October 13, 2013

The Nursery

The time has come, after many, many requests from friends and family near and far, to please share Baby L's room decor with everyone... So here we go, these are the elements of the room; When I have a quiet moment, I will take some actual images of the Nursery. 
It was my intention to do an all white nursery with pops of Coral, absolutely no pink! I was even considering blue... Turns out there really is not a whole lot of Coral baby stuff out there, at least not while I was trying to get this together, in between client projects. I found some super pretty fabrics on my travels, but that just meant that I would have to have everything custom made... and that's was not happening! 

SO, Hot Pink it was, all the while still sticking to the "All White" and I am happy with the outcome!

We registered for this Pink Hearts Crib Skirt and Blanket from Land of Nod, and was lucky to receive it quite early on, it set the tone, and I think it's darling!!

A comfortable chair is a must, I hear! I selected this Wing Back Chair from RH baby & child, it glides / rocks & swivels, has a slipcover, so it's easy to wash. It's one of the first things that arrived, and I just LOVE it, so comfortable.... well, ask me in a month or so, if I still think so... ;)

Got to be comfortable and spill proof, so this leather pouf just had to come home with me... I have always been wanting one, and this was my chance! + the added benefit; no hard corners and the right height for Baby L to climb :)

The dresser / changing table... Long story short; This was a VERY nice Baby Shower gift from two Clients, however, the price for these things are crazy - and I am in the business - sooooo, I found a floor model, in a not so pretty cream-ish yellow color with round wood "country" knobs. Needless to say, not what I had in mind, but the slightly modern lines of the dresser legs spoke to me, so I sent the dresser to my furniture re-finisher, who finished it in High Gloss White, and now I LOVE how it looks.

These Glass Knobs I had put on the dresser, rather than the round wood ones it came with...

For a little bit of the unexpected, I found a similar Antique Elephant Garden Stool, she is so darling and she makes me smile... (Our Elephant is White all over, has a broken trunk that has been reattached - part of the charm - and where this one has blue flowers, ours has pink flowers.) My husband on the other hand, after carrying it ever so carefully up to the room, was not so happy with my purchase to say the least... "You spent what ?" & "We need an Elephant ?? Really ?" is what comes to mind. Now that it's all together, I think he gets it, but would never tell me ;)

We were in desperate need of a light fixture, and just picked up the Floor Lamp version of this lamp. I chose to show you this one, as I really like the lines and detail... the all white, with the "brass" hardware and Black & White Fabric cord.

As for Art... I am awaiting a large piece back from the frame shop. A very similar image of a white orchid, only it's hot pink inside. I selected an 8 ply matte (thick) and about 4" wide, with a High Gloss White simple modern gallery frame. Can't hardly wait to see it done!!

Many years ago we purchased a series of color photographs, all white roses while on vacation in New England. I had them re-framed with white mattes and white frames, but have not hung them in the room yet. Have not hung any of the art yet for that matter...

The Crib...
We were the lucky recipients of a crib that has been with my husbands family, similar to this one, right down to the color... yep, not happening! As you have probably picked up on... White is the theme, so off to the re-finisher it went, came back High Gloss White, and now it's no longer the Ugly Duckling, it's super pretty!! It's one of those beds that turn into a toddler bed, and a twin bed later on, so I didn't mind spending the extra monies on having it sprayed! 

It's been interesting getting this Nursery together, playing with both High & Low priced items, resisting the urge to go crazy, working with different styles (I know... we got everything under the moon here, but it actually works!!), and trying to make it "ours", trying to find some unique items that will have staying power, not just buying "the room" and calling it a day. Trust me, there were times when I was just going to order everything from Serena & Lily, cute as it is, and call it a day...

I will post images of the actual room at a later date, so come back and check in!

Resources and Links below:

Crib Bedding, Pink Hearts - Land of Nod
Wingback Swivel Glider w/ Slipcover, White Cotton - RH Baby & Child
Moroccan Leather Pouf, White - RH Baby & Child
Dresser, Refinished in High Gloss White - Young America via Bellini - No Longer Available
Antique Elephant Garden Stool - No Longer Available
Floor Lamp, White, Ranarp - IKEA
Orchid Photograph, Similar, Custom Frame - Art Addiction
Crib, Hand-Me-Down, Similar - Target


  1. i love it natasha! i am so happy for you!! xoxo

  2. Gosto da cor vermelha para quarto de meninas. Também gostei muito dos puxadores. Lindas inspirações.

    Denise - dojeitode.blogspot.com


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