January 5, 2015

Citrus Season!

Happy - belated - New Year, to all of you, who still hang in there with me!

A new year, how exciting!! A new year calls for a fresh start, and what better start than to infuse your life with a little Lemon? Be it a tall glass of cold water infused with tasty lemon, or a hand soap, even a fancy Wet Nap will make you feel so refreshed!! I picked up these amazingly fragrant Meyer Lemons at the market the other day, sooooo good!

Almost too pretty to open…

These little easy-to-bring-along towelettes are amazing, not sticky and subtle in their fragrance :) Just a little pick-me-up on this first Monday of the New Year.

Make it a Happy one!

Image #1 NHH for the Northern Light Blog, Image #2 & #3 via Terrain

December 24, 2014

Birthday Celebration

Is anyone even still following along with this blog?? 

If you are still out there, you are in for a treat today :) Not only did I decide to come out from the shadows, but you will be served up a few super pretty images of a Birthday Celebration for a one year old! - nope, not Lilly's, but Eva's… I don't know Eva, but she sure is darling :)  I came upon these images after I researched a dress by Coco and Ginger of Bali, and you know how the internet swallows you up sometimes…

Tee Pee perfection if you are a one year old, I suppose, but I was drawn to the "water colored" balloons! Don't they look fun? The feathers below were hand painted for the occasion, and wait to you see what they were used for…

I mean, really… such cuteness, love the feather inspired cookies!

And a Dream Catcher! The theme was soo well executed, I can feel the boho vibe of this miniature birthday party, right through the images!!

Eva is not only adorable, but she was very lucky to have such a beautiful and girly birthday party, as her first. It set's the tone for what is expected going forward, does it not?? :)

If you still follow along, Thank You so much, obviously it has been slim pickings this year! I find that it has been really difficult to find the time… being a FT mom, and working PT, there simply have not been enough hours in the day, so something had to give, I am sorry to say. I do post a lot to Instagram, so if you care to follow along there, this is the link. I will try to do better in 2015!

Hope you have had a fantastic year!!


Images via a_little_stylish and thecakethateateparis, both in IG

July 17, 2014

White Beauty

I have always loved bougainvillea, to me they are synonymous with Summer & Sun, though the ones I have been drawn to have been hot pink or magenta… 

Now… well, look at these white versions in all their glory, how pretty are they???

Happy summer, y'all!

Images via Northern Light Design on Pinterest

July 6, 2014

Nectar and Stone; Sweet Edible Art

I'm totally smitten!! … and when I am done with this post, so will you be, no doubt about it!!

Everyday I am treated to an amazing, delicious-in-every-way photo from nectar and stone, via my Instagram… I study each image; I can almost taste the chocolate and the cake, imagine the sugar jewels in my hand, smell the scent of the flowers… an absolutely beautiful experience, for all the senses!!

The designer in me, is loving everything about this picture…LOL! I mean, paint chips for color inspiration!! Think about this for a minute. Perfect for a pulled together party, color coordinated desserts, does it get any better??? :)

Mini cupcakes with the most luscious colored frosting…

Yes, Please, I will take a box of those!! I mean, really, so tasteful and elegant! Even the amount of a few sprinkles and chocolate shavings. Perfection!!

The macaroons… so delicate, love the color coordinated "drizzle". The devil is in the detail for sure.

Chocolate "anything" goes over well in my book, how pretty are these miniature cupcakes? 
I'm thinking baby shower…

Edible gold, such a pretty little detail.

... I mean, really? Are you drooling yet?? The complete attention to detail, in every sense of the word! Nectar and Stone have figured out how to stand out, how to please all the senses, in one amazing moment!!

If you would like to see dessert Designer Carline's full website, it can be found here. I love to follow her Instagram page - all the sweet goodness, without all the calories - and there is a Facebook page as well.

Bon Appetit ,

All images via nectar and stone website & IG page.

June 6, 2014

Nursery Cuteness! Vol. II

I know, I know, Too cute for words, right?

Came across this little  "Nursery Made for a Future Fashionista" story over on the Domaine website. I just had to share!

We have all - I think - at one point or another been trying to figure out how to incorporate these baby Animal Portraits into our lives - they are all so cute - and what better way than in a Nursery??

What do you think of the soft blue, painted, trim work?? (It's Arctic Blue #2050-60 from Benjamin Moore). 
I think it is so fresh and pretty, totally balances out the feminine wallpaper, and makes this room even more light and pretty!!

Should you want more product info, such as this cool wallpaper, head on over to Domaine.


All images via Domaine

New on the Virtual Newsstand...

Keeping it Short & Simple today. Few new Magazines on the Virtual Newsstand for you to check out…

Rue magazine makes me want to redo everything on my back patio, if only I could get rid of the mosquitos… This looks great, and I really like the dark market umbrella!!

… and then there is Matchbook magazine, with the coolest little story on Emily Henderson… LOVE her and her sunny and fun style :)

Happy Friday Reading!!

Image #1 via rue, Image #2 via Matchbook

May 30, 2014

Tropical Trend Watch

So, as it stands right now I "don't get out much"… That is, I do get to the park and an occasional visit to the mall from time to time, but with a baby, most of my shopping these days happens on the internet… well, research at least ;)

I - like so many of you - love Instagram, and I have found so many new resources (read; adorable Etsy shops) and from time to time while the baby is napping, I find myself getting lost looking at beautiful pictures from near and far. One trend that I have spotted (see, I do still pay attention) is that of big tropical leaves. Ok, so maybe you won't see me in a bikini this year, but if I were to pick one, this would be it! Did I mention it's a bargain?

… and if you are looking for the trend in a miniature version, I would select this Dolce & Gabbana dress and bloomers, I think is's so cute and kinda retro, but in a cool way.

… personally, I am trying NOT to hit the Sold Button for this D&G dress for baby Lilly! So, So cute, but really, how many dresses can one girl have, let alone in this caliber?? 

If you think this trend is cool, but would rather keep it inside, here is a fun PJ from India Hicks.

Happy Weekend, y'all!

Image #1 via Target, Image #2 & #3 via Barneys

May 21, 2014

Still here...

So it's not like I am trying to avoid everyone, it's just that I can't seem to find the time to properly blog at the moment! I have tons of ideas, lots of interesting spaces to show you, and millions of baby pictures. However, I am trying very hard to be true to the Interior Design "theme", and not overwhelm you with Mommy & Me pics :) - trust me, there are tons of inspiration there - but should you feel a need to have a peek at those, I do share a few on Instagram, so feel free to follow along there!

Thank you for hanging in there with me :)
Hope your week is amazing!!


Photo credit Rob Domjen via theboathousebb
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