September 29, 2010


... Nope, not 1001 Nights Dream, that's not where I am going with this post :), one thousand and one books, perhaps!?

Look at this great reading nook! The ticking on the cushions and the bolster, the fresh soft-pink roses, the large soft pillow, perfect reading light.... Spending a cozy afternoon here would be alright with me!

At Lonny Magazine, this image is tagged as an office......    hmmmm, I don't think I would get a thing done, at least not for a while! On the other hand; how inspiring, every thing at your finger tips!

Too much, or just right??


Images via Lonny

Letters to write

Today is super rainy here in South Florida, Tropical Storm, actually.... What better time than this to catch up on a few notes?

Stay dry out there :)

Image Via Rue

September 28, 2010

House with a History

Interior Designer Kirsten Jersild lives in this old yellow house, in fact, she is the third (!) generation of her family to live here....

Old and new, classic and classics mingle in perfect harmony!
Black Vico Magistretti table and black Bestlite lamps are perfect companions in an all white space!
... And the picture wall warms up the space beautifully.

This old table, with it's peeling paint, is from Gotland in Sweden, and the chairs date back to the 1700's! Not only do I love the patina of these furniture pieces, but also how this area mixes so well with the modern black coffee table in the same room!

What a space for the tub!!!! Love that black, matte floor....

The re-done kitchen has the original fireplace; currently two beautiful, presumably french, church candelabras are displayed. At the end of the bright and light filled kitchen, is a door leading in to the owners sleeping quarters....

Not only was the dark, exposed  wood wall a surprise to me... it's almost rustic, and then again not... Beautifully edited antiques and a crystal chandelier to boot!

Perfect spot for the Louis XVI tall mirror! So simple and effective, not jut using the mirror for it's reflective surface, but showcasing the beauty of the mirror itself.

Ending this house tour with another beautiful moment. Love the contrast; dark and light, curves and straight edges, matte and shiny... Very, very pretty!

Interesting thought....
So few people have houses, that stay in their families for this long, but tell me; Why would you ever want to leave?


All images by Birgita Wolfgang Drejer for Bolig Magazinet

September 27, 2010

Chocolate Tolix

A little while back (here), I was telling you about this seemingly fantastic shop I was dying to visit, only it was closed the first two times I passed it....

Well, I was finally able to visit, on my very last vacation day, and it was SOOOO worth my while! I will be writing a post at a later date, about this FAN.TAS.TIC shop, for now just a teaser image :)

How great are those dark chocolate covered painted Tolix Chairs?
Designed in the 1930's by Xavier Pauchard, the Morais A Chair is produced by the French company Tolix. If you want a new, glossy chair they can be had via Pottery Barn, DWR, The Conran Shop and so many others....

I totally love these worn, slightly rusty, "soft" velvety rich chocolate ones!!


Image Mette Valbjoern

Happy Monday!

A little ray of sunshine in my in-box this morning... I was thinking I should share, as it made me smile :).  The pretty curves, the happy color, the leaves, the vase with simple greenery... Happy Fall!!

Hope you have a wonderful start to your week!


Image Via One Kings Lane

September 26, 2010

Cafe Life; Copenhagen Style

Remember this post?

While recently visiting Cafe Europa in Copenhagen, I took a few notes, wanting to convey the fantastic atmosphere of the place. I hope you enjoy my little "mood board"....

I am enjoying a late afternoon lunch, the waitress is talking about some tourists sitting outside - not knowing I am listening - "Two minutes and they will get up, figuring out it's too windy". Well let me tell you; It's forever windy in Denmark! I got prime realty, window seat and inside! My lunch was great; Real dark Rugbroed with smoked salmon, the coffee was super and the water cold! (In Florida the water is always luke warm...)  The service was good and with a friendly smile... I can tell the girl is not quite sure of what to make of me, as I write the notes for this post, she looks on curiously, but didn't ask any questions. The quintessential cafe chairs are lined up outside, as little soldiers, 37 + tables, and all but one free. At the very end of the row, where there is a sliver of sunshine sits a couple of die-hards! Cozy blankets are thrown over the backs of some of the chairs, a typical sign of fall!

Inside I am sipping my second latte. The floor is this great dark wood parquet, large windows between the exposed granite columns, worn leather seat cushions and flickering candles on each table. Great atmosphere and fantastic people watching!! Both the guys and the girls look chic; one guy is leaving, his suit is slim and he is tying a long scarf around his neck.... As I am sitting there, looking at everyone; tourists with there cameras, art school students sketching away, moms walking with their strollers, one girl stands out. She is apparently waiting for someone, as she is pacing the plaza. She is wearing tight skinny black jeans, saddle leather tall boots, very cool kimono style, fair island sweater, her blond her in a loose chignon, slightly windblown, dark sunglasses and a large oversize bag on her shoulder!

I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon, even if I did sit there a little longer than normal, taking it all in....


Image #1 via Flickr, Image #2 unknown

September 25, 2010

I'm still here...

... but I am in bed sick, sick, sick!

 And to make matters worse; my laptop is also sick.
It's completely non responsive.... Good thing the old office computer is still working, only my entire image library is on my laptop, hope it will be able to be restored!

Have a wonderful weekend!
I will be back posting next week, so stay tuned :)


Image via House Beautiful

September 19, 2010

Checking in...

Hi all,
just back from vacation, had a wonderful time!!!!

This will be a quick post, as I have a long week ahead of me, but just wanted to check in and say Thank You for all your comments, and kind wishes, during my vacation!

Nothing like a little vacation to get the creative juices flowing...
So..... I have a lot of "stuff" planned!

Stay tuned!


Photo By Dorrit Elmqvist

September 13, 2010

Black & White

My vacation is comming to an end and I was just thinking about all the pretty things I have seen! Some new, some old, even antiques....

I had the pleasure of visiting a few of the best antique stores in Copenhagen, and boy, it's really tough not to pick up stuff!!!!! 

Quite frankly I could have filled up a cabinet like this one (almost), and I am sure it would have been a lot of fun styling it..... just a thought :)

In a few days, actually, it will be on our last full day here, my mother & I are planning to visit one last, very cool looking antique store half an hours drive from the house.... Let's see if they are open on this day! We discovered this store while the owner was away in France on a buying trip, hence the store was closed. We re-visited on the next scheduled business day, but to our  my disapointment, the store was closed..... I guess someone was in need of a vacation day. The windows had been re-styled, so my hope is that we will be able to actually enter the store next time we visit... time will tell, and I will keep you posted!

Take care,


Image #1 & #2 Skona Hem

September 11, 2010

It's the Weekend...

Look what I found....
A fantastic collection of the ever popular SAMER bracelets. All the bracelets have handcut reindeer antler buttons as clousures, and come in many different sizes....

Other parts of the BeChristensen collection include handcut coral Skull charms. Personally, the skull thing is not for me....  These bracelets have 18k gold beads, and some are made with leather.

I know, I know... one thing has nothing to do with the other...         or do they? My thought was that not only do the colors work, but so does the materials! The leather, the stone, the circles (beads), the gold, the black, the wood.... What do you think?

Have a great weekend!
I will be back with more cool stuff from Denmark later!!


Image #1 - #2 via BeChristensen, Image #3 via the Roof Over My Head

September 10, 2010

Life & Work

During Copenhagen Fashion Week Malene Birger launched not only a new collection, but also a new book!

Life & Work; Malene Birger's Life in Pictures. The book is a collection of fantastic images from Malene Birger's two homes in Copenhagen, as well as two homes on Mallorca.

Many of her own black and white abstract paintings are included in the book.....

.... and during a fashion show, Malene Birger's clothing is on display, but so is her art work!

When visiting Copenhagen, you must visit her flagship store! It's fantastic, could have spent lots of cash in there; Ballerina shoes with tiny metal studs, comfy knitted cardigans, leather bags and clutches, cool jewelery! .... I was good .... I only walked out with the book :) Never mind that it's over two hundred-some pages & weighs a ton!

Check out this post on one of Malene Birger's homes, featured here on Northern Light earlier this year.

I walked around København for two days in my black boots, determined to blend in, but had to wear my dreaded sneakers the last day.... lot's of walking in Copenhagen, so be prepared!


Book Cover Image Via TeNeues.

September 6, 2010

Shopping; Copenhagen Style

.... one of my usual stops in Copenhagen is the always fantastic Rue Verte! Part Interior Design Store, part Clothing Emporium (with all the right lables!!), part Juice Bar.

In the basment one can find rare, and sometimes odd, but always very cool items for the home; fabrics, blankets, books, lamps, accessories etc.

Pondering how to fit the skull in my luggage.... just kidding!

Upstairs, clothing.... even if the prices are high, it's always worth a look!!

... and we all know shoes are a girls best friend :) !!!

Rumor has it that the world champ in coffee making is working at Cafe Europa.... I will be stopping by for sure! Oh, and it's in the middle of town, so the people watching is GREAT!
Check out their web page here.

The very chic Cafe Victor, is also on my list, perhaps a fancy dinner with Mr. Wonderful, who knows?

Should I be wearing my sneakers (dead give-away of a turist, but oh so comfortable) or my black boots (perhaps too warm) ??
Hmmmm....... I'll keep you posted!


Image #1 - 4 Rue Verte, Image #5 - 6 Flickr, Image #7 - 8 via Google search.

September 5, 2010

Polka dot

Finding this little polka dotted ceramic tray to be the cutest ever!
I happen to have a turqouise version.....
Find great styling inspiration at the La Dolce Vita Blog.

Happy Monday!


A new Day...

Evoking the feeling of fall...
The other day I visited the brand new Day Home store in Aarhus, and was able to see and touch some of these beautiful pillows! The colors are so pretty, and with fall just around the cornor, I could have been tempted to buy one of each!! But, both my mother and I fell in love with a pretty little black box, ingraved with a delicate design, and kept closed with a little piece of horn.... We did not buy it, but one never knows what might happen before I leave :)

Continuing with the fall theme, this bedroom has been dressed in fall colors, ever so slightly...
Notice the pretty moss green velvet pillows on the bed, as well as the bench at the end of the bed, upholstred in the same velvet.

Have a cozy evening!


Image #1 Day Home, photo by Ditte Isager, Image #2 via Traditional Home

September 2, 2010

Books I am bringing back....

Hi, just stopping by to let you know I have picked up the coolest book, and since I am indeed visiting.... I figured I would show you!

Planning to pick up this book, when traveling to Copenhagen next week..... (translates to : (A) Home after my (own) heart).

.... and I am posting this beautiful image, just because...
I found it (sorry, I forgot to write down the source) and wanted to share, as it is very nordic on so many levels; natural light, blond wood floors, white paint, huge windows, simple and unfussy furniture, indoor plants, right down to the ticking fabric on the sofa!

That's all for this time as I am on vacation.... :)

Take care,
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