September 30, 2011

Red Fall Leaves

I am back in Florida... and I had a little time to search for this A.MA.ZING image! Just as I was leaving Scandinavia to head back, the leaves started to change their colors. We don't see that here, and that is something I miss... the true change of seasons!

Hope you have a wonderful early fall weekend, where ever you are! Any plans??
(or spring if you are in the southern hemisphere..)


Image via Pinterest

September 26, 2011

Packing my Bag...

... and traveling back to The States.
It's been a wonderful, long and very relaxing vacation, but all good things must come to an end, as "they" say.

See you in a few days :)

Image by Eckmann Studio for Brandts Indoor

September 25, 2011

Seeing Stars

As it gets colder here in Scandinavia, the scarves are taking over the fashion scene! There are so many super cool ones, many costing a small fortune, even some that were triple my mortgage!!! I am totally NOT kidding...
But in all "fairness" (?) they were made of exquisite materials, the colors were yummy and... I could go on, but what's the point?

These two, with their sparkly stars are just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, I came across the brand StyleSnob, when I picked up a small leather clutch / wallet type thing, and looked up their website. Their prices are moderate, and the items I looked at were cool!  :)

As I mentioned in a previous post, the Danish Fashion scene boasts lots of black, leather and fur.... I love this glittery Lucia Necklace with the leather tassel. It would look equally cool over a dress, as it would over a tee!

How about dressing up today?

All images via StyleSnob

Beautiful Grey

When I spotted this image I immediately fell in love!!

Not only does it so perfectly demonstrate the color of much of the fashion I have seen on this vacation, but also the knit! Cozy and fab, don't you think?
A tiny little bit over the top as well, just a tad.

I have probably touched every single sweater in all the stores I have visited, unfolded and folded a ton of sweaters. Tried on two, purchased one! Only one! I Promise....

The coolness of Grey have been mixed with black, no shocker there, but also with a touch of camel... I noticed that the girls in Copenhagen, who typically have it together, looked much like these two beautiful, chic girls! Short biker boots are everywhere, and I felt very much "at home" in mine!!

When shopping for interior accessories, I found so much in black and grey! Many items in leather, lots of ceramics, pillows with super cool photo prints (more on that later) and fur.
So much fur! Everything from fashion to pillows, to throws, you name it... Fur is everywhere.

Looking forward to sharing more of my Scandinavian inspirations in the next many posts!

Image #1 via Elina Dahl blog, Image #2 via stylish inspiration on tumblr, Image #3 by Line Thit Klein

September 24, 2011

Books I am bringing back...

... well, actually, that statement is not entirely true.
For the very first time, there have been absolutely NO Danish Design books to swoon over, not even a single one to buy, just so that I could say I found something of interest! Sadly!!

However, the Norwegian furniture brand Slettvoll, have just released an inspirational interior design book called "Velkommen Hjem" (Welcome Home). While this book is not yet in my possession (I am confident my Norwegian readers are familiar?) below - for the rest of us - are a few interior shots to drool over :).

Happy Fall Weekend!


All images via Slettvoll

September 20, 2011

Loving Dahalias

Just a pretty picture today!

While visiting with my sister, we had planned a shopping day (more on that later), when she spotted this fantastic display of fall color! The many bouquets of flowers were displayed in bright red buckets* and the entire display unit was full, making for a huge burst of color.

I just had to snap an image and share with you!

(* a common supermarket floral display)
Image by NHH for the Northern Light Blog.

September 18, 2011

Cottage Garden

THIS is were I have been vacationing, isn't it pretty?

The grounds have the most beautiful flowers, and even though it is early fall here, there are still some late bloomers, as you can see. A small album of the Blue & White flowers from the garden have been uploaded to the Northern Light Blog facebook page, I hope you have a moment to take a look!


Be sure to "Like" the Northern Light Blog FB page while you are there.... or not, that's up to you :)
Image by Natasha for the Northern Light Blog. Garden and flowers by Polly :)

September 17, 2011

It's the Weekend...

... and I am still on vacation! Yeah!!

Don't really have any plans, Just a weekend with long walks, quiet time, family time and a little computer time. I have been going through a lot of Danish magazines, I have come across a lot of interesting people, products and fall fashion. I am absorbing it all and eventually some will make it to these pages, so stay tuned :) !

What's on your schedule this weekend?

Image found while reading a blog the other day, I didn't write down the name - sorry - but I believe the image was originally from Elle Decor. Any info?

September 15, 2011

White, Grey, Black and Natural

Bringing you a beautifully home, photographed by Brigitta W. Drejer.

Capturing the special Scandinavian Light is a job in its self...

The very subtle nuances... An all White home, sprinkled with the palest Grey and beautifully aged furniture...

Bringing in Black to ground the space, Metallic to ad a little sparkle and natural texture to keep it real! Love the touch of the leather boxing gloves, even if it's just styling for the image...

Now, this is a dining room table I would want to spend time at!! Again the White space has been balanced wonderfully by the three Black lamps, the Zinc table top and the natural materials.

... A small but interesting detail from the large cabinet in the living room. Photography, as well as Scandinavian decorating, at its best!!

This post was inspired by my visit today at Basalt Indretning in Copenhagen (you might remember this post, featuring the private home of Anne Fabricius-Bjerre, owner of Basalt).


All images by Brigitta Wolfgang Drejer

September 13, 2011

Do you Zhush?

Spent a little quiet time reading all your blogs out there today, lots of great inspiration to be had!! Thank you! I noticed that The Zhush has a new look, and I encourage you to check it out! There are some really pretty inspirational images showcasing cool interior accessories.

Here are a few direct links to some of my favorites; Buddha Head on Glass Stand, Agate Trinket Box and the beautiful and sculptural Yak Horn on wood base.

Check it out ... :)

All images via The Zhush

September 11, 2011

Spending time...


The exciting thing that happened today, you ask?
Well, for the first time in a week we were able to have one of our meals outside!!!
This is a huge deal, since the weather has not exactly been cooperating while we have been vacationing.... Sooo, we were spending time around the new outdoor dining area ;)  There were new chairs, like the ones above, they looked really GREAT, and were super comfy!
Spent the day with Mr. Wonderful at my sisters house, visiting with the clan; Hi All! Thank you for a wonderful meal and a fun time!!

Hope your weekend was fun and interesting!?

Image via House & Home

September 10, 2011

Shopping: Oscar Bad & Livsstil, Denmark

I have just returned from Skagen, a small and charming town at the very northern tip of Denmark. It is known as a mecca for the Who's Who in Denmark during the summer months (equivalent to that of the Hampton's in the US), priding its self on wonderful weather, wide beaches and wonderful, fresh seafood!
(We had one day of sunshine and one day of misty rain...)

Mr. Wonderful and I spotted this pretty little shop, Oscar Bad & Livsstil, and just made it inside before closing... Chatting with the owners sister, who was very accommodating, we were able to browse the shop. I spotted a few super cool items, turns out they were from (new to me) designer Louise Roe.

I picked up this over sized postcard, wanting to know more. I spotted the canvas and leather Book Bag at Oscars, as well as the lumbar pillows with the flowers.

I am thinking I might have to take a closer look, it's looks like a fun bag!!  ;)

Designer Louise Roe got her start in fashion and has since moved on to the Interior Design aspect of designing. Her line includes both fashion and accessories for the home.

As I was leaving Oscar, I quickly ran my fingers across this over-the-top, luxurious floor cushion, made of suede (shown here in lambskin as well)... OMG! I'm totally in love!!

The "Inspiration behind LOUISE ROE designs is often found in nature, as well as in vibrant city life. A combination of the two and their obvious contrasts give the designs tranquility, energy and an edge. This is reflected in the highly organic choice of materials, colours and prints being used. Nature, and the rhythm and renewed life and energy it provides us with, is essential to us humans - it’s genuine and real!"

Check out the Louise Roe website, super cool, I promise!

Image #1 via Oscar, Image #2 - #5 via Louise Roe

September 8, 2011

Texture Snapshot

Today we went shopping... window shopping that is (read; I didn't buy anything... yet!). I am so excited to see all the new goods in the stores. I am feeling my way, touching everything like a little child, and jumping for joy when I find something really cool!

I picked up a few magazine, Interior Design as well as Fashion magazines, just so I can be fully "prepared" for when I do decide to shop a little, trying to cover all the angles ;)  In the new Mad & Bolig  a few accessories caught my eye, and they were all listed as items from Brandts Indoor.... I had to see more!!

While I am vaguely familiar with where the store is located (as it is close to my sisters house), I am now on a mission to visit in person!!!!!! What do you think?

Wanner come shopping with me?

All images via Brandts Indoor


Click here if you want to receive an email when their web shop opens up,
you KNOW I already signed up :)

September 7, 2011

Cozy corner...

While it's technically still very early fall here in Scandinavia, the last two days have been super stormy, rainy and cold (at least for us, who on a daily basis, live in the tropics). BUT really, I am not complaining! Actually, it's been quite nice for a change...

We have been able to relax indoors, camped out by the fireplace and we have read a lot! We started our vacation with good conversation, great coffee and super food! Everything in this neck of the woods is organic, EVERYTHING, and we are loving it!!

While the weather has been a little dark outside, it's been warm and cozy inside!

In the next couple of days we will start exploring; Shopping, sight seeing, more family time, more great food and a little golf for the boys. Not too bad :)

I will check in from time to time... Most likely post about our trip, even bring you a few images from here. Hope you check back in, and if you have any questions about Scandinavia... let me have 'em!

Image #1 Interior Design by Nathan Turner, Image #2 & #3 via Northern Light on Pinterest

September 4, 2011

Vacation Time!

Finally the day is here!

I am ready for a vacation; Leaving today with Mr. Wonderful, heading to Europe and I can hardly contain myself...

It's been a really difficult summer in this part of the world, for so many reasons out of my control, I am just so happy to be going away, I can't even tell you :) I will be posting from abroad, I am sure, but with less frequency, so please check back in from time to time.

"I'm leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again..."  :)


Image source unknown
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