January 16, 2014

Faux or Real?

OK, so if you follow along you will know that I am a lover of Flowers! Almost all kinds of flowers, though I admit to having my favorites, such as the classic Hydrangea. Orchids are pretty much always found all over my house, and that's mostly due to their longevity, but also because I don't have a cutting garden… 

I am torn when it comes to the faux variety … I have been known to use a few of these faux blooms in different clients homes, but really, my heart is with the real kind! However, when you have a busy household these come in handy, so I was happy to see this sale on One Kings Lane this evening.

I really like this Cymbidium Orchid in the Blue & White pot! Imagine it on a tall side table in the living room, or a table in the foyer, perhaps arranged with a few books & a candle …

So, are you into Real or Faux Flowers? Can you really tell the difference? 


PS. Follow Northern Light Design on Instagram and you will be witness to my love of flowers...

All images via OKL

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  1. Também prefiro as flores naturais, porém, nem sempre são possíveis. Em minha casa tenho algumas flores artificiais, mas são perfeitas.
    Beijo querida e um lindo final de semana a você e sua família. Beijinho em Lilly...
    Denise - dojeitode.blogspot.com


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