April 6, 2012

Fresh Flowers!

Stopped by the local flower stand (actually, this is at the local health food store), and the display of flowers was amazing... how do you just pick one? Do you go with what looks best? Do you go with color? Or white? Do you buy one of each, and no groceries...?

This holiday weekend I went with these bright and cheerful Hyacinths... They are not that common in Florida, so I grabbed the chance to change it up a little, never mind that they were a fortune, sometimes you just have buy that luxury item you can't live without! - and in this case, that's two bunches of hyacinths, which I am sure will keep me smiling the whole weekend and hopefully next week as well :)

Hope your Easter weekend will be fun!

Image NHH for the Northern Light blog. If you borrow, please link back!


  1. Happy Eater Natasha!
    Beautiful flowers. I bought pink this weekend to match the Easter decorations.
    PS Yes that photo of the Easter cotton tail was very cheeky ...my husband liked it though!! Just well I only have female followers!!!

  2. Hvor er de flotte!
    Ha en god uge...


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