January 6, 2010

I spy….


For people who know me, yellow is definitely NOT my color….. But I might be coming around; lately I have been spotting this cheery color everywhere both in interiors and in fashion, and I just might add a little bit of sunshine to my universe.

When I moved in to my current home, the previous owners had the entire place painted yellow, plus all the trim work two different shades of green (don’t ask), subsequently we painted the entire interior. The house was Addison Mizner Pink on the outside (ugly and old-looking), no where near tropical pink, or even a nice shade of pale Miami pink, not pretty at all! Now the exterior is a very pale yellow, has white trim work; it actually looks nice with the red tile roof…….

Would you dare to commit to these bright yellow glossy doors?

How about painting the ceiling yellow?
I guess we all have to step out of the box sometimes!


Image #1 J.Crew, Images #2 & #3 Flickr

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