May 31, 2012

Virtual Newness...

Look what popped up in my mailbox this morning. A new Dabble Magazine! YEAH!! Just what I needed to lift my spirits, you don't even know :/ ....

A very cool young lady that I work with, just sourced this mirror for a project we are working on, or at least a very cool look-alike. Don't you just LOVE those lamps, the color is divine.

Have a fun, colorful, beach-y day,


Image via Dabble Magazine

May 27, 2012

Sunday Flowers

Hi there, Happy Sunday! 
This week I picked up these beautiful roses from a street vendor. From time to time, when I have cut flowers in the house, this particular vendor is my go-to guy! ... and take a look, aren't they just gorgeous??

Truth be told, they were long stemmed roses, but I like to cut them down a bit, as I feel that the really long stems are a bit to formal for my house.... also, I wanted to use this creamy white old ironstone pitcher, looks a little country, but I think it's really pretty :)

While they all came from the same bunch, some have opened faster than others. They bring such a smile to my face, hope they brighten your day as well!!

Some of you are enjoying an extended weekend due to various different holidays, here in the States it is Memorial Day Weekend, which means honoring the ones who serve and have served, as well as BBQ's, parades and pick nicks.

What have you been up to? Did you go to the farmers market?
Did you leave town? Hope you feel like sharing :)


I separated five stems, from the two dozen roses, cut them way down & put them on my nightstand. If you want to see, cheek out the Northern Light Blog on FB. While you are there, show me how much you LIKE these images ;) Hint, hint!

All images NHH for the Northern Light Blog 
(if you borrow any of the above images, please link back, thank you!)

May 21, 2012

Power of Pink

... see those three pink glass sculptures on the console by the window? I came across these pieces in a local Interior Design Shop while shopping for a client the other day. While I was not looking for pink accents, they did catch my eye! Let me assure you they are as pretty in person as they are above, and very unusual in color...

Hope you have a great start to your week!!

Image via Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

May 13, 2012

Amazing Bougainvillea!

Ever since my first visit to southern Europe many years ago, I have had a sweet spot for Bougainvilleas!
How they sweep over buildings and cascade down fences and retaining walls, spilling their beautiful flowers into the road for all to enjoy... Living in Florida I have come to see them often, and in many different colors, ranging from hot pink to coral to white. I have also come to learn that they are thorny and need a lot of pruning to look good :)

The image above is from a very dear clients home, and this beauty frames the garages in a spectacular display of flowers! How wonderful would it be to see this every time you pull up to your house??

Happy Mothers Day to all of you out there,

Image NHH for the Northern Light Blog

May 11, 2012

May 7, 2012

Again... New on the Virtual Newsstand!

Have you heard?? The brand new House of Fifty is live, and this anniversary issue doesn't disappoint!

I was touched by the article written by John D., husband of founding editor Janell Beals... dealing with a potential life changing decision myself, this was an uplifting read :)

... and the yummy and healthy food in the beginning of the magazine;
I will be making the Watermelon & Feta salad for sure!

Go ahead, head on over there and see for yourself.

Image via HOF

May 6, 2012


Today I had a visit from the House Doctor.... Well, actually it's the other way around!
Anyhow, while taking a leisurely stroll through the new catalogue and blog, I came across the pretty dragonfly necklace above...

Hope your Sunday was fun!!

Image via House Doctor

May 5, 2012

Morning Java

It's Saturday morning and how wonderful would it be to start the day here at this pretty, bright spot?

Make your favorite coffee drink, fill a pretty bowl with berries, be rejuvenated by the wonderful light and take in this wonderful display of everyday cups and bowls. This reminds me of how important it is (to me at least) to make the most of everyday objects, make your surroundings so that you are happy in your home!! Order is a big factor for me, but of course I also have my share of mess, don't be fooled :)

The above image comes to you via the NEW rue magazine (Cassandra Lavalle's own digs are on display, my friends), so... go make that breakfast, bring your iPad or computer to a cozy spot and enjoy!


Image via rue 

May 3, 2012

New on the Virtual Newsstand... x 2

The home of Sarah Swanson is featured in the new Ivy & Piper Magazine. This home is a treat for the eye; A Cool, Clam & Collected space, lot's of texture and soft color, just beautiful!! You may already know Sarah as the writer of Flourish Design & Style Blog but now she can ad photographer to her already extensive resume...

... and then there is Matchbook Magazine.
Granted it's been up for a few days, I just had the chance to read it last night. Good stuff, people! The feature story on Serena & Lily is super inspiring, and don't we all need that from time to time? The image above is from designer Lindsey Carters home. A wonderful space filled with equally beautifully designed clothes :)

Happy reading,

Image #1 via I & P Magazine, Image #2 via Matchbook Magazine

May 1, 2012

That moment...

I want to share a cool thing that just happened... You know, THAT moment, when you find exactly what you have been looking for.

I came across this image above, the room is designed by Samantha Pynn Inc, and I just could not get that feather image out of my head....

To make a short story looooong, my feather "obsession" has been cultivated for years. Let me explain... While growing up in Denmark, long walks have always been part of the "routine", and often we would find feathers form all kind of different birds. Ranging from the really long skinny pheasant feathers, to the tiny little fluffy dotted and bright blue ones. My mother would often bring the really decorative ones home, they would become a piece of artwork in a windowsill or on a pin board.

This past September, I helped my mother look for artwork with feathers for a design project. We found a lot of different watercolor versions, but I had to leave before the project was finished, so I am not sure exactly what ended up on the walls...

SO, I do have a point, I promise :)
When I saw this beautiful photograph above the sofa, I just HAD to do some research. A colleague of mine also fell in love, and we just absolutely had to find it. Tonight I did! Via Pinterest (thank you very much for those back links) and here you go.... Photograph by Virginia Macdonald.

We are working on a project where this piece of artwork will be PERFECT, but even if the client nixes it, at least I know where to find it for next time...

Don't you just love when the stars align?


Image #1via Samantha Pynn IncImage #2 Photograph by Virginia Macdonald, via Art Interiors


Happy May!

So cheerful, don't you think?

I was all over town today, lots of research under my belt... & even managed to squeeze in a lovely cup of coffee with a dear friend. A dreaded dentist appointment started the day, but everything went well (if you must know, I am a big chicken in the dentist chair :/   )

I did a great deal of shopping... well, for clients actually! I found a LOT of great stuff, can't wait to share!
Hope you have a wonderful start to May!


Image via Tine K Home Blog
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