January 31, 2013

New on the Virtual Newsstand...

Color, Color, Color!!

For all you who love color, this is the issue! Dive in and be inspired, so much fun and a few good reads as well...

Happy, colorful, reading :)

Image via Adore Home Blog

January 30, 2013

E-nuf is e-nuf!!

I have been in a Coral mood as of late! Typically I am a Spaghetti Strap girl, but e-nuf is e-nuf, literally :) I am all over this color... I do not do well with Reds, Orange nail polish is soooo not my thing, love Hot Pinks, and now I have graduated to this Coral!

What do you think??
And fun custom cushion by the way... this project will be photographed on Friday, so consider this a teaser image. Girly post today, hope you can stand it :)


Image #1 & #2 via Essie, Image #3 NHH for Northern Light Blog

January 29, 2013

New on the Virtual Newsstand...

Yeah! A brand new House of Fifty has just hit the net... While this is their second pay-as-you-go issue, I didn't mind shelling out a  little green, to get some more color in my life :) 

There are some interesting people to meet this time; an Artist, an Interior Designer, and a Floral Designer with the MOST beautiful floral shop! Trust me, you will want to visit Quince!! The cooler for the flowers that her dad built is just so beautiful, I think they might just have a side business there :) Makes me want to have a cooler like this for my everyday fridge... Well, ok, that might be a little over the top!


Image via HOF

January 28, 2013

(Monday) Morning Java...

OK, so by the time this post hits the blog-o-sphere, it will have become afternoon, but that's only because I have been busy tackling my to-do list this morning... Yes, I actually wrote a list, so not to forget anything, and let me tell you... it's a loooonnnggggg one today, LOL!!

With all these cups of yummy deliciousness above, 
I should be able to get through the day and "The List"!


Image via ?

Best Dressed...?

For me it was Marion Cotillard in Dior!
The cut of the gown, the color, the beautiful diamond necklace and flawless make-up...

Who was your fashion-favorite??


Images via StyleFrizz

January 27, 2013

Sunday Reading

I received this book in the end of November, sent to me by my Family in Denmark. I had seen it written up - don't exactly recall where, by now - and had a discussion with my mother about the book...
The first response from her was, that it contained a little too much fashion for an Interior Design Book, but I still insisted, as I truly find Naja Munthe's world of Fashion and Interior to be an interesting mix, and her universe is - to me - beautiful and very Scandinavian, perfectly accented by the unexpected exotic element. Take a look at City Living at it's best.

Besides the typical Scandinavian all white backdrop, are some interesting textural elements. Notice the high polished chrome coffee table, the black and gold - oh so current - hanging light fixture, mixed in are pottery and wood... and books, boy does she collect books! When traveling Naja always brings books home with her, so her collection is ever evolving. I suspect she uses them for inspiration, as I do mine...

It's probably not often that you read these words in the same sentence; Deer, Art, Parquet and Designer chair... But, this is typical of what you will find in this book, amazing mix of styles, textures and travel mementos, all tied to it's owner by a strict color pallet, making everything work seamlessly, keeping the eye wandering.

While traveling, Naja (Danish Fashion Designer, behind the label Munthe plus Simonsen) also "collects" Spa experiences, and has subsequently launched an accessory line for the home appropriately called CASA de LUXE. Candles and soaps with names like Wild Fig, shower curtains and neck rolls with elaborate embroidery, all in muted colors.

While we all need to get away sometimes, having a sanctuary as stylish as this Summer Home in Tisvilde, North of Copenhagen (I vacationed here with my grandmother many years ago, sort of like what the Hampton's are to NYC), is just plain enviable!!

... same color pallet, just a little more rustic, weathered and raw.

It's all about the light, the view and outside living, but why not make the interiors amazing as well... Looks like this vacation home is also equipped for cold and windy fall days, I spy a fireplace!

Many of these images were shot by Morten Koldby, and it is with his permission that I am using them. Morten shot the majority of images from this book and I asked him about working with Naja, and if there were any insight he would like to share...

I met Naja last year when I was shooting for a danish book about entrepreneurship, featuring Naja and a few other successfull danish entrepreneurs.
I have been working with Naja quite a bit this year, doing the images for her book and other projects. Working with her is a great pleasure, because of her always good mood, great confidence and straightforwardness when explaining her ideas. It was also a fun experience doing both living & interior, office moods and backstage photography from the fashion show for the same client.

If you look closely in the two images above, you see one of Morten Koldby's Animal Portraits, this beauty to be exact, isn't she amazing?? And if you would like that Deer featured in the City Home, well, that too, was photographed by Morten!

Munthe plus Simonsen and CASA de LUXE live happily together in the two story Flagship store in Copenhagen. Here you can get your fill of both worlds... Downstairs the sound of trickling water from a gold mosaic pool emphasizes the spa feel, yet the entire home collection can be found here, along with lit candles, books and jewelry.

I love a good vignette, and this shop has many... and really, if you look closely and study what the professionals have done, you can replicate this in your own home!

(The above image was taken by me with my cell phone, hence the glare and all the price tags :)  )

Venture upstairs, and you will be tempted beyond belief... Amazing clothing; restrained colors, urban, ethnic, knitted, leather, embroidery... if you are not buying, at least "feel your way around"!

Hope you hung in there with me? I could go on & on, so in awe of the creative universe of Naja Munthe, but then there would be nothing left for you to discover in the book.... :)

Fashionable Living is written in both Danish & English, so don't hesitate to order.
I am now totally inspired to do my house over in these tones, lots of texture and a Leopard on the wall wouldn't hurt :)

Happy Sunday Reading,

Most images by Morten Koldby, with permission, thank you!

PS. I have received an email from MK this morning.... to purchase his prints go here!

January 26, 2013

Morning Java

Loving French Press... and would like one of those tall granola & yogurt servings as well :)

Have an amazing weekend!!

Image via Pinterest

January 25, 2013

Catching up!

So while I am playing catch-up; Sending out long overdue emails, looking at floor plans, reviewing recently photographed product shots for a local Design Shop, I did steal a moment - while having a bite for lunch - to look at what is going on over on Pinterest. I came across this photo, that I pinned a few weeks back... reminds me of a similar - but much bigger - version in my parents home, of the house they live in, I believe it dates back to 1918. Cool way to preserve the history of a home, especially when they are hand drawn! Now all the plans are done by CAD, as I am sure you are aware...


January 23, 2013

I'm Baaaack....

Tech issues have been fixed and I am back online, couldn't be happier!!

Ok, so a small part of me was happy to be "un-plugged" from the world for a while... Doing a little catch-up, but will be back with a fresh post soon :) 

Thank you for hanging in there with me!!


Image via Pinterest

January 21, 2013


Having tech issues...
Will be back later in the week - I HOPE :)


Image by NHH for the Northern Light Blog, if you borrow, please link back!

January 17, 2013

Aqua, Rosemary Beach

First spotted here and subsequently here, I just had to share this super cool and unusual Sushi restaurant called AQUA, located in Rosemary Beach.

The interiors are designed by the team behind Milk & Honey Home, and by the name alone, I was expecting Aqua interiors, or water hues at least.... Then reading that the restaurant is located in a beach community, I was expecting beachy.... Well, not so fast!!! As you can see from the images below, nothing is aqua and nothing screams beachy :) Totally cool and updated, right in tune with what is going on in the design world, yet not predictable at all!!

The hostess stand is this wooden, peeling paint, soft greyish blue, and with the backdrop of the tall doors in what I think is aubergine, I am intrigued...

The bar is sporting subway tiles with glass shelves, well stocked with wine... even a small bonsai. The bar is reclaimed wood, but I will let you enjoy the images...

I really like the detail of painting the ceiling and adding artwork to this little hall way, the stripe schoolhouse light is quite sweet as well :) These pieces of coastal art are all vintage, propbably snapped up at local consignment stores, an inexpensive and fun idea.

So, what do you think? I have been studying the choice of materials and the colors, and for me this totally works! Rustic, Rough Luxe, yet classic and with updated details. My favorite part... the mix of materials and the floor!

Looking forward to visiting :)

All images by Jennifer Kesler Photography 

January 13, 2013

Cool Vignettes!!

Totally drawn to these two completely different  images... But if you look closely you can actually see many of the same elements, just composed differently. I am completely digging the lamp base in the first image! The natural quartz, the color, the scale, the irregular shape, everything :)

Cool vignettes! Agree??


Images via Pinterest

January 11, 2013

Blog Fun!

I have done one of these LinkWithin posts before, quite a while back... I always notice how cool this little gadget is, be it here on the Northern Light blog or on someone else's blog, so I have composed a little fun DIY post of Themes.








So... clearly I had a little extra time on my hands today, LOL, but in all seriousness, have you ever paid attention to the LinkWithin images on fellow bloggers pages? Do you use them to navigate? I do!! Not only do I love to see the images, but they entice me - if done right - to go exploring! I have noticed from my stats that I get a lot of traffic from LW and must admit to having tested this gadget here on the blog - I know, a little nerdy and calculated - trying to see what works and does not work, to get a good and relevant LW combo below my posts. I do not have hours and hours to search for perfect images on the web, save them and label them and post them and.... you get my point, I am sure, but rather I have tried to work with the technology at hand to optimize the time you spend here on Northern Light.

What do you think? Do you have experience with LW that you would like to share..?
Would like to know if I am the only one actually interested in this little gadget :)


All images via Northern Light Blog & LinkWithin
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