April 22, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Today is my mothers Birthday, and I am sending flowers via the net :) This bouquet remind me a lot of how exactly she arranges flowers; different kinds, same tonality, interesting vase, very "english garden"...

... and there must be a card, right? this one from Terrain is PERFECT!!!

Since my father is visiting for a few weeks starting tomorrow, an actual "real" birthday gift will be accompanying him back home...



April 21, 2013

Fig Leaves...?

This coming week, we are hosting a very important guest from Denmark :)... My father! We are very much looking forward to his arrival and stay, and this weekend we are preparing the guest room.

Stumbled over this chic guest room on one of the House & Home Blogs, written by Margot Austin. This is her own guest room and I find it super cheerful. Yellow is typically not my thing, but this awning stripe is just so pretty, and watering it down with toms of white, a dark table to settle the room, makes it work for me. 

Side note.... Notice the ever so slight pops of light blue in the pillow design, and then look at the clever use of this color in the guest room, picked up by the bedside light fixture. GREAT!

Peter Dunham's Fig Leaf fabric fashioned into a great pillow, had me at Hello!!

I came across this super great Etsy Shop Spark Modern, where you can get your fill of accent pillows, including this version. 

Happy Sunday!

Image #1 via House & Home

April 20, 2013

A Breath of Fresh Air!

There is a blog from Down Under called Oliveaux, that I have been following for years now. Posts are sporadic at most, but still right in line with what I like, so I hang around! 
Oliveaux is an Interior Design firm in Brisbane, complete with a shop, if you neeeeedd instant gratification :)

The other day I was alerted to the fact that new images of a completed design project was up on the website, and I just had to see more, as the teaser images were bright and fresh...

Well accessorized and styled vignettes gets me every time, but in this image what caught my eye is the white painted, heavily carved coffee table, looks balinese... and really, can you ever go wrong with Blue & White?

I am forever looking for stylish closet doors, and these hit the mark!! Great use of space, love the mirrored doors, makes the space bigger, more glam, and no one should EVER leave the house without looking in a full length mirror... I'm just saying...

I have, in my own home, some really, really bad bifold closet doors that I can't wait to change out, these might be a contender.

I suggest you head on over to the gallery at Oliveaux and check out more great design work.
Hope you have a fun weekend!!


All images via the Oliveaux website.

April 18, 2013

Happy Spring!

Yesterday I had little time to do a Blog-crawl, saw lots of inspiring stories, beautiful photography and amazing fashion.

So, I share this bright and cheerful image with you, straight from the blog House of Philia (Sweden), in the hopes that Petra's photography will inspire you to straighten up you house and let the Spring in! I'm inspired, and will dig in to fix up my orchids today :)


Dutch Door Green

It's funny how one thing leads to another sometimes...

Currently I am knee deep in a "once-over" updating scenario at a clients home, and the project has started to evolve, beyond the original scope, which I am very happy with, and the client is excited to do, so that's a win-win situation! We are at the stage where you start to look around, suddenly things that looked ok before, needs updating now...

So, that leads me to todays post. I did not intend to show you Dutch Doors, you know, the "half-cut-off-in-the-middle-kind", that look so chic when hung on vacation homes or cottages...

BUT, I was chatting with my Paint Contractor this morning, and flirting with the idea of painting the Front Doors of my clients home a pow-color, we discussed taking the white exterior up a notch. Somehow I also got involved with the Landscaper, love that progression (!), and while we are replanting the entrance, it became clear that the front door needed a little help :)

SO... back to the Paint Contractor... I was thinking a fresh, bright green, like the one in the first image, he suggested "Dutch Door Green", which I have come to find out, is a deep, dark, beautiful green. I did not have that color in my fan deck, so a little research revealed the actual color, but also all these pretty actual Dutch Doors... and so this post was born.

I am fully aware that the above Yellow door is in fact not a Dutch Door, but I wanted to include it anyway, since it's just so cheerful :)

I live in a small community where we have regulations as to our facade, painting my Front Door a cheerful Yellow , Coral or Green is out of the question, unfortunately.

We have not yet decided on the clients FD color, I will let you know what we select, perhaps even post a before and after photo, stay tuned.

Have a cheerful day,

All images via Google image search

April 14, 2013

Prep Alert!

Just received my weekly email from OKL, and found the best Preppy & Playful pillows and throws on sale over there RIGHT NOW!!

The whale pillows would look so great mixed with other patterns on a white sofa, pops of color, prepster all the way...

... and this orange coral beauty remind me of a just finished project of mine in Ft. Lauderdale! Could have used a couple of these, but found others that spoke equally as well to the space and even included the homeowners love for chevron. A sneak peek of that project can be found here. Not able to show any more images as of now, as a magazine has shown interest in the project, so you will just have to stay tuned :)

Hope the weekend was great!

All images via One Kings Lane

April 11, 2013

New on the Virtual Newsstand...

Does a magazine cover get any prettier than this? Don't you just want to jump right in?

A new Lonny Magazine is just what I needed, now I just need to carve out a little time, perhaps over the weekend :)


Image via the Lonny Blog

April 5, 2013

New, New, New!!!

The word on Instagram a few days back, was the imminent launch of the new Black & Spiro website, by Australian Interior Designer Anna Spiro, and this morning it launched....

I was unable to access the link all day, as I am sure many of you were getting a first peek and "blocking" the rest of us :)... Well, I finally got through, and what a treat!! Loving the clear and sharp images, the unmistakable cool interiors of Anna Spiro. Pops of vibrant color, lots of Blue & White, table scapes to make you drool, fun mixture of new and old furniture...

I would recommend a tour of the new site, complete with FB page, Pinterest Boards and lots of inspiring interiors!!

Happy Weekend,

I found this article on the web today on Anna, an interesting read about the person behind the design :)

All images via Black & Spiro

April 1, 2013

No Joke!

So.... since it's April 1st, I could come up with some really elaborate story to tell you exactly why I have not been blogging, but in all honesty (for real!) I have been totally uninspired... started a few posts, but realized they were just an "attempt" at posting, so I didn't. I have been really busy with my design clients, and it has taken all my energy and time - that's a good thing! - so my creative juices have been completely monopolized by clients :)

Today I have had a chance to catch up, before I start again tomorrow.... Had a chance to look through the new Adore Home Magazine, and found some interesting interiors - a little over-the-top for my "world" - but fun to read about!

For all you lovers of Black & White Interiors, check out Megan Hess' Melbourne Home...

Here's to hoping for a more consistent blogging schedule in April :)

Thank's for hanging in there with me!!

Images via Adore home
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