June 30, 2012

Baby Shower.

Today is the perfect day for a baby shower!! Big day for my friend...
Looking forward to all the Awwww's :)


Image via Pinterest

June 29, 2012

The Cheese Course

I met up with a friend for a lunch date the other day. We decided to meet at The Cheese Course, a super cute little specialty shop in town, where you can sit at a communal farmhouse table, but also individual tables... You can choose to sit outside, where is is nicely shaded and beautifully landscaped with large planters filled with bougainvillea, or sit inside where it is air conditioned, and also very fragrant :) ... part of the charm if you ask me!

I got there a little early, planning to have a quiet moment with a Latte, taking it all in! I had planned to take a few images of the shop to share with you, I hope you enjoy :)

The sheer abundance of cheese is mind boggling, this is just the Blue Cheese selection!!!

There is something for everyone! Complete with a wonderful wine selection and lots of accessories for you to create your own cheese table. Notice the cool Tolix chairs in the background, this little shop definitely has a European Flair. Not only is the shop full of Artisan Cheeses, but there are also many books on the subject, and the food they serve is fresh and wonderful - assuming you are into the whole cheese thing :)

I have always been a fan of mood boards, and this one with it's Cheese / Artisan / Organic Living theme is always worth a look as it is always evolving. (Sorry for the poor image quality, the board is in a high traffic area, and I was trying not to be in anyones way...)

... and my yummy lunch! Fresh organic greens, strawberries, pine nuts and fresh crumbled goat cheese. A few slices of fresh baguette and what mote can you ask for?

Enjoy your lunch today,

Images NHH for the Northern Light Blog (If you borrow, please link back)

June 27, 2012

Amazing Hands!

Ok, so how often do we come across handcrafted "anything" these days?? 
Not that often, right? 
Well, I came across these hand crafted, sleek, modern & meticulously made ceramics by Lawrence McRae, and I am soooooo wanting a piece!! Look at that lacework, and the yummy colors...
Not only is the Large Peony Vase something that I would actually use, but the Nairobi Blue looks amazing! I am envisioning this piece in a casual summerhouse setting, filled to the brim with fresh white blooms & lots of greenery. Perhaps on a wide plank, rustic dining table....

WOW, right? Yes, I know, I went a little overboard with the size of this bowl, but I just absolutely adore the color and the texture in the glaze, and figured you would appreciate it as well, was I right?? Every piece in the collection is hand done, every circle hand carved by the amazing hands of Lawrence McRae...

As an Interior Designer I am always (it seems) on the hunt for a beautiful lamp, something that it not mass-produced, and has a bit of character. In the McRae collection there are nine lamps to choose from, and many super pretty colors, I just happen to have chosen what would look amazing in my house ;) !!

Many of you may very well know the talented Jill Rosenwald? Well, as it turns out, she is Lawrence's wife (there is a LOT of press on her and her designs out there). Personally I am drawn to these pieces, finding the simplicity and delicate, yet graphic designs interesting & sculptural. I can truly appreciate the hand crafted look and the time it takes to make these pieces. 

If you want a closer look - and I am telling you that you DO :) - check out the Lawrence McRae website here

Go ahead, drool a little, or start a wish list!


All images via Lawrence McRae Website

June 25, 2012

A little sprinkle goes a long way...

Went off on a search for a particular lamp image on Pinterest today, and as it just so happened, I got totally sidetracked!

How festive is this cake????
(LOVE the little gold stars!)


May these little sprinkles brighten your week :)


All images via Pinterest

June 24, 2012

Sunday Flowers

One of the things I love the most is shopping...
I know, I know it's a bit shallow, but hear me out. Please!

Now, I do not necessarily buy anything when I am out shopping, nor am I one of those people that come back 117 times to visit with what ever it is they plan to buy, before they actually buy...
I just LOVE to browse, window-shop, call it whatever you want. I truly enjoy scouting out the perfect lamp for a client, finding the perfect pillows for a sofa and so on. Sometimes it takes forever to find exactly what I am looking for, other times it is right there in front of me, and voila, no need to look any further! You know the feeling?

This week I was looking for a console table, kind of natural, not too deep, and with the perfect base. Found it! On sale! Thank you very much :)

However, since this is a Sunday Flowers post, I am sharing a shop photo I took at a local interior design shop, BUT the flowers and the foliage are all faux (ssshhhhhh, don't tell), but it looks great don't you think?


Image NHH for the Northern Light Blog (if you borrow, please link back)

June 23, 2012

Dinner with Friends

This past week I was treated to a wonderful dinner with friends. One person made an appetizer, one a salad, one the entree and yet an other friend made the dessert. All in my honor (!) and we had a lovely evening, just us girls...

Today I received the new Veranda in the mail and dove right in. I just love the quiet time with a new glossy mag and a hot cup of tea!
My favorite feature is The Great Escape.... wow, is all I can say! The photography is wonderful, the interiors by Kathryn M. Ireland are so cool, the gardens of La Castellane in the south of France are amazing, and so is the food!! Check out this post to see more images from Summers in France.

This feature brought me right back to the other evening, the casual atmosphere amongst friends... We always say we "need to do this more often", these images inspire me to do just that! I will pick a date and invite everyone to my house for a super casual and yummy dinner...

Not much cooking, just wonderful wine, easy to prep finger foods, fresh flowers and good company! You should do the same :)
Make it about the evening, not so much about impressing everyone. Mix and match your serving pieces, ask everyone to bring something easy and just enjoy.

What do you say? Any casual entertaining tips? Any "must have" food selections?
If you would like a little Table Top inspiration, check out this Northern Light Blog board on Pinterest.


All images by Mikkel Vang for Veranda Magazine

June 21, 2012

Watercolor love!

Today I met Dallas Shaw! Well, actually, not exactly "met" in person, but you know what I mean...

It's been a little while since I introduced you to The Everygirl here, and the site just keeps getting better and better. So much inspiration, so many go-getters and fashionable people to be introduced to and learn from :)

As you can tell from my logo and love of Black & White stripes, naturally I would pick this particular watercolor to lead the post... :) I am just in absolute LOVE with this casual, striped dress, the simplicity, the fullness of the maxi dress, everything!! I sooooooo wish I was able to make this original piece mine!

For those of you who are not familiar with Dallas, she is a 32 year old Fashion Illustrator with a super talent for capturing exactly what is going on in the fashion world, and translating that to the prettiest watercolor illustrations. She has amassed an impressive client list, ranging from Chanel to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, from Kate Spade to Jack Rogers, the list goes on...

I am almost sure you will be heading over here to check out her site, after seeing these images...

If you want to see more of Dallas' work, she pins some of her work to this Pinterest board, which I am already following :) But quite frankly, this girl has a TON of style, so check out the rest of her boards while you are there!


All Watercolors by Dallas Shaw, photographs via The Everygirl

June 19, 2012

Mirror, Mirror on the wall...

A few months back I was introduced to Tobi Tobin via Lonny Magazine. I was not immediately familiar with who she was (designer w/ fab shop in LA), nor was I familiar with her style....

It took me about half a second worth of looking at the above image, to fall in love with her style!! These images are all from her private digs in Malibu, California. 
What this space lacks in size it makes up for in charm, style, location and plain old chic-ness!

Tobi has designed her home around the beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean, keeping this Cape Cod style house beachy, light and airy. Skillfully working her magic with mirrors, light is bounced around the space and so is the view. Every room in the home boasts several mirrors...

An avid collector of antique furniture, the home has several old tables, chairs and dressers. Some have been slip covered, others left as the are... Keeping the color pallet strict, playing up texture and the view, new and old work beautifully together.

The master bedroom not only has a fantastic view - imagine waking up in this bed, surrounded by a wonderful breeze off of the ocean - but the serenity of the white space has to be amazing. Toby tells Lonny that her personal retreat leaves her recharged after the weekend, and I can see why! 
My problem would be that I wouldn't want to leave :)

Natural texture is everywhere in this house; sea grass rugs and runners, straw hats and baskets, wood frame twin beds (scored at auction for a mere $250 for the set), mirrors and old frames with peeling paint, and a french inspired market basket on wheels...

Notice that while the wall color comes across as white, it's actually soft grey (probably something close to Decorators White, which has a grey tint). This guest room has a little of everything, and proves that it is ok to mix and match, high & low priced items, as well as old & new.... Old twin beds, old bedside table and mirror, new lamp, new bed linens.
Fresh flowers go without saying!!

In the kitchen, a small nook has been carved out of the corner, making breakfast an amazing experience. Quite frankly, I probably would spend a LOT of time in here, it looks so cozy :) Again, notice the restrained color pallet and the natural finishes. The two chairs were found at a flea market, cushions were reupholstered and the gilded frames were stripped, voila!

Now this is a bit unorthodox in my book, but non the less... Mirrors above the stove... I don't know, what do you think? One part of me is finding this silly, as I am thinking about the dust and cooking grease (read... impossible to keep this gleaming), and an other part of me says why not?? If you have the mirrors (or other collection) should you not display where ever you want to? Enjoy their beauty and deal with the hassle when it presents itself?? 
Hmmmmm...... something to ponder for the day :)
In this case the mirrors work with the rest of the house.

Yep, here is another example of what I have been saying in a few other posts... bring out your everyday items, display them in a beautiful manner and enjoy the simple things. I just love how this little tray brings a little texture to the kitchen shelf, and it's the oldest trick in the book, keeping items contained and grouped without chaos. Notice how Toby has incorporated not only mirrors in a very clever way into her house, but throughout the home are many sea shells, starfish and other sea creatures mixed in, adding to the relaxed feeling of the home... I am a fan, no doubt about it!

Do any of you know where to find a good set of black, bamboo handle, silver ware?? I have seen the classic natural bamboo pieces around, love how that looks, but the black ones really look chic, would LOVE to get my hands on them.

SO... mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the... coolest... of them all?


All images by Patrick Cline for Lonny Magazine


June 17, 2012

Sunday Flowers

Just a quick note today, trying to keep up the Sunday Flowers post "schedule" :)
By the way, do you like this little series??

I am so loving how this fresh, green, foliage looks, it just proves that if you don't have flowers in your garden to cut from, or if buying a few stems is not in the budget, that you can still have a beautiful bouquet!! Get out there with the shears, there is still lots to pick from, I am sure!

Here in Florida, I once in a while cut a palm leaf and put it in a tall clear glass vase, I find that it brings great color and "coolness" to my space... I like the vase to be as simple and discreet as possible, similar to the bottle above. Adding a little something to your vignette - i.e. the green glass bottle -  just finishes the layered look, but in my opinion does not subtract, nor distract from "the star".


Image via Northern Light on Pinterest

June 15, 2012

(Friday) Morning Java

So yes, I have been going a little country lately, I know :) I hope you don't mind?

As we "speak" this ironstone pitcher is filled with yellow and orange roses, but they are on their last day, so no picture today, however, this pretty image will have to do as you enjoy your Morning Java.

Again, I am encouraging you to style up your everyday cups and plates, adding fresh flowers and leaving out your fresh fruit, not only for visual, but for easy access :) Wouldn't it be wonderful to start your day in a spot like this? Little bit of melon, an english muffin, beautiful fresh eggs (I'm thinking Martha Stewart would be proud of this bowl of soft hued farm eggs :) ) and the piece de resistance... French Press coffee maker!

- I have a confession to make. For our wedding we were given a French Press coffee maker, and every time I try to use it, the coffee is either too strong or not strong enough... really frustrating!! Do any of you have any tips for me??


Image via Pinterest

June 12, 2012

Loving the texture!!

While I am not entirely sure Suzani's are still "it", I for one have never stopped loving them!! You?

This little image speaks to me in so many ways today... As you know, I am all about the white interior and would never say no to a white slipcovered "anything"!  :)
The stone fireplace grounds the space beautifully, and the warmth of the wood in the asian inspired chest keeps things casual, it's as if you almost don't see the big tv on the wall...

Oh, yeah, and the Suzani it's amazing, don't you think??
Get your throw here, these are the best :)


Image via Green Street Blog on Pinterest

June 11, 2012

Sunday Flowers (On Monday)

Beside my sofa I have a white painted tray table, it holds a beautifully carved teak lamp
(one of my first purchases for our home, and while our style has evolved, I still can not give it up...)
but otherwise the display changes weekly.

This week a wonderful book (by Pottery Barn, no longer available) is on display, and a single rose
from this weeks bouquet... I love to match up an interesting book with my weekly flowers,
a trick picked up from my mother (hi P!).

In my travels I have picked up this pretty little bud vase in glass, it comes in so handy when a bloom has broken off a stem, or if it's a single flower. Anyone out there who "matches" their flowers, books & / or decor??
I have friends that like to tease me, that I am the only one who would take the time to do something like this, however... I find that it's the little touches that make me happy (!) and why not make your home beautiful?

Hope you have a wonderful start to your week :)


Images NHH for the Northern Light Blog

June 10, 2012

New on the Virtual Newsstand...

I have just had a wonderful (long) quiet moment, pouring over the newly released Lonny Magazine June / July 2012 issue.  This is such an awesome issue all around!! Fantastic Summer Getaways, Hamptons Entertaining style and a Westhampton Hideaway I would love to hide out in!!! :)

While the interior design features in this issue are right up my alley, I particularly liked the Expert Advice from Elizabeth Blitzer. Things are changing in a big way in my personal life, so this struck a cord with me...



Vingette photographed by Patrick Cline via Lonny 

June 6, 2012

Icelandic Beauty!!

So, this is the image that stopped me in my tracks today. Of course I immediately recognized the famous Egg chair by Arne Jacobsen, but what really grabbed my attention were all the artifacts in the bookshelf!
I mean, look at this image, it's hard not to stare for a little while, right??

I did a little research, and found out that the home belong to Interior Architect  Rut Karadottir, who has earned her "stripes" in Rome, Italy. She has returned to her roots and now call Reykjavik, Iceland home, where she also has her design business.

I am totally fascinated, and have studied these images throughly... I am drawn to the cool, white Scandinavian interior, but love all the warm touches of wood, woven baskets, pottery, candles, antlers, wool throws you name it, this interior has it all! Oh, and the design classics are there too :) Rut knows her stuff, no doubt about that!!

Through out the home, there are coffee table books stacked high for easy enjoyment and inspiration. Small universes of collected treasures, beautiful stones picked up on long walks and lots of candles. A wonderful "mix (of) modern design... ethnic finds."

Truthfully, to me, this is one of the most interesting homes I have seen photographed in a long while!
I am forever changing the display in my own bookcase, drawing inspiration from books, flowers & the beach, but also objects... You? Any favorite decor object??


All images by Trine Thorsen, Interiors by Rut Karadottir, found via est mag.

June 3, 2012

Sunday Flowers

Picking up where I left off yesterday...
A bouquet of flowers made up by the prettiest shades of purples, ranging from burgundy to lavender to white. I am all about picking the right vase or container for the style of flower, as well as the arrangement itself.

You can find vessels anywhere and everywhere... flea markets, home decor shops (of cause), floral shops (duh). But also at the big box stores, look for containers that are unusual, or super simple. I once picked up a dozen (seemed like a good number at the time) matte, white, ceramic toothbrush "cups" at a dollar each from the clearance rack. Nothing fancy, round at the bottom, square at the top and they come in handy when setting the table for a party!! Do you have a favorite vase?

Hope this arrangement brighten your day!!


Image via... ? 

June 2, 2012

Adoring this home!

If you didn't get the news yet... a brand new Adore Magazine is out, and BETTER than ever!! Chock full of super beautiful homes, and lots of shopping so you, too, can get in on all the beautiful accessories and artwork. This particular home is my favorite (in this issue of Adore) as it has such happy pops of color, eclectic collection of furniture, all the while keeping it light and beachy.

In my daily work it's not often I comes across a client who is this daring, willing to commit to purple.... But I, for one, totally love how this beach house is white, light and cheerful!! What do you say? Now, I know you will all be falling in love with the Hawaiian Hula Girl vintage poster, so I have sourced it for you (here)... you are welcome ;)  An other home in this issue belong to Mariska Meijers, who I was lucky to meet at an event in Miami a while back. She also has this really great purple chair in her living room.... Do I spy a trend?

Happy June!!


Images via Adore Home
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