you think? If you would like to buy one already made up, you can get yours here.

Have a wonderful, spring-y day :)


Images via Etsy

April 25, 2011

New on the virtual newsstand...

Meet the new girl in town! How exciting is this... another new magazine, full of great reading material and fantastic images!!!

I am so proud to say Shari Miller of Little Blue Deer is the Art Director! I had the pleasure of working with Shari when I reached out to her to help with the Northern Light Blog header.
I could not have been happier working with her, and I am super excited to see what else she and the House of Fifty have up their sleeve.

If the first issue is any indication, let me tell you, we are all in for a treat!

Check it out here!

Happy Monday reading!!


Cover and artwork via Hose of Fifty.

April 23, 2011

Setting the table

Love the colors, love the rustic table, love the two colors chosen for the tapers, love the natural easy looking florals, love the chairs (my parents have a couple of these Mogens Koch chairs...), love the simple light fixture...

All done up by non other that Gwyneth Paltrow and first spotted here. Oh, and by the way, she has just released a new cook book; My Fathers Daughter. I did see it at the book store the other day, but didn't have time to read it. Any of you had a chance to work with it??


Image via Remodelista

It's the Weekend...

Well, it's Easter weekend to be exact, and for all of you celebrating, I wish you a wonderful time!!

I do not have the house decked out in Easter bunnies, but you could check out this post for a cute take on some colorful ones, or this one for a fantastic image....
If you are cooking, why not try one of recipes courtesy Eddie Ross and his team, I think I'll try the scalloped potatoes, it's been a really long time since I did up a batch of those!!

OK, so that was a lot of links away from Northern Light, I hope you are still with me?!
Please share a little about how you and your family will celebrate, if at all!

Have a wonderful weekend!!


Image via ElleDECOR

April 22, 2011

Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Polly! 

Fandt lige denne utrolig flotte buket, laek maerke til de tre forskelling farver af syren, SMUKT! Haaber du bliver fejret paa god maner, stort knus fra os!!

Tillykke med foedselsdagen! (Happy Birthday wish to my mom)

(& Mr. Wonderful)

Image via MSL

April 21, 2011

Happy Easter!

Sharing a cup of tea with all of you, hoping for a peaceful day!

Wrapping this little bowl in fuzzy yarn to create a little nest, is such a cute idea! While looking at this image, I was trying to figure out how the yarn would stay put....
I came up with two answers: Either you use a few double sided tape pieces, so there is something "to stick to", OR you spray the outside of the bowl with adhesive. Might be a little, well, sticky!!
What is your take?


...OK, so they are beautiful, but who really have the time for this?? ... I'm just asking?

SOOOO pretty!! The colors are just perfect.... I can see a whole house decorated in these colors already. Just look to nature for color inspiration, it's all there!

I know, I know, I should have an image of the bright red eggs of Greece, but was unable to come up with a pretty image... Sorry.  + red didn't really go with this post anyhow!

Happy Easter, hope you have a few days off to celebrate!


Image #1- 3 via Martha Stewart (who else?), Image #4 via tumblr, Image #5 via Hviit Blog

April 20, 2011

True Blue

Leave it to Hermes to find the RIGHT BLUE COLOR!


Image Hermes

April 19, 2011

New Blog Love

Originally spotted at Inspired Design, and subsequently here.....

Meet Anh from San Fransisco. Anh is in the medical field by day and a blogger by night... (Well, I actually don't know when she blogs, but that's not really the point :) )

I have just been introduced to Anh via Debby's blog - see link above - and was smitten right away! Check out the 9to5Chic blog for a very, well, CHIC fashion inspired world!! As I am no longer in the fashion industry, I find I am not totally "with it" (I really wasn't back then either, but at least I knew what was "going on"), and now I have found someone very cool to be inspired by!!!!

In my current job, I am in the creative field, so I can be much more casually dressed, but still need to look cool.... before I was in skirts and heels and bows and belts and... you get the point!

Anh, making a gingham dress look super cool! In fact, so cool that Harper's Bazaar featured her in their Fabulous at Every Age feature.

And in the end, if you can rock a Vintage Leopard Coat like this, I say go for it!!!!!!

I became an instant follower of 9to5Chic, totally looking forward to reading more and to see what cool fashion combo are up next. All you fashionistas out there, you need to check out the blog...

I am sure you would want to be Anh's new best friend, once you look through her closet.... :) Enjoy!


All images via 9to5Chic

April 18, 2011

Napkin folding 101

The Easter bunny has a place at the table this year, I think...

If you celebrate the Easter holiday, here is a cute little DIY napkin-folding-tip, that I just think it's the cutest! Below you can find the instructions, have fun setting the table!!

I am also including this cute idea for color, but truthfully, I think this might be too time consuming... Who really has the time to make sure that egg stays put, and that the cute gingham ribbon bow is tied perfectly? You know I would be there tying the bows over and over and over..... NOPE, not this time! :)

Have a fun time folding the napkins for your Holiday table!


Images via MSL

April 17, 2011

3 colorful years!

Soooo, over the weekend a very special someone, had a very special birthday, and his mother - my old roomie / good friend - put on an outdoor birthday bash....

Does this look fantastic and fun... or what? Can you imagine how big all the kids smiles were when they eyed this table!!

... and you know what?  I LOVE this little tag!!!!


All images AGE and family

April 16, 2011

It's True!

I just had to chime in with my two cents.... :)

I fully agree that Jennifer Lopez is the most beautiful woman!! She looks flawless and pretty, keeps me hooked to AI, just to see what she is wearing, her hair, her make-up... (that and some really talented singers!)

- ok, so I know this is from her Bennifer (ups) days, but still pretty....

J. Lo and twins from the Gucci ad campaign... Looking glam on the beach!

One last image from The Ivy; Casual, relaxed and flawless!

Congrats to Jennifer for being named The Most Beautiful Women in the world!! Anya from Anya Adores Blog also did a little J. Lo post a few days back, check it out :)


All images via Google search

April 15, 2011

The View

Since I will be at work for an extra day this week, I can only day dream of this beautiful view...

Have a fun weekend y'all, I'll be seeing you next week :)

Image via ALT for Damerne

April 14, 2011

Happy Thursday!

Continuing where I left off yesterday (color wise), just sharing a wonderful porch!
However, if this cheery yellow is not your thing, it would be so easy to change the feel of the space by just changing out a few accessories! ... but I like it just the way is it :)


Image via Coastal Living

April 13, 2011

They call me...

... mellow yellow!    Say hello to my new friend!

We are in desperate need of a new sofa (even though Mr. Wonderful is of a different opinion) and I have my eye on this pretty loud and happy version, I just don't know "if I can do it", it's so far from what I have done before, BUT it is a happy couch, don't you think?

PS. I know there is always the possibility of a white slipcover... but after seeing this, it's almost a shame to cover it up!

Image by NHH for Northern Light Blog, Fabric name is Kiawah Pineapple

April 11, 2011

Chic Ceramist!

Waylande Gregory...
If you have not heard his name before, you are about to be introduced! Originally from Kansas, he was born in 1905 and past away in 1971... His works have been brought back by his great nephew, Bryan Downey, and are once again available to the public.
Waylande Gregory ceramics are as fresh as ever!!

The vibrant colors, the exotic animals, the use of gold and silver, not to mention the texture of the glaze... WG had a fascination with the vibrant colors and animals of India, and while he never visited India in person, he was able to capture all these exotic animals in his drawings.

There are boxes, trays, plates, vases and bowls...

This particular vase was just used by Cathy Echols, in the resent High Gloss magazine; "Tongue in Chic" page 64/65 and it looks fantastic filled with pink flowers!!

Imagine this beauty on your vanity, a pop of color and the wonderful matte texture combined with the little bit of gold!

Love the graphic black and white box, along with the tiny nest and turquoise eggs...

... Just had to include this plate! For me, this is over the top, I'm not sure I would know what to do with this plate, but it leads me to the last image below...

Take a peak at what is currently on my night stand! My very own Waylande Gregory!

As I wrote a few posts back, I had spotted his works at a local Interior Design Store, and simply had to have a small piece myself! The colors are exquisite and bright, the motifs are a little retro, the green glaze is matte (as I am not a ceramist, I apologize in advance if my terminology is incorrect) and the overall feel is super chic!

Take a tour of the Waylande Gregory website for the complete line, as well as a very interesting background story. He married a countess... in Paris!

Do you share my excitement? Or is this not your style..?


Image #1 - #7 via the Wayland Gregory Studio, Image # 5 via Vogue, Image #8 NHH for Northern Light Blog
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