June 6, 2014

Nursery Cuteness! Vol. II

I know, I know, Too cute for words, right?

Came across this little  "Nursery Made for a Future Fashionista" story over on the Domaine website. I just had to share!

We have all - I think - at one point or another been trying to figure out how to incorporate these baby Animal Portraits into our lives - they are all so cute - and what better way than in a Nursery??

What do you think of the soft blue, painted, trim work?? (It's Arctic Blue #2050-60 from Benjamin Moore). 
I think it is so fresh and pretty, totally balances out the feminine wallpaper, and makes this room even more light and pretty!!

Should you want more product info, such as this cool wallpaper, head on over to Domaine.


All images via Domaine

New on the Virtual Newsstand...

Keeping it Short & Simple today. Few new Magazines on the Virtual Newsstand for you to check out…

Rue magazine makes me want to redo everything on my back patio, if only I could get rid of the mosquitos… This looks great, and I really like the dark market umbrella!!

… and then there is Matchbook magazine, with the coolest little story on Emily Henderson… LOVE her and her sunny and fun style :)

Happy Friday Reading!!

Image #1 via rue, Image #2 via Matchbook
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