November 30, 2010

Exciting Book Release

Remember this post? Well, it led to this short book review....

.... and soon I will post a review on the newly finished book by Iben & Niels Ahlberg, "Visit Visit; Kunst & Karisma".
("Art and Charisma")

I have done a little research on this book, prior to it's release on December 1st. We will be entering the world of 8 homes filled with art! Not only an interior decorating book, but "Interior Design as Art".

When one of the featured homeowners, Chresten Rud, said "Eclectic Living.... living with elements from different cultures, different styles and different time periods... making it all work together cohesively" , it makes me want to see his digs, as I am sure they are outrageous....or maybe not ;)

This image is from Chresten's store Couch, located North of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Such fantastic use of color!! The painting is by the top contemporary Thai artist Attasit Pokpong.

Attasit Pokpong lives in Bangkok with his wife, he exhibits all over the world, and is booked two years in advance!! He is all about the facial expression.... His paintings are easily recognisable, often it's just the lips that have "real" color, as in the two images above.

A peek inside the artists studio.

"Boy in a Yellow Shirt" and "Young Girl" hanging side by side.

If you would like to know more about Attasit Pokpong or see more artwork, Tusk Gallery has a large selection.

Check back to read the book review, I am told there is an English version (text inset), for those of you who do not read Danish :) !


Image #1 & #2 via Visit Visit, Image #3 - #5 via Tusk Gallery

November 29, 2010

Sitting Pretty

Love the color, love the fabric, love the hydrangea, love the rug, love the white.....

I have a few exciting posts up my sleeve this week; something about a new book, something about a fantastic photographer, something about an artist, something about a jewelry designer! All very artsy and fabulous!!

I will end the week with my first giveaway, so check back to read more and to see how to enter! (we are all so busy with gifts for everyone else, so this will be for you!!)

Let's have a fun start to the holiday season!!!


Image via Lonny

November 26, 2010

I tried...

... I really did!!!


I painted my toe nails dark, I pulled out the dark clothes, but it's still 70+ degrees in Florida.... SO, I went back to the hot pink pedicure, and I'm so happy I did :)

Found these three girls over at the Lilly Blog, they looked so happy and ready for a holiday party, I just could not leave them out!

That's all for today, I'll be working while everyone else is shopping!!!


Image #1IvP, Image #2 Lilly Blog

November 24, 2010

Party Time!!

Come on...send out that party invitation!
Pick a color "that's you" and stick with it!
Use this color in every thing you do....

Look around you, since you picked Your Color I bet you have accessories in your home already in that color?! Gather your "stuff" and start arranging...
Look, even a book cover can become part of the decoration. (I find that often the spine of the book is a different color than the rest of the cover, so take a second look around, you might be surprised to find more in Your Color).

Greet your guests with the cocktail of the evening, which of cause you have planned to work with Your Color, right?? Right!

Look how little it takes; a few ornaments in Your Color, a throw on the back of the chair.... Make food and drink stations around your home, that way not everyone ends up in the kitchen :)!
Don't sweat the small stuff, you already have what you need in your house, you just need to look at it with a fresh eye!!

Have a fun time at The Party!


PS. For all American readers of NORTHERN LIGHT; I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Thank you for taking the time to visit Northern Light, I truly appreciate your time and comments :)

Images via Style At Home

November 23, 2010

I never thought...

... I would actually say this.....

This is the prettiest cow I have ever seen :)!!

I don't recall how I stumbled upon this image, but it's been in my "white" file for a while. The image is taken in a child's room, and the butterfly mobile is most likely what caught my attention to start with. I wonder who drew this? But in a day where everything is mass produced, it's refreshing to see something so simple and pretty.... and delicate ;) (Really, did I just say that? Can a cow be delicate...??)

Have fun today!!


Image via Lonny 

November 22, 2010

American Beauty

Woke up this morning full of anticipation..... Being part of the Late Night Crew on Friday night, Crystal had send out a blog post that Monday morning the new rue magazine would hit the virtual newsstand, and I could hardly wait!

Beautiful images and lovely stories (have not read the whole issue just yet), I am looking forward to spending a little quality time with rue, perhaps this evening.

Of course I flipped through the entire issue, and the article about Windsor Smith "American Beauty" will be the one I will be reading first, as I totally adore her interiors!!!!!

I just grabbed this image from rues new Gallery because of the lamp base and the Hermes belt.... I know, it's very shallow, but for those of you who have kept up with Northern Light will know I have a slight infatuation with the Hermes logo! It must be because of my two last names as both start with the letter H.....  Hope you have a quiet moment to curl up, rue does not disappoint, check it out here!

Have a great week every one,

Images courtesy of rue

November 21, 2010


Inspired by the images in this book, I went searching for more confetti images and found these.... While I'm not a gold person, I just love the festive vibe of these two pieces!!

Would be fun to use for a cocktail party, perhaps serve hot glogg (spiced warm port or red wine) in the mug!

Polka dots and confetti... who can resist?


images via Kate Spade

November 19, 2010


Oh my.... It's been a hectic week, looking forward to spending a Saturday morning relaxing with a hot cup of tea!!

Wouldn't this be the perfect spot to start your day??
Any plans for your weekend? I'll be prepping for Thanksgiving (bringing a dish to a friends house) and for a small dinner for some friends on Sunday :).... can't wait to set the table!


Image from rue (I think, I forgot to note, it's been so crazy... sorry)

November 18, 2010

No purchase necessary...

... haven't we all heard that line a thousand times??

Well, it's true!! You do not need to spend money to have the luxury of cut flowers, just keep your eyes open (and keep a garden scissor with you at all times, we all do that, right? ;)  ), and these beauties could end up on your nightstand....

How fresh and pretty are these Hibiscus?
Love how the duster in the pink Hibiscus, picks up the orange in the other... We only need to look to nature for the perfect color combo!

I am not entirely sure what kind of flower this is (Please do let me know the name if you know), but Anna Sprio stopped at the road side in Australia and did a little cutting herself.....


Image #1 via Beach Vintage, Image #2 via ABT

November 17, 2010

Starting THE LIST...

I know, I know, it's almost too early to start The List, don't you think?
I just could not help myself when I heard that this book just hit the stores.....

The cover is so cute, and made me think of a mood board right away.... and don't we all LOVE to look at other peoples inspirations?

 I admit to loving this shot, originally used for a Kate Spade ad....

OK, so where's the party? Did I miss anything?? LOVE pink peonies and confetti!

... and as we all know; Every girl MUST have a little sparkle!!

I can just imagine having one of those days, and just looking through this book will transport you away to a happy place! I am sure of it!! Putting it on my list :)

Did you start your list?


Images via Pink Lemonade Design

November 16, 2010

Sitting Pretty

Sooo busy the last couple of days, so this is just a pretty picture ;)
Hope you have a wonderful day!


Image... don't recall, sorry.

November 15, 2010

Happy Monday!

Hi All, Thank You for all the well wishes and congrats on my wedding anniversary, very much appreciated!!
Isn't this a great way to display an old, beautiful platter? Who needs turkey?? :)


Image via Matthew Meade

November 11, 2010

Happy, Happy...

Happy Anniversary to my Mr. Wonderful and I!

We were married on St. John in the US VI five years ago, on Trunk Bay Beach, just beautiful!!!!! Believe me, that is the color of the water, it's just incredible!

Had to have a little red for the Asian tradition (who doesn't need all the luck they can get?); the roses are called Black Magic.

I'm taking the weekend off, hanging with Mr. Wonderful ;)
Bye, Bye......


Color splash

Since I went very neutral yesterday, how a bout a little splash of Suzani color today?

 LOVE the idea of framing the beautiful fabrics.....

And if you would like a little color in the bathroom, here is a new towel version. Thinking about purchasing one of these for your home? Check out the Table Tonic store, lots of goodies to choose from!

Have a bright and colorful day,


Images via Table Tonic

November 10, 2010

Staying Neutral

A little while back a posted an image of a neutral Suzani bead spread, and I am now following that up with a few really cool images of a small bedroom, Enjoy!

Isn't this pretty?? Love all the white on white, and then the texture from the basket is picked up in the pillows, as well as in the beautiful Suzani.

Now, admittedly, the purple / lavender throw is not a color I would have even thought to use here, but it really does work, don't you think? Perhaps the Suzani has a hint of that color woven in, it's hard to tell.....

Notice the wood sculptures... perhaps a nod to Vincent Wolf?


Pretty perfect in my eyes!

Have a beautiful day!


Images via Shelter

Is this perfect?

.... so, I was thinking, this is the perfect solution for so many people!!

An ottoman you can throw your legs up on, a soft spot for your feet to rest.... If kids are involved, there are no hard corners, and it's the perfect height!

Further more, the space for the tray, within the tufted ottoman, is so close to perfection... Why didn't anyone thing of this before?? Now your tea wont hit the floor, and your flowers and books will have a spot to sit on!

Do you agree? Great or not-so-great? That's the question of the day!


Image origin unknown

November 8, 2010

Feeling the blues...

What first attracted me to this hallway, was the cool wallpaper!!      
But looking a little closer, I see a familiar face :).... the dog!!          
We had a Bearded Collie, named Duke, growing up!

Miss him a lot!


Image origin unknown, sorry.

Fine Design

Hi All, Happy Monday!

Starting the week with the light filled room, designed by Katie Fine Design. What appeals to me, besides the light streaming in from the windows, are the pops of fresh color; be it flowers, plants or simply a throw!
Also... the mix of styles and period pieces keep the eye moving around the room! Speaking of "moving", the large black & white photograph has a lot of movement, without taking away from the rest of the room. Keeping the artwork simple leaves the focus on the grouping rather than a loud painting....

Hope you have a fun and busy week ahead of you!


Image by Melanie Acevedo

November 7, 2010

Meet the New Girls In Town

Have you heard? 

Yet another on-line magazine has come to town!

I encourage you to meet Ivy & Piper, and explore their new venture. Many contributors to the blog world have been featured in this magazine. You can meet Louise, Belinda, Vanessa, Tina and Kimberlee and to be able to see how the stars of the blog world live, well, lets just say I always find it fascinating to have "a look behind the scenes"...

The master of beautiful, colorful and cheerful table top displays, Anna, weigh in with an article on "The art of Arranging", supported by some gorgeous images, take a peek ;)!

Hope you had a great weekend!!


Image #1 & #2 IvP Magazine, Image #3 here

November 5, 2010

Too Pretty!

I was just introduced to this FAN.TAS.TIC home by Helena, and just had to go take a peek for myself here... Please join me in drooling over this apartment, I am blown away by it's beauty, high ceilings and period detailing!! JUST Gorgeous!!!!

Beautiful old building in Sweden...

Besides the high ceilings, the traditional fireplace, the light filled room, the beautiful doors and the stucco..... notice how the items in the book case have been arranged from light to dark ;)

SO pretty!!!!!! I want one..... Love the white on white.

Beautiful ceilings with rose medallion stucco.

Oh yeah, you could find me here, reading a wonderful interior design book!

But really.... I would probably spend a lot of time lounging here, just enjoying the view through the apartment...

Notice the moulding and the panel work... FAN.TAS.TIC!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend.


Images via Alvhem Makleri

November 4, 2010

After the party..

Now that Halloween is over and you have carved out your share of pumpkins, scared your neighbors away, you are probably left with only a few soggy pumpkins, BUT, perhaps you can find one of these gray ones (LOVE the colors of these so much more than the traditional orange ones....!)

 shown here by the Very Talented Eddie Ross.....

Why not do a pretty arrangement like this? Mum's the word ;)!              Also by Eddie Ross, when working for Martha Stewart....

Have fun, experiment a little, and use some unexpected objects as floral containers!


Image #1 Eddie Ross, Image #2 via Martha Moments
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