May 26, 2010

Fashion, this will be my only post on the new
Sex and The City 2 movie! I promise!!

(Check out that fabulous Moroccan wedding blanket the girls are sitting on! I know where you can pick one up....)

I am going with the girls to watch the premier tomorrow evening, and I am looking forward to a show of outrageous fashion..... however, looks like some of the fashion has been toned down a little, and I really like what I am seeing! Right on trend with the fall fashion here in the states....

I just love this look for Carrie, so cool and sophisticated!
Perhaps she has grown up.... we'll see.

Hope you have fun at the movies this weekend!


Images via InStyle
(if you click on the images, as if to download, you will get the designer names etc....)

May 23, 2010

It's the weekend...

... and it's already over!

Had a very restful Sunday, looking at a long work week, looking forward to seeing old friends again!
... and then there is May 27th with the girls sipping cosmos and watching the premier of SATC2! Should be so much fun, can't wait ;)!!

Have a sweet week girls and boys!


Image via Snippet & Ink

May 17, 2010

Two for Two

I came across the blog A Country Farmhouse last month, and I must say the blog totally reminds me of where my parents live, and how my mother (hi P!) is always bringing in the most fantastic, big and small, bouquets from the garden......

I encurrage you to visit Trina and her fabulous home and blog!
You will love what you see, I am sure! I particulay loved her entry on An Old Fruit Tree, very sweet!


All images via A Country Farmhouse

May 16, 2010

Picture Perfect

Hi again, sorry for the silence.....

Thank you, to all of you who have been stopping by, I encourage you to leave me a comment, any language will do, they totally make my day!!!

I am sharing this image from Day, Birger & Mikkelsen with you, I have had it in my files for a while. I think the reason I have been hanging on to it, are the colors.... And looking a little closer I just realised I have the small silver box next to the shell necklace! You can just make out that it's a face, right? Actually, I purchased this "silver" box and also one in black. Originally I had intended to give one away to a friend of mine, but just could not split them up, once I got them back home.....

Have a wonderful week!


May 10, 2010


Here it is again, the subtle green color that has caught my eye several times!
Not only is Leigh's dress fantastic, but the fabric is!!!

She is one cool fashion girl, always looking super!

Spent the day with a friend yesterday, it was a very impromptu decision, but we needed some Retail-Therapy!
As it turned out, we had so much fun, it completely took my mind of off..... whatever...
I almost forgot how much fun G is, I had a great day!!!

Thank you so much, you are a great friend G!


Image via Stockholm Street Style

May 5, 2010

Just Because...

... I wanted to brighten you day!
Orange is such a happy color!!


Image via Design Is Mine

May 4, 2010


Just spent a few minutes on this website, and I couldn't help but wanting to share....
I just LOVE these product shots, making me wish for a trip to India!

I encourage you to click here and enjoy the journey!


Images via Anthropology

Peaceful living

I figured I would share this lovely patio with you, and two more gorgeous lanterns.

I just love how this patio is decorated as part of a room, makes you want to spend more time outside, even if you are in the middle of the city; in this case, a roof top terrace in Stockholm, Sweden.

Hope you have a really wonderful day!


Image Via Skona Hem

May 3, 2010

Just Because...

How pretty is this weathered lantern? I love the patina!
How about those amazingly girly curves, looks a little pagoda-like, don't you think?

... Lately I have been looking for the perfect lantern, and when this post appeared in my inbox, I knew I was onto something..... well, let's just say I was lucky enough to visit Hollywood Road in Hong Kong last summer, only I did not return home with red lanterns....

I have the perfect space in my new kitchen for a modern version of a lantern, I picked one up last week, not only is it pretty and decorative, but I predict it will come in pretty handy if we get hit (I HOPE NOT) with a hurricane this season.

Have a great day!


Image via Snippet & Ink

May 2, 2010

... and so I did!

Well, when you know "You Know" as they say, and
I changed something.
I am starting a new job tomorrow, super exciting!
A little terrifying......

I am sure it will be a huge challenge and I hope I can live up to the expectations, mostly my own. I have just left a job of 15+ years, and so many former coworkers, clients, vendors, friends and family have been wishing me well on this next step in my life.

THANK YOU for your support!!

To the Pursuit of Happyness! (as in the Will Smith movie ;) )


Image via Black*Eiffel
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