December 24, 2014

Birthday Celebration

Is anyone even still following along with this blog?? 

If you are still out there, you are in for a treat today :) Not only did I decide to come out from the shadows, but you will be served up a few super pretty images of a Birthday Celebration for a one year old! - nope, not Lilly's, but Eva's… I don't know Eva, but she sure is darling :)  I came upon these images after I researched a dress by Coco and Ginger of Bali, and you know how the internet swallows you up sometimes…

Tee Pee perfection if you are a one year old, I suppose, but I was drawn to the "water colored" balloons! Don't they look fun? The feathers below were hand painted for the occasion, and wait to you see what they were used for…

I mean, really… such cuteness, love the feather inspired cookies!

And a Dream Catcher! The theme was soo well executed, I can feel the boho vibe of this miniature birthday party, right through the images!!

Eva is not only adorable, but she was very lucky to have such a beautiful and girly birthday party, as her first. It set's the tone for what is expected going forward, does it not?? :)

If you still follow along, Thank You so much, obviously it has been slim pickings this year! I find that it has been really difficult to find the time… being a FT mom, and working PT, there simply have not been enough hours in the day, so something had to give, I am sorry to say. I do post a lot to Instagram, so if you care to follow along there, this is the link. I will try to do better in 2015!

Hope you have had a fantastic year!!


Images via a_little_stylish and thecakethateateparis, both in IG
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