July 31, 2012

(Summer) House Love

I am all about white paint, (in case you didn't notice) so when I saw this place, I just had to share!!

The Lake Hamilton place is designed by Bear-Hill Interiors of Arkansas. I first noticed it in a magazine (which one escapes me at the moment), tore out the spread (yes, it's been a while...), filled it away, and while cleaning out our office I came across it again, and went on an internet search.... here you go, hope you like this oldie, but goodie ?!

Ok, so before we go on... did you really notice that view in the image above?? I think it would be fantastic at any time of year, don't you?

I have never really been a lover of Brown, but I can totally appreciate how it "warms up" a space. I will even go as far, as to say, I am using Brown in a current project & surprise, surprise, it's a totally cool color... who knew? ;)

Even the accents in the bedroom are brown. Notice the framed license plate... it's brown!

This kitchen is perfect for a vacation home! You don't want to spend a lot of time in there, probably the grill will be working overtime... And if you visit in the off-season, well, you can make hot chocolate on the stovetop just fine :)

I suspect most of the summer will be spent here, on the huge terrace, overlooking Lake Hamilton. Notice how even the outdoor furniture is kept within the color scheme!

Refreshing at The Lake, don't you think?

All images via Bear-Hill Interiors

July 29, 2012

Sunday Flowers (a little late...)

Floral shops.... don't you just always want to go in and take a look around, whether you are buying or not??   I DO!

I am totally not shy about taking photos either :), BUT I always make sure to ask first, and often that leads to an interesting conversation with the florist or shopkeeper!!


Image via Anh of 9to5 Chic

July 27, 2012

Happy Birthday!!


to my sister, Michaela!! Hope you had a fun day :)
Enjoy your vacation on Mallorca, Spain, totally wanting to be there too!


Image via Pinterest (didn't take down the link, sorry)

Loving the Texture!

I know, there is a little bit of everything in this image, the eye keeps wandering, so interesting!!

What is your favorite thing about this image?? The pale Scandinavian colors? The mix of objects? The warmth of the metal vs the natural elements??

Tell me, tell me... :)


Image via the Vogue Living Blog

July 25, 2012

Palazzo Margherita

A few days back I discovered this gem of a hotel; Palazzo Margherita. Take a look at the outside, don't you just want to come sit with me?? While I have not had much time to blog this past week - thank you for hanging in there with me - I have had a few minutes to read a few of yours!

I found a wonderful post over at Belle Vivir, and just felt compelled to share these two images.

Turns out this hotel is owned by Francis Ford Coppola & located in Bernalda, Italy, but that was almost a given, just looking at the images. It was just featured in Woody Allen's latest movie To Rome With Love, which I have not yet seen, but it's on the list!
If not just to see the scenery :)

I urger you to click on the links, you won't be disappointed, I promise!
Am I the only one who LOVES the tile work?? The herringbone is my favorite, but the bathrooms are pretty cool too.

Remember to stop and smell the roses!!

Images via Palazzo Margherita

July 22, 2012

Sunday Flowers

Make it easy and unfussy on the weekends. Keep the color pallet simple and fresh, make it work for your home, and don't fuss too much :) These pretty white flowers comes to you from the new Tine K Home showroom in Holland, and I am really liking how they have just been casually arranged....

Have a fun summer Sunday :)

Image via the Northern Light Blog on Pinterest

July 21, 2012

Completely random...

Just absolutely fell in love with the colors in this image, and since there is a bunch of vacationing kids in my house at the moment, I figured it would be appropriate... :)

Have a happy weekend, y'all!


Image via designfiles

July 19, 2012

Venetian Beauty...

Just leaving you with a beautiful image today... I have been looking for images and design inspiration in pale tones, and came across this beauty of a (bedroom) mirror! So pretty... still love the way these mirrors look, are you still loving them too, or??

I have been incredibly busy;
Family in town for two weeks, design jobs that are at different stages of (in)completion...
and summer heat makes me want to just stay at the beach in the morning, and indoor during the crazy heat in the middle of the day!! Now I fully understand the need for siesta :)

Stay cool!

Image via Country Living

July 14, 2012

Amazing Quiet Space

This beautiful home in the Hollywood Hills is designed by Kathleen Clements (of Sister Agnes fame) and I am totally smitten! Besides from the fantastic white and light space and the cool color pallet, I am adoring the layers and layers of texture!

It's all in the detail!! ... and glossy white floors, that bounce the light around :)

Just beautiful, loving the soft color pallet, very restraint and full of wonderful fabrics.... the rug is also designed by Kathleen, it's from her 2009 rug line called Gypsy Maturin, launched together with her son and business partner, Tommy.

So simple and beautiful! I LOVE the simplicity of the wood bench, great natural element! 
Oh, and the bedspread.... the fabric is amazing!

This is how to make an old farmhouse table stand out, so to really appreciate it's timeworn beauty.
Did you notice the glossy white floor? It's throughout the home... Also, all the exposed wood beams have this high gloss / lacquer treatment. I think is't such a clever way to highlight a design feature!!

This hallway totally qualifies for my Hall of Fame Pinterest board :)

... just darling! 

Trust me, you totally want to check out the Kathleen Clements Design website, her portfolio is
A.MA.ZING!!!!!!  One project that is missing though, is the home of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi (featured in Architectural Digest, November 2011), but you can find that home under the Press tab. Apparently Ellen loved the house and the interior design so much they bought it totally furnished! I only wish I could have a tour...

Have a wonderful weekend!

All images via KCD


July 12, 2012

Thank you!

Just a token of my appreciation for being a loyal follower, reader and commenter,
it makes my day when I hear from all of you! I love when new visitors leave comments (hint, hint) so I can follow you back to your corner of the world...

Also, a huge thank you, to all of you who follow along with the Northern Light Blog on Pinterest, isn't it so much fun?? :)


Image from the Northern Light Blog LOVING FLOWERS board on Pinterest, check it out!

July 11, 2012

All aflutter...

I find small powder rooms to be the perfect opportunity to use wall paper. You can go as crazy as you want, as exclusive as you can afford to, or as theme-y as you like...
Not only do I adore the Black & White combo, but the Butterfly wallpaper (by Florence Broadhurst) featured in this little powder room is just amazing, makes me smile :)
How about you??

Check out the rest of the house in the brand new Ivy & Piper July August 2101 magazine, just released today!

Remember... A little goes a long way!

Image by Ben Gebo via Ivy & Piper

July 10, 2012

Come on in...

Today it's just a super pretty picture I will be sharing with you!

Wouldn't it be wonderful to come home to this? Not only the ivy clad structure, but the lavender, the stone work, the scalloped siding above the entrance, the hanging light fixture... Oh, and I am a sucker for candlelight, so the hurricanes in the windowsill are just perfect!!

Love to hear what you think?!

Image via the Northern Light Blog on Pinterest

July 9, 2012

New on the Virtual Newsstand...

There is a brand new House of Fifty out today, perfect for my morning read.
Nice to see the Charleston home of Courtney Bishop, full of personality and great color!

At the end of the magazine there is a little British goodness... British Summer Traditions.
Took me right back to my very first language school experience where I spent a summer on the southern coast of England, attempting to learn The Queens English. The Blogs We Love has been converted to a British Edition, so there is even more new reads to get lost in :)


Image via House of Fifty Blog

July 7, 2012

Sunday Flowers

As a regular reader of Northern Light, I am sure you have caught on to the fact that I have a weakness for Black & White combos... be it in interiors, fabrics, photography or flowers!
Yes, flowers!

I put together a little post, with the most beautiful images of Anemones. 
While they do come in many other colors, this is by far my favorite!!

White Anemones with black dusters are my favorites, but this ever-so-soft pink version is a super close second!! LOVE the tight bouquet, just darling, what do you say??

I am really enjoying putting together these "Sunday Flowers" - posts, I hope they bring a smile to your face!


Images via Shannon Fleck on Pinterest

July 6, 2012

Cool fact of the day...

OK, so perhaps I am totally overdoing this, and that is a risk I am willing to take BUT the cool fact of the day (well, yesterday actually) was, that I discovered that non other than "the people" over at Tine K Home are now following the Northern Light Blog on Pinterest!!! Yep, that's right!

For those of you unfamiliar with Tine K Home, she is a young Danish female entrepreneur, who has made it BIG in Home Decor & Accessories. I have featured her fabulous home here on the blog, and her wears often pop up in homes across Scandinavia. It's almost fair to say Tine K Home has a cult like following, she can do no wrong & her eye for detail is impeccable!!

SO, when I spotted her logo in the Activity line on my Pinterest last night, I was a little starstruck.
To be able to possibly inspire someone (anyone on her team, actually) at TKH Headquarters is quite flattering, I think! ... and yes, I am aware that I can "fall out of grace" with a single keystroke, or that a simple "unfollow" will burst my bubble, so for now I will just BE HAPPY :)

Come on over here to see what all the fuss is about, follow along if you like.

Images by Anna-Malin on Pinterest via Blackballoon

July 5, 2012

Too Pretty...

... too pretty not to re-blog!!
This home was first discovered here, and subsequently here & here and I am still drooling!!

This house is in Sweden, just outside Stockholm and just 150 m2 with three rooms, designed by architect Karl-Johan Palmstam. Huge windows throughout allow for the beautiful daylight to stream in, and with the typical Scandinavian white interior this summer home is now a favorite of mine... Too bad it has already sold ;)

Loving the white, with all the punches of black, and tons of natural texture. 
Logs for the fireplace (trust me, it can get chilly at night!), wool throw to curl up with, lots of plants, iron and wood.

The property also has a small 23 m2 "green house", that has been set up for relaxing and entertaining!
I can just imagine sitting around that wonderful farmhouse table with lots of friends and family, under the stars... during the summer it really does not get that dark, typically the sun sets at 11pm and rises super early, depending on how far north in Scandinavia you are located.

Great outside space, lots of places to relax and enjoy being outdoors. Summers are mostly spent outside - weather permitting - and doors and windows are always open!

Hope you enjoyed this little house tour. There are many more images from this house, so check out the last link above for the full scope! Here is the floor plan. Do you have a favorite part of this home? Besides the fact that I LOVE the whole house, I think my favorite parts are the tall wood cabinet in the kitchen & all the natural light! Also... the repeat of the glass cloches throughout the home, glass and wire alike.


In case you were wondering... It is very typical in Scandinavia to have black painted summerhouses with white interiors... Just not all of them are this fantastic :) 

All images via Sotheby's International Realty
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