October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Hope you have a fun evening!


Image via Tumblr

October 29, 2012

Call it what you want...

... Sweet tooth, choc-a-holic, craving, comfort food ... you fill in the blank _________ ,      
These images just make me drool :)

Totally decadent and yummy! Perhaps it's this seasons first cold-snap in Florida that is making me gravitate to these images? Un Fortunately there is no chocolate in my home, what about yours :) ?

Drooling yet?

Images via Pinterest, some via Sweet Paul & WKA

New on the Virtual Newsstand...

Look, the new Fine Decor just hit the net, perfect read on a Monday, it's bound to cheer you up!! This is the international version, everything is in English, yeah! The issue is chock full of DIY projects, jewelry that is out of this world, and the food.... where do I start? 

I was totally smitten by the Two Sweet Pastry Chefs, their creations made me drool for something sweet and pretty. I also enjoyed the feature on Katie Quinn Davies aka WKA. A week or so ago (ok, so I am a little late on this one) I added her blog to my blogroll, I have enjoyed patrolling her photography and look forward to trying a recipe or two. Funny thing happened last week - speaking of What Katie Ate - as I was shopping for accessories for the finishing touches on a design project, I picked up this new cookbook - purely based on the fact that it was a cook book and that the color of the cover was what I needed - and not until I was styling it up in the clients kitchen, did I really take notice.

Yummy, that's all I can say :) You should check it out!

I picked up "my" copy at Anthropology, but it can also be found here and here.
Happy Monday :)


Image #1 via Fine Decor, Image #2 via WKA

October 28, 2012

Sunday Flowers

This weeks Sunday Flowers come to you from Miami... A Big Reveal of a newly designed home happened this past week, and I just managed to snap this pretty image to share with all of you :) Official photos to be taken around Christmas time.

These pretty, ever-so-soft-pink spray roses come from the local grocery store, the dining room table is dark brown with a blue-grey wash / stain, to highlight the grain, and the vase is hand blown glass, in a pale mauve.

Happy Sunday!

Image by NHH for the Northern Light Blog

October 27, 2012

Shopping: Brandts Indoor, Denmark

Last September I visited Brandts Indoor, an Interior Design shop in Odense, Denmark. I had read about the shop in a local magazine, and even wrote a small post here on the blog about my impending visit.

I was fortunate to meet Sara, the proprietor, she took time out of her busy day to chat with me, telling me about the shop, about her buying trips and even was kind enough to unfold a few prized Kelims for me, well knowing that they would not fit in my suitcase....

Not only is the shop filled to the brink with interesting ethnic designs and the largest collection of Kelims you have seen, there are books from all corners of the world, beautiful brushes with handles of Jade, Lapis, Cornelian (I think) & horn. I am a sucker for these, and could have bought a few...

Besides the obvious, large and colorful selection of pillows and rugs, beautiful artisan jewelry can be found there. In my latest design project, I have been working with natural tones ranging from Cream to the softest Blue-Grey, warmed up with some natural wood tones, so these images are right in tune with what I have "trained my eye to see" for the past few months.

On a warmer note, color wise, I just had to share these two images, as they showcase such beautiful textiles and color combinations.... not to forget the dog, he even "matches"!

If you would like to visit Brandts Indoor, but a trip to Denmark is not in the cards, you can visit the online shop here. Last year in the early fall Elle Decoration, UK, published a spread on Saras home, you can view that here. As you can see in those images, a typical Scandinavian white painted space beautifully benefits from a little exotic flair and warmth. I am looking forward to my next visit already!!

Ending this post with a pop of color, in the form of a leather string of silver rings with colorful stones. Perhaps a good stocking stuffer.... hint, hint!

Hope you have an amazing weekend :)

Image #3 via 79Ideas, Photo by Birgitta Wolfgang Dreyer, All other images via Brandts Indoor

October 25, 2012


Sitting in the salon today, waiting to have my hair cut, I got to "read" some of those magazines I normally would not pick up. I was looking to validate the "big bang theory", and this stunning cover caught my eye! I was not familiar with Weddings Unveiled, but I am now happy to report that the magazine is also online, and they even have a stunning blog with lots of beautiful "stuff"!

Allright, so can we agree that the beadwork and cut of this gown is A.MA.ZING!!!?

... and while I am at it... congrats to all you Swedes out there on the engagement of your beautiful Princess Madeline. Looks like a Summer 2013 wedding...


Images #1 - #5 vie weddings unveiled, Image #6 via USMagazine

October 23, 2012

Wedding Weekend in Luxembourg.

Countess Stephanie de Lannoy arriving at her wedding to Prince Guillaume. Her beautiful lace wedding dress designed by Elie Saab (who also dressed guest in the wedding party).

The tiara worn by Princess Stephanie is the Lannoy family tiara.

The happy couple :)

The evening prior to the church wedding, a Wedding Gala was held and royalty from all of Europe showed off their best gowns and jewels... 

First the always beautiful and fun Princess Maxima of the Nederlands (Holland) wearing Jantaminau, a diamond & ruby tiara with matching earrings, and a three strand necklace with some of the biggest "diamonds-by-the-yard" I have ever seen... ;) 

Another stunning red gown was worn by Princess Mette-Marit of Norway. This gown is designed by Emilio Pucci. 
I don't recall her looking this beautiful before.. love her dress, her hair, her makeup.
Well done!!

And then there is Marie Chantal of Greece.... In a class of her own in my opinion! 
Always appropriate & always super stylish. Her stunning gold gown was by Elie Saab.

While there were several images "out there" of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, where the full detail of her gown could be seen, I am just a sucker for great images of women getting out of cars... Looking amazingly polished and wrinkle free, even at a hight profile event like this, so... I chose this image :) (Great detail of all the beadwork)

Hope you had a wonderful start to your week!

All images via Google Image finder

October 16, 2012

Scandinavian Living Room

This - to me - is a classic example of a white Scandinavian living room at it's best. The restraint in color, the natural elements, the black & white artwork, yet this space reads very cozy to me.... I imagine curling up on the sofa, fireplace and candles lit.

Too stark or just right?


Images via Femina

Mixed Flowers.

Just wanted to share this weeks pretty white and green bouquet with all of you. 
I picked it up last week, one of those split second decisions, impulse shopping at it's best :)

Having followed along on Northern Light surely you have noticed my love of flowers, and mostly my bouquets are of all the same blooms; be it roses, hydrangeas or even just tropical leaves... However, this little arrangement is made up of several different flowers, and I suspect the florist was using "left overs", as not all of the blooms were super fresh, and all the bouquets for sale were slightly different. But really, does that even matter?? The price was good, they make me happy, and with a little TLC, they have now lasted a good five days already.

So the question of the day; Do you like mixed flowers or do you prefer them to be all the same sort? What about a unifying color as you see here?

Do tell!

All images by NHH for the Northern Light Blog, vase from Kate Spade.

PS. Maple keeping an eye on me :)

October 14, 2012

Color Inspirations!

I am currently working on a design project, that I absolutely love & I am happy with the progress...  However, the project is a little slow coming together, but I find that it is allowing me to layer in the art and accessories, and I am enjoying that part. 

My entire color pallet can be found in these images... I am looking forward to a completed project so that I can photograph it, and possibly share with all of you!

Have a wonderful week!

October 10, 2012

New on the Virtual Newsstand...

Always makes my day when the new Lonny magazine hits the net!!
Always wanted to do a pink sofa, but don't think I can get away with that...
Always want to support The Cause in October, so I chose all pink images, just because :)

Hope you have a moment to read, it's totally worth it!!


All images via Lonny, Art by Mary Nelson Sinclair.
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