April 27, 2014

Garden sculptures...

Ok, so I know this is a controversial subject for some… Immediately I think windmills and garden gnomes, and I'm totally turned off! NO, thank you, not happening!! … then I came across these images on Pinterest, and all of a sudden I am thinking "cool".
I guess once the plants have grown full and the sculpture is weathered and a sufficient layer of moss has started to grow, I could be convinced that this is an interesting look ;)

- and then I came across this pretty lady in a clients garden, tucked under a massive fern, by the back door, making an otherwise boring back entrance a place where you actually don't mind walking in and out. If done right, this totally works!!!


Image #1 & #2 via Pinterest, Image #3 NHH for the Northern Light Blog

April 24, 2014

Nursery Cuteness! Vol. I

Have you heard? Rikshaw Design has launched a Nursery line, and its amazing! 
… I guess it was in the works, while baby Lilly was also "in the works"  ;)

Having a baby girl automatically has me tuned into the pinks and girly colors, while otherwise I tend to go for the cooler colors. These bohemian prints all mixed together are just so pretty and fun, now I want to buy everything!!

I have been wanting this patchwork elephant in the worst way, he is just so darn cute, and now he is FINALLY available for purchase (here).

Take a peek for yourself, surely you will come away with something great!!


All images via Rikshaw Design

April 18, 2014

The Color Purple

I am so inspired by this super pretty jewel box of a home, featured on the Domaine Website today. If you look closely, the shell of this Southern Charmer, is neutral - white and beige - and then all the yummy color has been layered in, in the form of accessories.

Should you want to see more images and read about the home owner, check here, she happens to be an Interior Designer, so… "no wonder", right?

I love that she went for it, committed to the color, chose a slightly bohemian / Moroccan vibe and just "did it"!


All images via Domaine

Happy Easter!

I do realize my blog posts have been far and few in between, but if you are still out there, checking in from time to time… Thank you!

Happy Easter!


Northern Light Design is on Instagram as well, and at the moment I am much more active there, so come follow along!

Image via The Boat House

April 2, 2014

One more… to Adore

It's here… the new Adore Magazine, Perth edition! Lots of color and cheerfulness to brighten anyones day :)


Image via Adore on FB

New on the Virtual Newsstand...

The new rue magazine is out, and I just had a moment to browse through… There are definitely a few interesting spaces I want to come back to explore, what about you?


Image via rue magazine
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