November 30, 2013

(Coral) Christmas

It's a bit of an unusual color for Christmas, but look how great this Coral color looks!
Very warm and inviting…

Coral ribbon makes this little vignette on the dining table a bit more festive! Such a great mix of candles, flowers, cones in different sizes, gold star confetti and a super cool Tom Dixon gold votive holder.

If space is an issue, why not just get a miniature tree? There are so many tiny ornaments out there, it should be a snap to decorate :) 

Inexpensive glass cylinders filled with a few blooms, colorful ornaments and candles makes for an easy display. Tie coral ribbon around the glass vase, and voila, instant color coordination, splash of color and a little feminine touch :)

I know, I know... I just had to start out early this year!

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