September 30, 2012

Sunday Reading

My favorite Million Dollar Decorator Nathan Turner has just released a wonderful book; 
Nathan Turner's American Style. 

The book has three sections filled with beautiful images of laid-back California interiors. Beach Chic, City Living and he even goes a little Country!

I particularly enjoyed the images from NT's personal home in Malibu. I am all about the all white space, filled with cool, casual & livable furniture. The artwork makes the space personal, and also ties the colors together. Notice how your eye is "following" the pops of orange! The large Goldfish photograph is by Oberto Gili, a photographer Nathan Turner often use in his interiors.

This room might just be my favorite in the whole book! Happy, cheerful and relaxed, and very different from my own home...

Just adore this dog friendly spot! It seems that Nathan's two dogs, Nacho & Daicy, are very much part of his relaxed lifestyle, and they even have their own super stylish cushion-with-a-view :)

This vignette is part of a "country" home in the middle of L.A.... I was drawn to this image by the large photo by Amber Arbucci, a cool graphic take on zebra stripes! The owners of this home apparently are super well traveled, so Nathan Turner layered up the interiors with travel worthy items and collections.

While the book is full of fantastic images of interiors, there are also great entertaining tips, table top ideas and even recipes :)  This particular setting is for a Moroccan Tea Party, but you can find colorful lunch ideas, beach-themed party decor, a colorful Mexican Taco Fest and even an outdoor rustic Apple Harvest Dinner Party, complete with scenic views and apple pie!

So.... as you can see, there is a little for everyone in this book, overall a great collection of Nathan Turner's American (relaxed, bohemian) Style. A great book for ideas, for sure, but also a wonderful showcase for his amazing talent and eye for the eclectic interior. A book I am sure I will refer to for inspiration and effortless entertaining ideas!!

Have a fun Sunday,

Image #1 via Google Images, Image #2 & #3 via ElleDECOR, Image #4 via SoHaute, Image #5 via Nathan Turner.

September 29, 2012

Weekend Craving

House of Harlow & Goop has teamed up to create this super chic clutch. The embossed leather has been dyed turquoise, then brown and has the head of a "badass jaguar" as a clasp!

Want, love & it can totally be yours, just in time for fall entertaining!!


Images via goop

September 23, 2012

Sunday Flowers

Today's flowers come to you from my own home :)

In the beginning of the week I picked up a bouquet of pretty spray roses, and after a fresh round of cuts,  I filled this vase with all the little "cut-offs" and placed it on Joe Nye's book Flair. Now that we are inching closer to the season of entertaining, I look to this book for inspiration! While most of the images and table scapes are a little more traditional than my taste, I still find unexpected color combinations and ideas.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend,

Image NHH for the Northern Light Blog

September 19, 2012

First Glimpse of Fall.

So, as the calendar inches closer to darker fall days and cooler temperatures (I hope), we all start to look at our interiors, cozying up and making pretty! All of a sudden those pretty yellow roses look too springy and we tend to go for darker colors...

There are easy ways for you to change your decor from light and airy to cozy and warm...
Use what you have, move furniture around, ad a rug, change the covers on your pillows, add a mohair throw for warmth and texture. Look in your cabinets, I am sure you have a few accessories tucked away, re-evaluate & re-purpose! Instead of flowers, fill a tall glass cylinder with sculptural branches... 
My go-to; Lot's of candlelight, absolutely love a flickering candle!!

Books... you can do so much with a coffee table book, it can help set the mood and color scheme for an entire room. How about stacking books with brown leather backs on a nightstand, ad a beautiful candle or a small box on top... it's really that easy! Style up your everyday life, it will make you happy to see beauty when you go to bed, and first thing in the morning :)

Happy decorating!

All images via Slettvol

September 18, 2012

Gwyneth, Gwyneth, Gwyneth!

In the last couple of days I have seen Gwyneth Paltrow's beautiful face everywhere... and today the brand new InStyle October 2012 magazine landed in my mailbox, and yes, you guessed it, Gwyneth is on the cover!
I always love seeing her in cool preppy photo shoots, and these two stripe-y versions are super cute, don't you think??

I am a longtime subscriber to the Goop newsletter, and just last week new pics of Gwyneth for J.Crew landed in my in-box, so I am just sharing a few with you, check out the rest here.

Shop the look.

Shop the look.

So, what do you think? Super cool, super pretty, a little bit preppy and totally fantastic!
Gwyneth can cook, write, act, run a business, be a mom and look like she has it totally together...

This girl rocks!

PS. Often we see her all glam'ed up & one of my favorite looks I pinned here.

Image #1 - 3 via Sassisam, Image #4 - 5 via Goop

September 16, 2012

Sunday Flowers

Last Sunday I featured a beautiful book with amazing floral arrangements. This week I decided that this wonderfully moody arrangement would be my Sunday Flower post. The arrangement is done up by Nicolette & Camille, same company who did last weeks amazing bouquets.

Don't you just love the fall-y vibe? Those dark leaves and the small pops of white... makes me think of the forrest, and how you don't necessarily need a lot of blooming flowers to make a beautiful arrangement! 

Check out the green pottery, the glaze is amazing... also like the worn console :) 


September 14, 2012

It's all in the detail

Totally into the mood of this image!!

The white, the blue, the fabrics, the jewels, the tea pot...
I could make up a whole story around this interesting image :)


Image by Line Thit Klein

September 13, 2012

Chandelier love!

Ok, so it's been slim pickings on the Northern Light Blog this week, and for that I am sorry! 
I have been incredibly busy (that's a good thing), so blogging has had to take a back seat. 
I have had a few moments to catch up on all the new virtual magazines out these past few days, but not had the time to compose a proper post...

I am currently working on an apartment (with the most wonderful view) and after a very long search for the perfect chandelier, I selected this piece from Oly. I just love how simple the drum is, yet so interesting with the Capiz shell circles set in brass...

This afternoon I received an email from Canadian House & Home (LOVE that magazine by the way!!!) & as you may know, they have the whole social media thing down, newsletter, videos etc. Turns out they featured a Main Floor Makeover video, and yes, you guessed it... there was "my" chandelier! Yeah!! Interestingly enough, I am working with a similar muted color pallet. If you would like to view the video, you can check it out on my Pinterest board here.

What is your take on mixing metals in todays interiors? How do you feel about "warm" metals in an otherwise "cool" space? I like to mix it up a bit, though the whole shiny gold thing scares me a little, I am much more comfortable with the softer brass and brushed finishes :)

Busy, busy, busy!!     :)


Images are screen shots from the House & Home feature.

September 12, 2012

New on the Virtual Newsstand... Vol. III

Yep... The Two Year Anniversary issue of rue magazine just hit the virtual newsstand.
It's pretty & I will be diving in this evening :)

... nothing like a little pink and a few flowers to brighten the spirits. Enjoy!


Images via rue

September 10, 2012

New on the Virtual Newsstand... Vol. II

Yep, that's right... two in one day, and I even received two fashion mag's in the mail today as well! No wonder it's already late, and I didn't get half the work done this evening, I set out to do. Too much good stuff to dive into! - and as the song goes; No such thing, as too much fun... :)

I do admit to loving fall and all that it encompasses, the darkness, the crisp air, the sweaters... all the things that does not exist in Florida :) which is part of the allure I think! I am rambling, there is a point, I promise.... somewhere... oh, yes! I was expecting a "darker" version of the new Lonny Magazine, but to my surprise the cover is light as air, pretty as all h... and I am totally in love with the Brentwood Home feature Overnight Sensation. Interior Design by Joe Lucas & Patricia Chilcoat of Lucas Studio Inc.

The cover story Paradise Found is just darling! The interiors are light, airy and totally welcoming, a place for kids to run around, a place for grown ups to lounge, a place that is cheerful, pretty and relaxing! 

What was your favorite feature?? 
Did you see the cozy fuchsia mohair throw from Jayson Home? 
A perfect example of coziness for the cool nights of fall... but in a cheerful color!


Images via Lonny September 2012 issue

New on the Virtual Newsstand... Vol. I

It's here... the new House of Fifty Fall issue!

Happy early fall & Happy Monday!


Image via HOF

September 9, 2012

Sunday Flowers

I was contemplating if I should show you the bright and beautiful flowers from last weeks wedding, or go with this beautiful book; Bringing Nature Home. I found the book more appropriate for the first days of fall, and after you see these amazing images, you will probably agree with me...

The beautiful arrangements are all done by Nicolette Owen & the equally talented photographer Ngoc Minh Ngo is behind the images. Since the books release in March (how did I totally miss that??), many bloggers have reviewed the book, so I will just show a few images this Sunday.

I love how loosely these arrangements are done up, a far cry from the many tight bound floral arrangements we have seen the last many years...

For as long as I can remember my mother has done arrangements just like these, flowers mixed with vines, branches & grasses. All very "English Garden"... What do you think? Is this the new way to go? Or has it really always been the way??

Have a fun Sunday!

All images by Ngoc Minh Ngo, via Design*Sponge

September 5, 2012

New on the Virtual Bookshelf...

It's been a while since I have come across a beautiful Interior Design Book, so when a little teaser landed in my in-box, I just had to investigate! 
What I found was a virtual book - for your iPad - full of amazing photography and interesting, different and very textural Scandinavian Interiors.

The new book New Style Generation GEN.ONE from Danish photography couple Niels & Iben Ahlberg showcase five super interesting and very different homes. 

One thing I have come to appreciate as a blogger is photography. While Interior Design is my chosen path, photographing interiors is a whole new world. It takes a very skilled person to understand the lighting, the placement of objects and how to successfully photograph the space, so to convey the "proper" atmosphere... 

In this new Interior Design Book you will be treated to light and airy Scandinavain Decor at it's best, BUT, gone are the days where everything is white, on white, on white...

Meet Danish fashion designer Naja Munthe... a few images of her home were first featured here on the Northern Light Blog, when I introduced Visit Visit, the second book by the Ahlberg duo. Naja is - in my opinion - a master of mixing textures, cultures, design classics and making it all work in such an amazing way, that your eye just keeps moving. Love her style :)

My favorite home featured in this book is that of Anders Krakau! It is the classiest bachelor pad I have seen in a very long time!! Masculine, yet no posters in sight. Decorated, yet no overly feminine items displayed. Curated, stylish, urban and with a great eye for design, proportion and for mixing the unexpected with design classics. Take a look for your self below.

The owner in his posh pad in Copenhagen, high ceilings and plenty of natural light, balanced with darker colors and tons of texture.

When visiting Copenhagen my favorite MUST SEE shop is Rue Verte. I did a little write-up on the shop here on the blog, if you happen to find yourself in downtown Copenhagen, you must go!!

Turns out Anders is the one behind the displays at Rue Verte... who knew?
No wonder his apartment looks amazing :) it is in his blood....

So, if these images don't make you drool, I don't know what would! I do not want to spoil it all for you, so head on over here for your own copy of the New Style Generation GEN.ONE

Remember to come back to thank me later... I know you will be amazed by the photography and equally inspired by the interiors!


PS...  GEN.TWO is coming soon!!

All images curtesy of Niels & Iben Ahlberg
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