December 29, 2013

Chill the Champagne!!

Hope your 2014 is filled with Fun & Laughter, Friends & Family, Interesting Opportunities and Lot's of Amazing Moments!

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!!


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December 28, 2013

(End of the year) Morning Java

The year is coming to an end, and what better way to say good bye than with a good cup of java, a healthy bite and gorgeous white roses??

… I received the most beautiful flowers from a client (now also a dear friend) the other day, for a peek, check out Northern Light Design on Instagram (or see the very bottom of this page).


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December 22, 2013

Sunday Flowers!

… so while most of the eastern part of the US is covered in a blanket of snow, I will cozy up with a blanket of my own, some beautiful white flowers and a crisp apple!

Happy Sunday,

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December 21, 2013


Snowflakes of a different kind!! Gingerbread cookies are just so yummy! When cut like these & dressed in sugar and frosting (pun intended), who can resist?? 

Perfect for the last Sunday in Advent! Enjoy…

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December 17, 2013

A little greenery...

… goes a long way!!

This is about the simplest decoration I have seen this season, so easy to do & so pretty !!


Images via Pinterest

Jewel Toned Christmas Sparkle

A while back I came across this decked out Christmas Tree, with all the ornaments hung according to color, and I just LOVE the way it looked… I have tried to track down the original image, but to no avail, so when I saw this (above) image on Pinterest, I just had to share! What does your tree look like? Color, tradition, white, silver…?

This year we do not have a tree, just too much to handle with a brand new baby, but if we did, I would love to have mixed all my silver ornaments with these rich purples and pinks!

Happy Tree Decorating :)

Images via Pinterest

December 13, 2013

Baby Update.

Just wanted you to see a few images of Baby Lilly. 
She is growing, both in size and personality, so much fun to watch!!

Hope this puts a smile on your face today :)

All images NHH for the Northern Light Blog

December 9, 2013

Hide & Seek

Inspiration hits at any time… Sometimes you look and you look, but nothing catches your eye, and then other times… it's right there in front of you, when you least expect it! My point is this… I was at the furniture upholster shop last week, for a client, and I walked in to a table stacked high with green-ish / teal-y colored buffalo hides. What in the world would you do with that color hide I asked, don't exactly remember the answer… sorry… but ever since I have been looking at skins and fur, not with anything particular in mind, but one never knows what might arise!

Sooooo, naturally I was instantly smitten by the Pop Up Shop by Yvonne Kone in Copenhagen and all her beautiful leather goods! I follow along from a far - via her blog & website - as I am in Florida, but she's on my short list for when I go back home to visit next!!!

THIS Shopping Bag is what I have my eye on!
Comes in a few different hides and colors, but I am drawn to this non-color, very neutral. 

Chic, right??

While I was hunting down the Shopping Bag on her website, I came across these Key Holders. Either color would work for me, but if I could ask for one, it would be the Glitter Sky (Silver) or the Snake Silver (last on the right).

I am finding, that now I am dealing with the added pressure of remembering my keys, the stroller, the diaper bag, my phone… and, omg where did I put the keys?? First outing with baby Lilly I actually walked out of the house with my handbag, but without her diaper bag…! Yep, that's right, rookie mistake!! :) Now I am wiser, BUT… the day will come when I leave the keys where they are not to be found again! 


All images via Yvonne Kone

December 7, 2013

Northern Light Design Work, Sneak Peek!

Yesterday was fun!!
I worked with a dear friend of mine, who happens to also be a photographer, as we photographed a Design Job I finished this past summer in North Miami Beach.

In the galley kitchen, I selected tumbled platinum hard ware with a ribbed texture, Calacata Oro Marble counters with a slight olive streak (for a top view, check out this image on the NLD Pinterest board) and long brick Thassos backsplash, set in a very light grey grout. 
Super pretty!!

Prior to the shoot, I picked up fresh flowers and other accessories. So much fun to be at the grocery store, selecting flowers for color and springing for those beautiful peonies, you normally would leave… I went for pops of color, as well as my trusted white hydrangeas! The design project itself is very calming and "non-color", it's all about the view!

… This image I took with my phone, as we were preparing to shoot the dining room properly. I just LOVE this Oly chandelier, not only does it look great straight on, but the shadows it casts on the ceiling are almost equally amazing!!

This is the other side of the dining room, also a cell phone shot. The art is my favorite here…
Not only are the colors muted, but the lacquered texture is amazing! Looks like water has been splashed on the painting itself, very cool :)

Stay tuned for more images on this project, I will share them with you soon!

Images #1, #3 & #4 NHH for Northern Light Design, Image #2 by CHB Photography

December 3, 2013

New on the Virtual Newsstand…

… while the above image has nothing to do with the two newly released issues of Lonny Magazine and Adore Home, I just felt that I had to stay in the Christmas Spirit! Click the links to check out the new mag's!

Happy Reading,

Image via (I think..?)

December 1, 2013

December 1st!!

Wishing everyone a very happy 1st Advent. 

The count down to Christmas has begun, but for me, it' always been about the entire month of December! Enjoying the atmosphere, the flickering of candle light, the smell of fresh pine and the aroma of good food cooking. 

Soooo looking forward to making our home a bit more festive; first ornaments are already on display, burning a holiday candle at all times of the day - the house smells great - and today I will be hanging the Christmas lights on our tiny picket fence. Can't wait to light them this evening, it is going to be so pretty!!


Image via

November 30, 2013

Textural Christmas

Natural textures, weathered ornaments and shells… It's all part of this little Christmas display. Here, it's all about layers, fresh greenery and atmosphere.

Fill a weathered pot with ornaments in muted colors, stack a few ornately carved frames and place candle holders, additional ornaments and votives in the empty spaces...

Faceted glass votives - by TineK Home -  makes the candlelight flicker ever so softly, and the 3D star ornament, well that's there for it's good looks ;) I think it's super pretty, and will do well on a tray as a display piece, but would probably get lost hanging on the tree - well, on my tree at least!

Happy decorating,

Images via Tusenfrojd

(Coral) Christmas

It's a bit of an unusual color for Christmas, but look how great this Coral color looks!
Very warm and inviting…

Coral ribbon makes this little vignette on the dining table a bit more festive! Such a great mix of candles, flowers, cones in different sizes, gold star confetti and a super cool Tom Dixon gold votive holder.

If space is an issue, why not just get a miniature tree? There are so many tiny ornaments out there, it should be a snap to decorate :) 

Inexpensive glass cylinders filled with a few blooms, colorful ornaments and candles makes for an easy display. Tie coral ribbon around the glass vase, and voila, instant color coordination, splash of color and a little feminine touch :)

I know, I know... I just had to start out early this year!

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November 28, 2013

Plum Perfect… with a touch of Gold.

Wishing everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving a wonderful day!
Here's a little late inspiration via Camille Styles (for full image gallery check out the link).

Have a great (long ?) weekend,

PS. Looking for more PLUM goodness…? Northern Light Design Pinterest Board

November 25, 2013

Monday Find...

I know…. What does a Humming Bird have to do with Christmas? 
I can't immediately come up with that answer, I don't even think there is a connection, BUT, I just thought this little fellow was adorable! He can be found via OKL, and also comes in green and golden. 

It's almost Christmas ;) 

Image via OKL

November 24, 2013

Planet... Flowers!

... some of you may be familiar with Life on Planet Baby, written by Jane Green, some of you may not... I came to "know" Jane when she was the winner - a long time ago - of a signed book contest here on the Northern Light Blog. I have been following along from a far, and as of late we have become Instagram friends as well. Jane has been posting amazing images of flowers from her garden lately, and while we are heading in the direction of cooler weather, Summer is just starting on the southern hemisphere. 

I am such a sucker for beautiful blooms, so I felt it was time to share. Feel free to follow Jane directly here, or check in with me here :)


All images by Jane Green, via Instagram

November 14, 2013

Black & White Cuteness!!

Since the birth of our baby girl, Lilly, we have been the lucky recipients of the most adorable baby clothes!! Needless to say, the majority is one shade or another of PINK! A few very generous gift cards were received as well, two were to Baby Gap, bringing me to the Baby Gap website... these few pieces caught my eye! So cute! 
Miniature makes everything cute, don't you agree?

... and I read somewhere in the Fashion Pages (don't ask me where) that a Pink Winter Coat is a must for everyone this season...? Well, I found this one, super cute but we're not quite there yet, as it's only been a month since Lilly was born.


Images via J.Crew Baby & Baby Gap

November 10, 2013

New on the Virtual Newsstand... (kind-a!)

Truthfully... you can't really go wrong with the tired and true Blue & White color scheme!
These beautiful images are from the new Matchbook Magazine, and they had me at "Jewel Box"... You'll see, turn to page 40.

I guess this is what happens when you go to the flower market, and is unable to make up your mind! - you just get one of each ;)

In the - fairly - new rue magazine, you can find a beautifully photographed country house and a delicious dinner party, perfect for the upcoming holiday season! I especially loved the cell phone tray, great idea!! ... a small platter set out for everyone to park their cell phones on, only to be picked back up upon leaving the dinner party, perfect conversation starter & perfect for dinner conversation :)

Happy reading!


Image #1 & #2 via Matchbook, Image #3 & #4 via rue

(Early!!) Morning Java

Nothing like a fresh brewed cup of latte in the morning... well, any time of day actually :) & now that Baby Lilly has arrived, an Early Morning Cup of Coffee is a must to kickstart the day!!

Trademark Anchor marks this cup from The Boathouse Balmoral Beach...

Two of my favorites... Coffee & Flowers!!

Have a happy start to your day :)

All images via The Boathouse Balmoral Beach, via Instagram
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