November 30, 2011

Swans Island Blanket!

Look no further than Maine for your next, all organic, wool blanket! I stumpled upon these beautiful blankets via Elle Decor, and had to dig a little deeper.

For those of us that require a little color there are plenty to choose from, even several different weaves of thickness! While I admittedly love color, I also really appreciate the coolness of light greys, the richness of charcoal and the casual beauty of indigo.

Swans Island Blankets are certified organic, the sheep are living on an island of the coast of Maine, the wool is spun in Vermont and the blankets are woven the traditional way - by hand - in Maine. The history behind The Swans Island Blanket is quite interesting, hope you have the time to check it out (here)!!

Once you see their vast collection, I am sure one of these babies will be on your wish list for Christmas!! I think the White w/ Indigo Stripes or the White w/Teal stripes, from the Summer Blanket collection, would be a wonderful addition to our home ;)

Stay warm!

All images via Swans Island Blankets

November 29, 2011

Fall Splendor!

These two images have been shot by Anna Malin of Helt Enkelt. I am so inspired by the sharp contrast of color, the all natural elements in the images and the simple aesthetics...

Time and time again I am reminded, we need only look to nature for incredible color, pattern and texture! The delicate, yet vibrant fall branch is so beautifully captured by Anna! Super color combo, don't you think? I like how the yellow has been picked up in the pillow in the background, as well as the black of the table top, in the iron candle holder on the floor...

Enjoy the last days of fall, winter will be here before we know it!

Images by Anna Malin for Helt Enkelt

November 28, 2011

Seeing Red!

Seeing red is not all that usual for me... Red is not a color I have in my home, and often red leaves me a bit unsure! I can appreciate the color when used by fantastic decorates, such as Kathryn M. Ireland and others.... plus I have yet to work with a client who has their heart set on red :)

Since I have been on a hunt for great artwork for a few different clients, what I noticed first in this bedroom, decorated by Kathryn M. Ireland, was the great Oberto Gili photograph above the bed. Yes, there is a whole lot going on here; patterns and colors all over the place, great texture and lots of different things to look at, all the different cultural elements... still the photograph is what captured my eye!

I remember seeing this image in Elle Decor a while back, so I went searching again... Casually propped against the wall, it makes a great impact in an office space. (Notice that it is upside down, if there ever was a correct way to hang this piece?)

... and if you should want your own Oberto Gili flower photograph, check out Nathan Turners shop on 1st dibs. Remember... stop and smell the roses! (ok, so I am almost sure this is actually a poppy?)
Have a fun week!


Image #1 Kathryn M. Ireland, Image #2 Elle Decor, Image #3 1st dibs

November 27, 2011

Art work

Inspired by this great photograph of peeling paint, framed and positioned above a bed, acting as a giant headboard, I went searching for a version of this for a client...

The only request was to incorporate blue, so this was my first choice. I really like how the small areas of ocher show through, yet the overall feel of the piece is still "blue"!

This was my second choice...
The room has bamboo flooring, but otherwise its white, our accent will be pulled from the artwork. What do you think??


Image #1 unknown, sorry. Image #2 & #3 via a trade resource, email me for info if interested.

November 26, 2011

It's the Weekend!

... and I know December is around the corner, but I just can not bring myself to post Christmas inspired images yet! So I am bringing you a few images of beautiful and rustic inspired table top.

Wouldn't it be nice to spend the afternoon here with friends? Lucky for me, the weather here in Florida is finally cooler, so dining al fresco is high on the list!!

Question... Have you started to decorate for Christmas? Is the tree up yet? A friend of mine told me she has the tree & the ornaments up already!!! That's dedication for you... :) But it inspired me to perhaps bring out a few Christmas bulbs and strew them around the house for atmosphere... time will tell.

Have a wonderful weekend, happy decorating to all of you!

Images via Pinterest

November 23, 2011

Getting Ready?

Have you been setting the table today? Cooking for Thanksgiving? Hope you have a wonderful day with friends and family!!! Enjoy... :)


Image from Pinterest via Anne Sage

... one more!

Couldn't help myself, but just had to post this rustic and simple foyer. I won't bore you with too many words this time...

Pretty, right?
I like the soft blue candles, keeps the casual vibe ...

Have a fun day today!


Both images via Sia

November 22, 2011

Remember the Foyer!

This week - in the US - it's all about entertaining, and while I am sure we will see our share of table top inspired posts - I might even do one, who knows - I don't want you to forget about the first thing guest see when arriving at your house; The Foyer!

Clean it up! Put away the old mail and all the shoes!! Make sure there is a pretty chair or stool for your guests. Something pretty for the eye, perhaps a candle to set the mood! Love the leaning artwork below, easy to prop for the event, and easy to move afterwards, no holes in the wall!

Fresh flowers goes a long way, but if they are not in the budget.... cut a few branches and arrange in a glass cylinder for sculptural effect!

Remember... this is where your guest start their experience, so start off your holiday celebration right, by doing something outrageous and fun here! Get the conversation going.


Both Images via House Beautiful Magazine

November 21, 2011

Moody Blues

Hi there... Sorry for the lack of posts, I have been a bit under the weather. Spent last week with work, work, work and started feeling lousy mid-week. Trying to combat a cold, I was in bed by eight every night, and have spent the weekend drinking tea and feeling sorry for myself! At least Mr. Wonderful was at work, so I could look as bad as I felt without guilt ;) !

I will do my best to get back up to speed, Thank You for hanging in there with me!


Image unknown, sorry.

November 16, 2011

100,000 and counting...


I have some super exciting news to share with you today!

Northern Light blew by the 100,000 page view mark yesterday, and I must confess... I am totally excited about that!! YEAH! :)

Thank you to all of you who have signed up for emails, to all of you follow the blog, to the Northern Light Facebook friends, and to all of you who stop by from time to time to check in.
I am so happy when you leave me a comment, even when you send me an email from time to time!!! Lately I have seen "new faces" trickle in via Northern Light on Pinterest, all very exciting!

Have a wonderful day,  I'm all smiles today!! :)


November 14, 2011

Monday morning quiet time!

Continuing the "theme" of my last post; A bowl of Cafe au Lait and breakfast starts the morning off on a good note!

While technically this is a "day off" from work, I have a busy day ahead of me:

- Meeting with a client this morning; A European Girl having a difficult time with the scale of furniture in her new US home... Some homes here are excessively grand, and can be difficult to furnish.
- Lunch with a friend and a newly graduated Interior Design student, for a little guidance.(I'm flattered, I must say!!)
- And then onto another meeting with a potential new client. Not quite sure what to expect, I only know that this is a second home. Busy, busy, busy...!


Image via Dreamy Whites

November 13, 2011

Cafe au Lait!

Something exciting happened today!! This past September, while visiting my family in Denmark, my mother & I discussed the possibility of putting up a shelf in the kitchen, just deep enough to hold one row of Cafe au Lait bowls....
I had heard rumors that the shelf had been installed, but had not seen a picture yet.

... and then I got a grainy image from my sister of the new shelf today! Very exciting! It came out just as I had imagined! Yeah!! My mother has a large collection, so this was the perfect solution, as they are all to pretty to hide away in a cabinet.


Images via Solid Frog

November 12, 2011

Wedding Anniversary Day!

... Today is the day of my wedding anniversary!!

Mr. Wonderful & I were married on St. John, and right about now I am wishing I was back there!!
Happy Anniversary Day to us :) !

Images via Pinterest

November 11, 2011

It's the Weekend...

... and this weekend, well, I will be working!!

Do you love this library or what? Totally would never dare to do a velvet yellow sofa in my house, but look how cheery it is!! The mix of citrus colors against that dark, glossy bookshelf is so cool! I am hugs fan of orchids, in all different colors, and this arrangement is beautiful, not to mention the large orange container!!! You really can look at this image a hundred times, and find something surprising and new every time...

Have a fun weekend y'all, let me know what you will be doing so I can dream a little :)


Image via Pink Wallpaper

November 10, 2011

New on the Virtual Newsstand...

Look... it's the new Lonny!! Did you peek yet? Loved Kari Costas "We went mad for..." picks!
Can't wait for some quiet time to actually read the new Lonny, this week has been crazy busy :)

PS. Is it too early to start with the Christmas stuff??? I am just asking! I love the glow of the candles and Christmas lights, don't worry, the tree is not going up yet :)

Image via Lonny

November 7, 2011

Bang & Thy; Fall Mood.

Walking the streets of Aarhus, Denmark, I came upon Bang & Thy. This burst of lime green against the black wood, made me stop and take a closer look!

A floral shop... an inviting space to explore.
Super cool floral arrangements, plants and... well, you"ll see...

I spent a good amount of time wandering, looking at everything. There were flowers I had not seen in a long time (remember, I now live in a tropical climate), branches with fall leaves and berries, even a fountain with cream colored floating roses.

In the back of the store a display fit for fall. Dark grey candles flickering, fall berries and vegetables used for display, probably for sale, I'm not quite sure...

The inner sanctum; A dark corner with dark walls, a beautiful old mirror propped up against the wall. A large old birdcage with a couple of real live lovebirds! A zinc box and dried hydrangea wreaths complete the display.

... and what do you do when there are not a lot of flowers around and the creative juices are still flowing? Use what you have!! Interesting, no?

Of course there were beautiful roses, lillies and other blooms, even decorative grasses. The entire shop was such a fantastic place to wander through, so inspirational and eye opening. I love the use of fur, unexpected in a space like this (at least I think so).

While my images are a bit on the dark and mysterious side, there were pops of vibrant fall color throughout, my favorite being this glass cylinder!!
FAN.TAS.TIC! Don't you think? So simple, so beautiful!!

These images were taken on my second visit to the store. I asked to photograph in there, but was not immediately granted permission. I came back a second time, met the owner, Dean, and after talking with him for a little while he agreed to let me photograph. I was told someone had taken images in his store without his consent, and subsequently sold those images, featuring his work... Not cool!

Check out the Bang & Thy website here, though nothing beats a visit to this interesting and ever changing universe!


All Images NHH for the Northern Light Blog

November 3, 2011

Color, color, color!

I just can't help it....
These flowers make me smile :)

The vase is super pretty, it's from the new Summer vignette by Anna Spiro, but unfortunately for me (and you) it's already purchased by some lucky person...

You can check out her new Christmas shopping story here. I really like Anna's concept, it's like shopping in the store (well, I actually haven't been, as I live on the other side of the world...) only this is for the world wide audience I imagine she has captured via her Absolutely Beautiful Things blog, with which I am sure you are familiar...? You should be! Check that out here if you are a newbie... :)

Have a fun Friday!

Image here

A Comfortable Event...

I was lucky to be invited to an event at a furniture store the other evening, hosted by Bob Williams of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams. The event was put on to introduce the concept of semi-custom design for MG + BW, where the client / designer picks the furniture piece and then has 117 upholstery fabrics to choose from... Good luck with that one! :)

Their latest book, The Comfortable Home, was a "take-home" gift, graciously signed by both (Yeah!). I have in my collection their first book, and now I can ad this one... :)

I enjoyed meeting Bob Williams, even posed for a photo with him.
... unfortunately that will not be shown here, as it is a really bad image of moi :(

The evening was spent listening to BW talk about their new designs, new fabrics, how the company was started, all the names they had before landing the obvious one;
Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams...
At the end a Q & A session was opened to the floor and I just had to ask about what inspires BW. He listed; Travel, Old movies, Hotel Restaurants, Advertising and Antiques. In fact a new sofa has just been introduced at High Point with ties to an antique. And in London, a while back, the inspiration for their Chesterfield (above) was "sourced". BW talked about how the company is working on being more environmentally friendly, how the foam in their cushions is water based, the wood for the frames come from controlled forestry and their fabrics have become more durable and stain resistant. Overall a nice introduction to the MG + BW furniture brand.

Bob Williams could not have been nicer, I enjoyed meeting him. Did you know he started out as a graphic designer and "fell" into furniture design?


Images via MG + BW

November 1, 2011

New on the Virtual Newsstand...

OK, so I can't wait to really dive into this new issue.... by the look of the cover, this is a home I would totally love to live in!! The mix... it's all in the mix, and I am super excited to see more of Lori Grahams home!

What do you think? Is this just right, or too much for you??
And one more question.... Have you started to prepare for the Holidays? This new House of Fifty issue is full of great suggestions, tips and beautiful images to help you get started! Enjoy :)


Image by House of Fifty
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