January 18, 2014

Snuggle Alert!

Yep, there is actually such a thing as a Snuggle Alert :) … at least according to the weather man down here in Florida. The term is used when the temperature dips below 60F! For us it's cool, not always cold, but cool & we break out the sweaters.

From my days in retail (read cold air conditioning), I have a lot of sweaters, and any chance I have to bring them out is a welcome one!!

I went shopping with a friend the other day, and she summed up my style pretty well… 
Split Personality!! - I am not kidding! 

Truth is, she is partially right :) I kinda have two styles going on in my closet; One is what is left over from my retail days… lots of black, sweaters (to battle the cold a/c) and beautiful knits, just because I love knits and cool, crisp fall clothing. Once we get in to having to wear a jacket, well, then it's just too cold for me. Two is where all the white, and preppy pinks come in. The latter part of what is in my closet is actually way more practical as I live in this warm / hot tropical climate. Sooooo, what's a girl to do?? I have been going through and cleaning out / organizing my closet many times, I guess an other round is in store as my body has changed a bit from being pregnant, so I see this as my chance to start a fresh clean style! What do you think? Any of you have a fabulous Pinterest Fashion Board I should check out for inspiration?? LMK


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  1. Den snygga polotröjan skulle jag gärna tagit på mig idag. Här är det snö och det blåser kallt. Jag som ska gå ut och fotografera i vår fina park idag. Kramar Anita


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