November 14, 2013

Black & White Cuteness!!

Since the birth of our baby girl, Lilly, we have been the lucky recipients of the most adorable baby clothes!! Needless to say, the majority is one shade or another of PINK! A few very generous gift cards were received as well, two were to Baby Gap, bringing me to the Baby Gap website... these few pieces caught my eye! So cute! 
Miniature makes everything cute, don't you agree?

... and I read somewhere in the Fashion Pages (don't ask me where) that a Pink Winter Coat is a must for everyone this season...? Well, I found this one, super cute but we're not quite there yet, as it's only been a month since Lilly was born.


Images via J.Crew Baby & Baby Gap

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  1. Olá Natasha, já fico imaginando sua pequena Lilly usando esse casaco rosa... Lindo! E também concordo que toda menina deva ter um casaquinho assim. Feminina e vaidosa desde bebê!

    Beijo querida e um domingo maravilhosos para você e sua família. Beijo com muito carinho em Lilly, e, quando puderes, coloque alguma foto mais recente pars podermos acompanhar seu crescimento.

    Denise -


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