March 17, 2013

A New DAY...

It's been a long while since I set foot in the DAY Birger & Mikkelsen Flagship store in Copenhagen, but with the full on launch of DAY Home, I can hardly wait till my next visit!

The shop is a beautiful two story black & white space, with tons of natural light, amazing clothes and accessories. From time to time I have been able to find a little home accessory (one of my first purchases was a chinese calligraphy brush, with the most amazingly carved jade handle, before these were all the rage, and I still have it). 

I am so happy to see an expansion of the Home pieces... Pillows, art, accessories, something for everyone. Scandinavian coolness mixed with exotic flair, creating just the right mix of texture and interest. 

While color is present in the Home Collection, the classic Black & White combo, so well known in Scandinavia, is ever present... lots of interesting patterns!

All images from the DAY Birger et Mikkelsen Blog. I encourage you to check it out, it's full of behind the scenes images, visits to Oslo and Hong Kong are just a few destinations featured. Enjoy!

Happy Sunday :)

March 14, 2013

Completely Random

Completely non related images today, just because they are pretty :)  Enjoy!


Images via bellaMUMMA

March 11, 2013

Cottage Industry

Location, location, location... this adorable 900 sf Santa Monica 1930's Cottage didn't start out so pretty. As a matter of fact, it was billed as a teardown, but was in a "friendly walkable neighborhood", and had potential :)

Ceilings were raised, walls were painted white, a small addition (250 sf) was built to enlarge the master bedroom, ad a second bathroom and a closet.

In the kitchen, skylights were installed and a custom stain was added to the wood floors.

Now lots of natural light bounce around this charming cottage, and what was once a dark brick fireplace has been painted white and clad with beautiful wood mantle, raising the piece to be a focal point, and perfect place for a cheerful piece of leaning art.

Nothing like a glossy pop of color to welcome homeowner Julie Hart at the front door!!

Hope you enjoyed this tiny cottage, I think the owners did a great job in "lightning and brightening" what was once a dingy teardown. If you would like to see the before pictures cheek them out here.

Happy Monday!!

All images by Lisa Romerein via Sunset

New on the Virtual Newsstand...

Well, as it's the 10th of the month, I went searching for a new Lonny and what I found was much more surprising than expected!!!

Did you hear??
Editor in Chief Michelle Adams is leaving Lonny to explore new opportunities!!


Well, I wish Michelle Adams well, and am excited to see what becomes of the Lonny I have come to know and depend on for excellent sourcing and newness, perhaps a new direction? Time will tell :)

While this issue was dubbed the Kids Issue, I enjoyed getting a last glimpse of Ms. Adams new(est) apartment, really LOVE this art wall she has created in the bedroom, familiar art we have seen in the pages of Lonny...

My absolute favorite image in the entire magazine is of this African feathered headdress, a flea market find, now calling Michelle's apartment home. 

As a Scandinavian myself, I must give a nod to the Field of Dreams editorial, straight from Sweden. The summer home of stylist Jennifer Jansch is waaayyyyy more eclectic than my taste, but you gotta love the light and feeling of endless summer!! Oh, and the color of the home remind me of my parents home in the Danish countryside (you can see that house here).

Happy Monday!!

All images via Lonny

March 9, 2013

Scandinavian House Love!

It is no secret that I am a sucker for natural light and an overall white home with black accents and lot's of texture... this villa in Odense, Denmark, ticks all those boxes for me!! 

Above, a peek into the large office space with the super cool artwork by Sanne Hjermind. The desk is custom made and as you can see below, there are compartments below the glass, like a giant shadowbox...

What was once several smaller rooms, have been opened up and the wonderful Scandinavian day light streams through the windows, bathing the interiors in light! Accent colors are kept muted and there is lots of texture to keep it interesting.

I bet that fireplace was not always black... but how great does this look?? Love the antiqued mirror above, makes the black less harsh. 

In the kitchen it is easy to see the owners love for furniture classics!  

... and if you can't find the exact piece of furniture you are looking for, have it custom made to measure, just as this console table :) 

I think this little wall just might be my favorite spot in the house... Loving the entire vignette; the black & white photographs from Bali, the wooden chinese box, the Buddha, the clay pottery, it all makes this space feel interesting and "lived in"!

Have a fun weekend!

All images via Femina

March 5, 2013

New on the Virtual Newsstand...

Finally! I have been longing for a new e-mag and today the brand new matchbook launched featuring the beautiful and talented Sheridan French.

While the magazine has a lot to offer, they saved the best for last, well, make that page 88, where the interview with Sheridan starts. Loved getting to know a little more, always interesting to me how designers "live behind the scenes"!!

... and if you would like to get your hands on that long skirt, it can be yours by clicking here. You are welcome :)     - only I have a question for Ms French.... How come the fabulous Lillian skirt color is called the Pink Palm, when the leaves are Fiddle leaves....? Just asking :)

Enjoy reading!

Image via Matchbook

March 3, 2013

Sunday Reading

A while back, I think it was in the Fall, I saw some images of this book on the web, thinking to myself how beautifully photographed these gardens looked, and to possibly get my hands on the book. No attempt on my part to actually acquire the book was made.... and subsequently I forgot about the book!

While shopping for a client the other day, I stopped by Spruce Home & Garden and there it was... Open to the above page, I immediately recognized the image... the style of the photograph had stayed with me! I picked up the copy that was to be mine, hurried to have it put aside, and continued on the mission at hand; Shopping for a client, not for myself :) One for you, one for me...

Now... I almost want to crawl into this birdbath, just to admire the view from my "tub", but really... How unbelievably beautiful are these blue Hydrangeas??

Foxglove remind me of summer, but to be fair, I am actually not sure this is a summer blooming plant... 

I could not wait to get home to sit in a quiet corner, savoring this book. Stacy Bass has an impeccable eye for composition, drama and for capturing the light, the dew, the fog. This books takes you through some rarely seen private gardens in the North East. The stories of the evolution of the gardens, the people who planted and cared for the gardens... just beautiful!! For all the gardeners out there - or those who long for a garden - this book is amazing!!! I read it in one long sitting, cover to cover.

If you are looking for eye candy for your coffee table, this is definitely worth your while :) 
How wonderful would it bee to come home to a white picket fence, complete with  Musk roses spilling over in abundance? Sign me up!! 

Happy Sunday Reading,

All images Stacy Bass

March 2, 2013

Beach Cruising!

It's no secret that I have not been fond of bikes... Growing up in Denmark, where you bike everywhere and in all kinds of weather, I simply lost my  interest in riding a bike EVER again!! But something has changed... my husband is a tri-athleth and is obsessed crazy about his bike, so it's kinda rubbing off a little. Just a little! For the record, you will not find me out there with the peleton any time soon, just so we are crystal clear :)

The images below are more in tune with what I had in mind!!!!

We live fairly close to the beach, and the highway running along the ocean is the perfect stretch to bike! Also there are a ton of charming small streets with amazing homes and cottages all along the beach stretch, so I figured I would join the Beach Cruiser community and get a single speed cruiser. I want to be able to ride up to the beach - it's close to impossible to park the car anyway - and also be able to bike through all the small and charming streets!

I loved the look of the above Beach Cruiser, so I did a little research and found it! I ordered it from California which might seem a little silly, but I wanted the bike just so! White everything... still didn't order a basket, but I will, and it, too, will be white :)

My husband now thinks that I will be his water-girl when he is training for the running part of the Tri... we shall see :)

Happy Beach Cruising!

I ordered this Firmstrong Bella Fashionista Single Speed White bike. As simple as they come. I ordered it from this shop, and so far the customer service has been outstanding! My Cruiser arrived Saturday afternoon, of cause it's freezing here in Florida this weekend, but I can't wait for a warmer day!!

Image #1 - #3 via, Image #4 via

March 1, 2013

Color Study...

Today's post is a small collection of images in bright lime green... Flowers and a single Lime. The images caught my eye, and remind me that spring is just around the corner! I like the natural progression of the lime green, mixed with grey for contrast... interesting little color study.


Image #1 via, Image #2 via Enkla Ting, Image #3 via house number 15
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