April 29, 2012

Lucky me!

Came home from work Friday evening and out of the corner of my eye, I saw something fuchsia sticking out of the lantern by my front door... Closer inspection revealed a tiny branch with two beautiful orchids. My neighbor is an orchid grower and he had left me this tiny little beauty, lucky me!! The leaves are thick and waxy, different from any other orchid I have ever grown.

When thanking him, he quickly stopped over with two more branches of a different kind, and now I have this little arrangement on my tray table. It is such a bright spot on an otherwise rainy and cloudy day.

The kindness of "strangers" goes a long way!!!


Image by NHH for the Northern Light Blog. (if you borrow, kindly link back)

April 28, 2012

It's raining..

I know, I know.. totally adorable!!
Today is a rainy day here in my part of the world, but that's ok. I have stuff to catch up on, dinner plans with special friends, and overall a productive weekend ahead.
What are you up to? Anything FUN??


Image via Northern Light Blog on Pinterest

April 26, 2012


I stumbled upon this little collage of lovely images while patrolling Pinterest the other day... Just wanted to share :)


Image via Stilinspiration on Pinterest

April 19, 2012

L'Wren Scott in Paris

Just came across this super chic apartment in Paris, and just had to share. It is owned by L'Wren Scott and has just been photographed by Francois Halard for Vogue. Not only is the light fantastic, but the mix of furniture and art is amazing. After studying the images I have two favorite spots!

The above table and sculpture with the contemporary art in the background, as well as the bedroom. Those deep raspberry red silk dupioni drapes are amazing, and pared with the Suzani on the bed... super cool!!

Heather (Habitually Chic) is on the ball as always, so if you would like to see the entire Paris Apartment, head over there. OR, stop by Vogue.


Image via Vogue

April 16, 2012

I'm still here...

... and I am hard at work :)
I have not had much free time to blog, I am sorry, but exciting things are happening!!! I wish I could share a little more, and eventually I will...

Yesterday I picked up the Coastal Modern book by Tim Clarke, just the right kind of Sunday reading I needed!! Totally inspiring and beautifully composed.


Image #1 via google, Image #2 via Tim Clarke

April 11, 2012

domino craze...

Guess what? The day has come where domino is back in business!!! Yesterday, via FB, I found out that the long awaited Special Edition is out, and if you live in NY, you have probably already seen it on the newsstand??

Tell me, is it amazing?? I can't wait for my copy!!!!


Image via domino on FB

April 6, 2012

Fresh Flowers!

Stopped by the local flower stand (actually, this is at the local health food store), and the display of flowers was amazing... how do you just pick one? Do you go with what looks best? Do you go with color? Or white? Do you buy one of each, and no groceries...?

This holiday weekend I went with these bright and cheerful Hyacinths... They are not that common in Florida, so I grabbed the chance to change it up a little, never mind that they were a fortune, sometimes you just have buy that luxury item you can't live without! - and in this case, that's two bunches of hyacinths, which I am sure will keep me smiling the whole weekend and hopefully next week as well :)

Hope your Easter weekend will be fun!

Image NHH for the Northern Light blog. If you borrow, please link back!

April 5, 2012

New on the Virtual Newsstand...

It has been a few days since I received the email, that the new Matchbook Mag was hitting the virtual world, but I have - honestly - been too busy to dive in...

I have now added the fantastic store Rummage, to my list of must visits.
Kishani's treasure trove of a store begs to be explored further!!

... and who doesn't like a Love Story? Check out the wonderful article on Ann & Sid Mashburn. I wish there was a south Florida store to explore!!

Have fun reading!

Images via Matchbook Magazine

April 4, 2012

Coastal Calm Charm.

... ok, so say that fast five times :)

Just absolutely loving the relaxed vibe from this Australian home! The linen covered sofas, the natural wood coffee table, the dogs, the shells, the stone floor... check out those glass containers filled with shells, starfish and sea urchins. I really like that they have been kept separate, so to better see and appreciate the texture, shape and color of the individual species.... just an observation!
LOVE the all over clam - coastal - vibe! To read the full story and to see more images from this home, check out the new Adore Home Magazine.


Sorry for the radio silence, I have been super busy finishing a few smaller projects, and time got away from me :)

Images via Adore Home
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